Thursday, December 29, 2011

Attractive Eyelashes...Wish I Have One!

I have short eyelashes...I really have to admit :(! In fact, they are falling out at times. So, I just thought of what best eyelash growth products are available in the market that really could work for me. It's good to know that with the help of the internet, many sites nowadays are really helpful in providing customers valuable information about how to choose the products wisely. Reviews from other users are as well helpful by sharing their experiences in using the products.

Quitting Out From Smoking

Are you hooked on cigarettes? I know many are still having a hard time kicking the habit but the experts say there are tips that help:

Many teens try to keep smoking hidden from their families. But letting friends and relatives know that you're trying to quit is an essential step to address the addiction.

There are tobacco-cessation programs that can help almost double the likelihood that young smokers will successfully quit. Examples are the ALA Helpline at (800) LUNG-USA or N-O-T (

Family and friends help provide encouragement bit if you need extra aid and advice to take with you wherever you go, you can join a support group on Facebook or download a quit-smoking app on your phone.

Consider the cash you would save if you quit. According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the average price for a pack of smokes is about $5.51-which is almost $300 a year for somebody who smokes a pack per week.

Take note that it's never too late to quit. In other words, the sooner you quit the better. :)

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The "Tough" Strategy Talks To Have With Your Boss

No matter how confident you consider yourself is, I bet you would feel still a little nervous when you have to talk to your head honcho. Being calm (even if you are faking it) on the other hand and at the same time you remain focus on the work, your boss maybe thanking you as you exit from his office.
Here are some helpful strategies to follow if you think it's time to meet your boss face to face!

Situation: You are overwhelmed with a capital O, and need your boss to help you prioritize.
The Best Time To Ask: Better start it before you reach your choke point.
Be sure to be straightforward and leave emotion out of it. For instance, you might wanna say " I wanna continue focusing on other things you think really matter. Can we review the projects I'm working on to see which are most important to you?"

Situation: You want a raise.
Best Time To Ask: At least a month or 2 before your performance review and after well-received projects.
Don't attempt to come up with a number, and in tough times, no one will give a raise just because you want it. You might wanna say; "I'm really trying to establish the growth of my career and I'd like to earn more. Can we talk about how I could increase my salary here?"..This is ideal, as long as you don't do it every 2 months.

Situation: You want to get promoted.
Best Time To Ask: When you feel confident that you're ready for the next step, and you're really sure about it.
Wait for the right opportunity. Be sure to make it about the company and not your need to redecorate your apartment. Always ask your boss what success looks like in the position you want to have, and say; - "Let me think about how I can best achieve it.

Situation: You need to tell your boss you're pregnant.
Best Time To Ask: In this case, you're not asking but simply telling him.
Strategy: Ease the transition, and make your boss feel like she can count on you, so reassure him/her that you're committed to working until close term and returning after maternity leave. Never try to hide your bump until the last minute.

Situation: You want an upgrade from cubeland to an actual office.
Best Time To Ask: When your work requires privacy and you're feeling thick-skinned.
Humility is the key. If your job requires a confidential work or several important deadlines per week that require quiet focus, play up those things, but the word "deserve" shouldn't be in the conversation. Be realistic.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Get Your Business Productive With That! Company

In today's business world, the internet has created a great impact in making businesses more productive and successful because of effective advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC management, and other creative ideas through diligence and hard work of those bright, talented team of professionals that do all the job of modern advertising through mixed media marketing. With this method properly combined with analytics, call tracking, SEO and PPC management, is what That! Company is all about.

So, That! is not only limited to getting your business advertised through the old method of doing it, but instead combined with mixed media marketing. Combining the old and the new media strategies are but an excellent strategy to make your business gain top ranks in the internet advertisement campaigns. Advertising Agency such as That! is one company you need.

