Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stylish and Affordable Jewelries

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In the last five years, more than 15 million products have been shipped to customers in North America and even abroad who loves stylistic and fashionable jewelries.
Whether you are buying one for yourself or giving your loved one some exquisite gift, why not check Holsted Jewelers? They offer risk-free guarantee...which means you get it or simply return it if you don't like it. No questions asked.
Get that "wow" feeling moment and enjoy it :).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Health Buzz

  1. Chronic pain sufferers have a tougher time multitasking and have trouble with their short-term memory.
  2. Eating a bowl of 100% whole-grain cereal with skim milk after a workout may help muscles recover better than slipping a sports drink.
  3. Those who have had gastric bypass surgery get drunk faster and stay drunk longer than the rest of us.
  4. Some 67% of college students with significant symptoms of anxiety or depression don't seek help.
  5. If you've been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your risk of having a stroke doubles even in the first few years.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Does Humor Heal?

It's not like your doc can write up a prescription-strength joke and send you on your way. But don't pooh-pooh the power of the ha-ha. Humor has been shown to boost brain power and improve immune-cell function (which can help ward off cancer). Not only that, but a positive attitude means you're more likely to do healthy things like walk, eat cruciferous vegetables and avoid saturated fats-3 choices that substantially help the chance of survival after a heart attack, stroke or cancer. So instead of feeling blue, take charge of your life.
While you're at it, Tivo, Letterman, Leno or Stewart (because sleep is just as important for your health). Remember, miracles do happen, and they happen more often to people who are positively positive.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Free Weight Loss Guide

Stop spending money for weight loss pills that don't guarantee any effect on you. Why not visit You can save time and money by trying their free weight loss guide and at the same time can provide you information that you really need. On the page, you can also check on Diet Pills: Quick Weight Loss feature, plus you can read more on unbiased news and reviews about the pill products. Visit and get the chance to talk with Emma Classen, ready to share to you her experience regarding her battle against weight problem.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Expert Solutions To Thinning Hair

According to The Physician:

When it comes to hair loss, there's more myth than science. it's hard to study, since there isn't a reliable method for measuring hair thickness. But foods that are good for your skin (omega-3 fats and minerals, including zinc and silica) are also good for your hair. In one study, 44% of people who rubbed thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedar wood essential oils on a bald spot had new growth, but it's unclear whether this would help with thinning hair.

According to The Hairstylist:

Use water-soluble styling products (those with too many synthetic ingredients clog follicles). To shampoo, use your fingertips to gently manipulate the scalp-don't use too much pressure, and don't be rough when you towel-dry either. For women, consistently putting your hair in too tight ponytail kills follicles, so hair will recede more rapidly.

According to The Acupuncturist:

An acupuncturist can help develop a herbal formula that is tailored specifically to you, in addition to using the traditional needles to help restore hair growth. Herbs have a synergy with acupuncture, so you may see a greater effect if you use both.

According to The Hair Loss Pro:

At the first signs, see a dermatologist with experience in treating hair loss (women, see an endocrinologist to rule out hormonal causes). Propecia helps slow or stop balding for most men (it's not an option for women). Minoxidil may help men and women, but it's a temporary fix. Hair transplantation is great for some, but it should be a last resort. Find a surgeon.

Bottom Line Tips:
Hair is a mirror of your inner health, which is why we desire a full head of hair and want those strands to shine with gusto :). Most of us shampoo our hair too frequently; instead, try just rinsing with water and massaging your scalp to distribute your naturally healthy lubricating oils into the hair.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Church & Theatre- a Heavenly Connection

Recently a friend invited me to his church for a nice time of fellowship and inspiration. So I decided to go and as I got closer to the address he gave me, I began to look for a large A-frame building, brick structure or something large with stain glass windows.

Instead I arrived at one of the local theatres. I checked with one of the gentlemen standing outside and sure enough I was in the right place. The soda and popcorn stands were closed but the door to the theatre was open and no ticket was required!

I was handed my church program, snuggled into an aisle seat which is were I normally sit at the theatre, and prepared for the service.

Well it was a pleasant surprise! The music was very nice and the acoustics were great (a real asset in a theatre). I also liked the comfort of the seats (a real step up from a hard wooden pew) and the stage was high enough to see everything. I am from a protestant tradition so the single cross on the table was fine with me.

I left thinking what a great idea and then I discovered that the theatre setting can be used for many events in addition to watching a film. Find out more about some vital informations on Cinemeetings and Events on their site. In addition, there is a theatre church conference coming up soon which you might want to attend. Find out more out how your church could benefit from the theatre experience.

See you at the theatre for inspiration this Sunday!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Magic Power of Sleep

I've found this post very interesting and worth sharing. I thought, many of us would sometimes have difficulty dealing along with a good sleep routine. So, for those who seem to have unstable sleeping routines, this is one vital information we must read.

