Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How To Remove a Stubborn Nail Polish

Do you have gel polish manis that is so difficult to remove and you still need to run to the salon just to let it be removed? Ugh! That's a hassle!

Here is a fix that can help you remove them on your own;

First, soak cotton pads in an acetone remover, then wrap them one around each nail and secure it with a rubber band to hold it. After 2-10 minutes, twist the cotton pads on each nail then remove the pads for a clearly naked nails! ;).

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Cyber-Shop Safely!

Online shopping nowadays is just very common and much more convenient. But beware because scammers are out there and getting stronger in force as well. Better yet keep these safety steps in mind to protect yourself:

Don't open attachments or links that are suspicious or those that come from unknown sources. They usually carry spywares or viruses. If the links or attachments are doubtful, delete them right away, and if it's your friend who sent it, call him/her for confirmations.

It is always smart to invest in a full suite security software that includes both antivirus and anti-spyware software. The features should help you keep out programs that log your key strokes that steals your passwords and financial info.

Always update your web browser and operating system which are vital in protecting your information. Make sure they are both configured to get updates from the manufacturer automatically.

Beware of emails or sites that are fake. Once you click them, they can steal your passwords and financial information. Don't click those links to let you go to those e-commerce sites. Instead, type the URL directly into your browser just to be sure.

Double check your security when checking out with your shopping. You are in a secure page when the address should begin with "https" and not "http" only. The "s" at the end indicates an encrypted connection, so that even if your financial information will be intercepted, it can't be read. Also, be sure to check a gold lock on the bottom of the page signalling the same thing. To be sure, check for both.

NEVER shop in public wireless network. This is not safe, and your PC will be highly vulnerable of malicious attacks! Don't ever try using it with your credit card even with your cellphones and bluetooth.