Another interesting thing to note about That! is also its capability to inject an effective social media marketing. I know that even today, many business companies rely on social media company for a more cost-effective strategies which can actually help them build their reputation and bring in leads even if they won't be actively working on it.
But on the other end, tons of "likes" or fans on your Facebook for instance can still be missing a mark. You have to consider some other aspects like combining it up with revenue conversions, sale orders, and leads as well.
So, the good news is, - That! company can also help you promote your company through social media marketing services one step at a time with the help of their social media experts who carry the right tools and analytics to deliver the results you need.

There are a lot to consider in making your company productive and you can't do them all alone by yourself. Why risk something that you are not so sure of when it comes to your company's productivity? You can make it more productive with That!...start getting in touch with them, now!

Monday, December 26, 2011

How To Clean Your Stuff Better

You know dust, grunge and grime are out there...on your sponge, handbag, all on your house and even on you!
You can effectively yet gently get rid of the ick factor and be cleaned up all over.

Your Stuff:

TV remote- swipe them down with a disinfectant wipe at least every 2 days, especially if somebody at home is sick. Save the channel surfing after you've cooked your dinner. It's because during your food prep, and you handle your remote in between, you can easily transfer microbes like E. coli or salmonella.

Handbag - it goes ealmost everywhere you go..ladies room, doctor's office so don't wonder your bag becomes a magnet of microbes, like salmonella, staph, and even E. coli. Watch out for those paper money that you stash in your purse as well. Flu virus can live on bank notes for 17 days.
To clean the inside of your purse, vacuum it using the cervice attachment, or use a long bristled suede brush to dump crumbs into the garbage can.
As much as possible, get into the habit of hanging your bag on restaurant or bathroom floors to avoid picking up germs.

Lingerie - Every pair of dirty underwear has traces of feces. Wash your underwear separately from the rest of your laundry on the highest temperature possible to kill germs and keep them from spreading to other clothes. Dry them to the fullest. Avoid damp drying which provides a perfect environment for bacteria growth.
For bras, it's okay to wear them 2-3 times before washing. But on days where you worked out in sweat, don't let it air out and wear it again. Instead, hand wash it with mild detergent and let air dry. Drying it through the tumbling washer and heat can damage the fabric and underwire of bras over time.

Sponges and scrub brushes - Sponge sitting out wet over night have all sorts of bacteria in it. In fact, it is the most contaminated sites for bacteria in your entire home. Clean them on the top rack of the dishwasher for the full cycle every time you run it, or microwave a slightly damp sponge (douse it with white vinegar or lemon juice, then wring it out) on high for 2-3 minutes and allow to air dry.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Are You In Good Credit?

Who doesn't want to have good credits? I do believe that everyone struggles so hard just to get a good life financially. We all strive to be good in paying our credits, savings, and always search for a dream home that is perfect for our family and loved ones.

And speaking of choosing a dream house, it would be quite a challenge to face the mortgage and all, particularly if the economy would start to rock and becomes unstable. So, it is essential that we should always be aware about our own financial capacity to handle our home mortgage, and at the same time fine a lender that would be credible enough to help you.
Have you heard about Five Star Mortgages? You might want to check them online to check on their rate lending. You can as well get your mortgage quotes directly on their website and check their specialties that suit your needs.

Just a note. If you have good credit, there would always no problem dealing with credit mortgages and refinancing companies. That's one of the safest rule we have to stick on if we want mortgage companies to keep trusting us and giving us what we deserve. Don't you think?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ways To Cut Your Winter Energy Bills

The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that home heating oil, natural gas and electricity will go up from 2-11% more this winter than the previous year. Considering that heating prices are on the rise, getting your home prepped for this season is crucial.

First, you might want to consider having your thermostat control that can be done from your smartphone. These are programmable thermostats that let you automatically adjust the heat down at night which can save you 10% off your energy costs. Since they are link to the internet, you can adjust the temperature remotely. The easier it is to control your energy use, the more likely you are to save money.