This article has been condensed and courtesy of Reader's Digest.

Magic Power #1: Live Longer and Healthier

Sleeping better may help you fight off illness. When people are sleep-deprived, there are higher levels of stress hormones in their bodies and an increase in inflammation, both of which can decrease immune function. Simply stated, people who sleep well live longer. So say goodnight sooner, and it may help you stay active and vital to a ripe old age.

Magic Power #2: Look Better, Feel Better

People limited to only 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night for several nights not only experience more physical ailments, such as headaches and stomach problems, but also undergo changes i metabolism similar to those occuring with normal aging. It's no wonder we look terrible after a sleepless night. One of the reasons may be growth hormones. They're essential to keeping us looking good as we get older. Growth hormones are rejuvenating. When you have high levels of the hormone, you have muscle mass, better skin-you lok sexy. You want to keep your growth hormones as high as possible, and the number one best way to do that is sleep.
When you don't look good, you don't feel sexy, and your relationship can suffer. So getting more sleep can rev up your love life too.

Magic Power #3: Be Happier, Less Stressed

People with insomnia produce higher rates of stress hormones than others, according to a new research. This puts their bodies in a hyperaroused state that can make it difficult for them to wind down and sleep. The inability to sleep causes more stress, which can have a devastating impact. People who don't sleep get depressed, and depression causes insomnia, so it's a vicious cycle. But we know the inverse is true: that more and better sleep can make you feel happier.

Magic Power #4: Build a Better Brain

Not only does sleep deprivation lead to a poor health, it also affects concentration, problem-solving skills, memory and mood. Anything that disturbs the quality and quantity of sleep can have long-term consequeces for both body and mind. Lack of sleep can have cognitive and physical effects similar to those brought on by overindulging in alcohol. And night owls, beware: A new study shows that people with two copies of a gene variant that helps control our body clocks tend toward a "late to bed, late to rise" sleeping pattern. They may suffer worse cognitive deficits after sleep deprivation, such as forgefullness and trouble concentrating. So, better sleep may equal better decision making.

Magic Power #5: Lose a Few Pounds

Recent studies suggest that people who get inadequate amounts of sleep are more likely to gain weight. With sleep deprivation, we see a reduction in metabolism and an increase in appetite. Inadequate sleep lower levels of leptin, the hormone that causes you to feel full, while increasing levels of ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry.
What's also fascinating is that sleep deprivation influences your food choices, making you crave high-carb and high-sugar foods. This is because sleep loss decreases insulin sensitivity, putting the sleep deprived at higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes. So sleep more and it may be easier to fight that cookie craving, and wake up a whole new you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

More New Frames at Zenni Optical

Where else can you find inexpensive and yet stylish prescription eyeglasses online but only at Zenni Optical. Yes, Zenni had gone a long way. In fact, it has been featured many times and has been gaining positive feedbacks from popular TV and radio shows, such as Fox News TV, and the popular nationally syndicated consumer advocate radio program; "The Clark Howard Show".
Zenni Optical is so far one that offers stylish prescription glasses at a very affordable cost for as low as $8. With a huge selection of frames to choose from, you can as well choose glasses with single vision lens, tinted sunglasses, sunsensor (potochromic) lens, bifocal and progressive lenses. Zenni Optical directly sells their products to their customers, the reason why their prices are low and really affordable.
Have you seen the new arrivals yet? Check out the site and browse the new arrivals section to see all the various colorful designs and sizes. I love smaller frames with more colorful stems :).
I think with the presence of Zenni Optical online, many people who are particularly tight on budget can benefit from it. Let's face it, nowadays, we are facing economic downfall, but thanks to Zenni Optical, because people don't have to risk their eyes in danger because of the budget-friendly prices, don't you think? Check the positive feedback as well.

How Much Is Enough Sleep?

There's no prescription for the perfect amount of sleep. Contrary to the long-held notion that every adult needs 8 hours of sleep a night, a new Washington State University study suggests that genetics may determine the amount of sleep an individual needs. That may explain the perky person you know who seems to thrive on less; she just may have inherited efficient sleep genes. On the other hand, people who seem to require an extreme amount of sleep may not be genetically programmed for it. Instead, they may suffer from a disorder such as obstructive sleep apnea, which interrupts shut-eye but can improve with treatment.

Travelling with a Dragon

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred

I consider myself a traveller, and at the same time a blogger. So, in a way, I can relate this to my experiences in blogging and my travelling experience. Dragon Naturally Speaking, I believe is really a good helper when it comes to keeping up to date on vital thoughts and stories that you do while travelling. It's a good thing to know that this is hassle-free the fact that you don't need to write your stuffs because Dragon does it all for you. Cool, isn't it? Being a blogger myself, I have my travel blog that I update from time to time. I only rely on writing all my posts which are mostly dealing with trip itineraries - places, dates, photo captions and video clips. I actually find it difficult doing it because of the manual postings I get to do, - trying to recall those vital details on each trip sometimes. I get messy with my notes, so I sometimes end up losing some of my notes, stuffs like that... I think I would consider getting one on this. I also think my husband would need it for his job.

