Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ipad Air! - A Birthday Wish ;)

*Ipad Air! - A Birthday Wish ;)

When hubby asked me what would I want for my birthday, I didn't get any idea what to have. It took me at least 3 days thinking about it, lol!

And knowing myself, I love gadgets, so my mind went on to focus on thinking about gadgets :). So on the 4th day, I finally made up my mind...Ipad Air! {P}

There's not much of a big difference comparing my Ipad2 to that of Ipad Air except for the size, weight, display and resolution. But the fact that it's now lighter and more compact in size, I chose to  have one. I still prefer the screen size compared to that of Ipad Mini because I am not really that comfortable writing online in a mini sized screen. My husband has the Ipad mini which is really very convenient to carry it along for long or short trips because of the size and weight, but doing a lot of writings, website updating, etc...for me, it isn't practical using the mini.

Ipad Air has all the features that I need rather than the want, and it is serving me well!

I also like the clear HD and retian display when viewing my photos and reading my e-books. I thought I would prefer playing games in it as well with the HD quality...

I couldn't complain, it's great and with faster surfing and downloads., HAPPY! ;)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Should You Be Sharing Your Personal Life At Work?

It's not bad to open up with your co workers sometimes, particularly if you already trust them. But some controlled discretion on your part should still be considered at times, especially if you're sharing your private life with friends within your workplace.

Before becoming personal, know what's safe to share and what is not. You can start by assessing your workplace's culture background, then consider the following scenarios;

If you're struggling with health issues:
If your condition needs your time off from work to seek medical care, it's always best to tell your employer about your diagnosis or write a letter to your HR department if you prefer to avoid emotional conversation. It's also okay to open up with your close co workers, but skip discussing specific details.

If you're not happy at work:
Take note just to disclose those selected details if you're not sure your friend can be truly trusted.

On the other hand, a new perspective might be just the one you need.

If you had a hangover:
If you had it the night after, it is better to keep mouth shut! :)