Try storm windows that go inside instead of out. This is one recent alternative and with a better value. The products have aluminum frames that spring-loads to fit your window, and yet cost the same or less than your exterior storms and also energy saving. They are also much easier to put in and take out.

It might help to hire a pro to do home energy audit which can shell you out at least $100 to $400. You can instead consider buying a thermal leak detector for about $50 which can accurately pinpoint where energy seepage is at. You can either seal it or let a pro do it once you identify the problem zones.

Adding insulation to your attic and using caulk or foam up there to seal cracks can save you up to 30% on energy costs.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Hat Country Baby!

Goodness gracious! I have been searching for summer hats I could use before our trip to the Philippines 3 months ago, but I wasn't able to find those styles that I have been wanting.
Sun Hat is really ideal to use when you visit tropical places like Philippines :). I usually love going outdoors, particularly in the beach, the reason why sun hats are really perfect to use. I feel sunscreens aren't enough for me when I stay outdoors. I would always go back here in the US burned, lol! Anyway, thanks for letting me find this link. Those hats are have the perfect styles I really want! Perfect for my next trip March next year.

Did You Know That Women Are Better...

In so many aspects? Yes, finally, here are the scientific proofs for what most of us have known all along..that women are:

1. Better in dealing with a broken heart according to a survey published in the the Journal of Health & Social Behavior which found out that men suffer more after a split and dwell longer on the break up.

2. Better at giving directions. They are more adept at giving instructions, while men usually make wild, inaccurate guesses ;). (take note, men!) :)

3. Better drivers. Did you know that according to a 2010 traffic study in New York City men have 77% higher risk of having a car crash than women?

4. Better at remembering things. Based on 2 recent studies, they show that women are 5% higher on tests of verbal memory and face recall respectively than men. A 2008 study from Sweden also noted that women were better at remembering objects, words and pictures.

5. Better students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that in colleges, 185 women graduate for every 100 men. It has been estimated that in 2016, 61% of bachelor's, 63% of amster's and 58% of doctoral degrees will go to women.

6. Better with hammers (huh?). Research says that women are 10% more accurate at pounding on a mechanical plate that measured force and accuracy.

7. Better newscasters. A Swiss research findings noted that news reported by female newscasters is more credible.

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where To Buy Your Online Scrubs

Have you ever tried thinking of buying either nursing uniforms or medical scrubs online because you don't have time to shop at your local malls or stores? Why not? I can say, it would be the most convenient thing to do and you can be assured you'll get the most out of your money plus the quality of the items. Here is a link worth recommending; -

Blue Sky is the leader when it comes to selling all types of scrub uniforms both for men and women - and even for kids too! ;).
From original scrubs to simple scrubs to custom scrubs, this is the ideal links to check on. Better yet check on their accessories collection too where you can find something to complement your outfit in return ;).
The top quality materials that come with the scrubs are incomparable and when it comes to a one-stop-shop online for any type of uniform scrubs, I think Blue Sky is the best place to go.

Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Improve Your Credit Score

It's always a peace of mind when you know you are not going bad when it comes to your finances. So, be sure you know your stand when it comes to your credit score.
To improve your credit score, you have to improve your credit history by paying your bills on time. If you pay delingquently, it will have a major negative impact on your score.
If in case you missed payments, get current and stay current as much as you can. Remember also that even if you pay off a delingquent account, it stays on your report for 7 years!

Keep your credit balances low on your credit cards because high outstanding debt can affect your score.
The best way to imrpove your score is by paying down your revolving credit. Don't close unused credit cards to raise your score. Owing the same amount, but having fewer open accounts, may lower your score.

Don't try to open new credit cards you don't need, because it could backfire and lower your score.

Get a CD or savings-secured loan which could allow you to borrow against your personal savings, which gives you access to funds a a lower cost while keeping your personal savings intact and growing. As you repay the loan promptly every month, you establish a solid repayment history that becomes part of your credit report.