The Dragon Reviews are so cool! The video is absolutely a good idea to show how it actually works. I was also able to try the Dragon’s typing speed test! Oh boy, I've discovered I can only type 41 words per minute, while Dragon is way over 373% faster. Check this guys! You'll gonna be convinced, Dragon is a good assistant ;).

Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

If you smoke, that's your likely culprit-it can damage taste buds and leave a perma-nasty flavor. If not, there are plenty of other possible causes, most of which require seeing your doctor or dentist. Drugs like antibiotics and antidepressants can dry out your mouth, encouraging the growth of stinky, sulfur-producing bacteria (but don't just discontinue taking the drug-talk to your doctor; who may recommend switching to another Rx).
Another common cause, especially if you've just noticed the bad taste in the last week or so, is an abscessed tooth, sinus infection or thrush, a fungal infection of the mouth. But if you've been dealing with this for more than a few weeks, it is most likely due to a chronic underlying problem such as gum disease, a vitamin deficiency or acid reflux-a treatable disease in which digestive acids wash up into your esophagus. Reflux is worsened by obesity, so we're seeing more and more cases. Get to your doctor; she can determine the cause and help.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Online Store For Your LCD TV

If you are looking for the best LCD HD TV for your home, then why not visit the site that only offers the best technology and support. HighDefBay is the right place to shop with more brands, more choices, more entertainment programming and more great values.
HighDefBay also specializes in the sale of discount commercial products on the Internet for all kinds of businesses regardless of sizes, such as private institutions, non-profit organizations as well as private consumers. You are rest assured that shopping with them is private, world-class internet shopping experience. As a loyal customer, you will get the advantage of getting more huge savings and additional discounts. Come check their best sellers with their reasonable prices. Products are of high quality and you'll never regret you got one from them :).

Surprising New Risk for Heart Disease

Watch out for these 3 hidden causes:
  • DIRTY AIR. Living in a city with polluted air can raise a woman's risk of a fatal heart attack by 76%, a new study found. Tiny soot particles may slip through your lungs into the bloodstream, possibly damaging vessels. Try to avoid outdoor activities on dirty-air days;
  • THE BLUES. Feeling depressed can actually thicken artery walls, according to a research. It's one more reason to get help if the blahs last longer than a few weeks.
  • RESTLESS NIGHTS. Previous research has linked sleep apnea to heart disease, but even people without full-blown sleep disorders may be at risk. A recent Swiss study found that bouts of disrupted sleep-from garden-variety snoring, restlessness or other interruptions-are associated with increased blood clotting, a risk factor for heart disease. If you're always tired or routinely toss and turn, see your doctor.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Men’s Professional Fashion

My hubby wears suit at work. In fact, he has been buying suites recently since he moved in to his new job this month. I couldn't really imagine when one time he ordered his suits online (he needed them urgently) so he can have something to wear the following week. The delivery was not as soon as expected and so there was a week delay which was made him pissed off. :(.
By the way, the suits are ready-to-wear since he needs them urgently. Well, that wasn't the only hassles he had to undergo. After he got the suits, he still had them adjusted to the tailor before he could finally wear them!
I'm so glad, I found this site My Suit Made to Measure is absolutely perfect for my hubby, so this is really worth recommending for him. The good news is that to make him know that this is not expensive as some other brands are, because they cost no more than any one of the
'off the rack" prices.
I know my husband is much more expert when it comes to suits such as his style and comfort as well as how the price goes depending on the style and quality he chooses. But overall, this site really matches his taste of style and comfort, so I will recommend this site for him.
He loves to wear dark to medium type of colors with either 2-button or 3-button styles. He also loves to wear lighter ones.
The My.Suit Experience provides an outstanding steps to lead the customer to choose the perfect suits for them. From the measuirng to fabric selection, steps and instructions are perfectly clear, and the best thing is - as you go along with the guide, you will be guided through each step by a consultant. So, no worries even.
Visit to make your appointment. They have been tested for over 40 years of manufacturing and retailing experience selling made-to-measure suits at close to off-the-rack prices, and a division of one of the largest suit makers in the world.

Get Healthy With Fall Foods

Fall is a great time of year to up the nutritional value of your meals while enjoying some great foods that are in season.

Fun With Food:
  • Pumpkins make great jack-o-lanterns and they're filled with vitamins so go ahead and play with food :).
  • Apples are low in calories, high in fiber and have no cholesterol. Take a bite and indulge.
  • Nuts, in moderation, are good for you, and pecans are at the top of the list.
Have fun!