Monday, December 24, 2018 -- a positive post

Four Benefits of An Open MRI Scan
Your doctor has just ordered an MRI to diagnose a medical condition in your abdomen, heart, brain or spinal cord. It is not uncommon to feel anxious over an MRI, especially when you think about the tunnel known as the bore. The good news is you can ask your doctor about an open MRI machine. If you are still feeling worried, here are several benefits of an open MRI scan.
You Do Not Feel Trapped
The fear of being trapped inside a small space is enough to make you put off your MRI. However, you are not sliding into a bore with an open MRI machine. The open design means there are no walls on either side of your body, and you can look to the left or right to see around the room. It is a great choice if you suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia.
It Is Easier To Scan Your Body
There is more to an open design than just giving you a peace of mind. The open design makes it easier to scan different body types. You do not have to worry about lying in an uncomfortable position to get an accurate reading. Your doctor is able to make a proper diagnosis, and you do not have to schedule a second MRI because of inaccurate results.
You Have Constant Supervision
When you go through an open MRI scan, a technician monitors you throughout the procedure. Your technician also uses a speaker system to stay connected with you, so you can call on them if you have a problem. You can even ask about a friend sitting in the room for support. Your doctor may opt for an open MRI if you need additional supervision during the procedure.
Uses High-Quality Equipment 
Facilities such as Middletown Medical Imaging use a state-of-the-art open MRI machine, which is known as the Hitachi Airis Elite. The machine is designed to take high-quality images of the target area. Your doctor is able to clearly read the results and make an accurate diagnosis.
It is important to schedule your open MRI scan as soon as your doctor gives you a referral. Your doctor will identify your medical condition and get you back on your feet before you know it.