If you can't do it alone, work with a professional. There is no quick fix for establishing a good credit history. It takes time, effort and guidance. You might want to try set up a meeting with your banker to discuss your case situation and get the professional assistance you need.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Strategy To Increase Your Sales

Come to think of it...many small businesses, and even large companies are struggling nowadays to increase their revenues due to the fact that the US economy has been experiencing a heavy downturn.
The same thing is true with smaller technology, media and public relations businesses where everyone is almost at risk of losing their company because of difficulty catching up to increase their income. Many even have to suffer that they just have to go.

But on the other end can still be a shining light of hope which leave them some few options to survive, and even gain more revenues.

How about considering an SEO Reseller strategy? Considering its importance being transparent, US based and offers an amazing technology, it can help you make your business revenues become better.
In choosing this approach, you need to take note about any consequences both positive and negative impacts that it can do for your business.

You need to learn a lot as well if you are a beginner. Reading and basing on other's experiences are one great help to consider.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deserving Eyes

Christmas is coming fast and for sure many are not still done with their Christmas shoppings. For many, it is tough to be with the crowd these days going to department stores, malls, and any shopping areas. But if you have somebody you are thinking about on what to give this Christmas, perhaps this year you can give a special gift a little bit different than the ordinary gift buying you usually do, right?

How about a pair of eyeglasses for your loved one? Probably your parents, your partner, a friend or anybody you think who really need them.
There is no other best gift we can give them this Christmas like eyeglasses which can save their eyes from any other eye disorders or can give them protection as well. Those deserving eyes need a tender loving care by Zenni Optical! :)

Not everyone can afford to get a pair of glasses particularly prescription eyeglasses these days. With the economy going crazy, all prices are skyrocketing. This is one of the reasons why many people who really need glasses as per their doctor's orders would even be hesitant to get one because of high prices.

You should be glad Zenni Optical offers low, everyday prices with all types of glasses that you need. Visit them online, and check their weekly sales, specials and exclusive deals as well!

Monday, December 5, 2011

BullyProof Your Kid

A recent data shows that one out of 4 children is a victim of bullying. So, what can you do to protect your kid from bullies?

The more you check on your kids often you'll be more likely to spot a bullying problem early. If your kid is a victim, don't overreact. The more calm you react to it, the more your kid would share you the scary things.
Talk to your kid's teachers, or principal, not the bully's parents. Remember, your intention is to create a safe environment, not to prove that your kid is right.

A confident, self-assured kid will be avoided by bullies because they won't get the scared reaction they want. Urge your kid to ask a teacher for support. Bullies will quickly realize that this type of kid is too much trouble to bother with.

One of the most common cause of bullying is turmoil at home, especially if parents are going through divorce, or had divorce. This causes their kids to stop talking to them about how they feel because they are scared to upset them even more. Instead, they lash out at other kids.
Although you can't prevent tough times from happening, make sure your kid's emotions can be expressed out in the open through your guidance.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Authored by Leandro Delgado

My favorite infomercials of all time always show up on the Golf channel on direct tv. They always are showing the newest and best golf clubs in the world. I am always left trying to figure out how I could possibly purchase all the clubs that they are selling. The infomercials show professional players and golf instructors using certain clubs to help improve their game. Whether it’s a weighted driver for improving swing speed, or a grip for the club to make your hands more comfortable, I am always interested in improving my game somehow. The instructional videos that come along with the golf training tool or golf club are always what gets me to want to purchase it. They show interviews with people about the training tool, and how their game has improved by using it. Now, every time I go into the PGA Superstore or Golfsmith, I look for the golf clubs that I have seen on television. Of course, anything could really help my golf game out, considering I still have yet to even come close to shooting par.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dealing With A Racist Boss

One way to assess if your boss is being discriminatory is to document all of it, like as to what, when, where and how. This way, it will help answer why. Daily journal containing objective and relevant facts are vital as well, but be sure it is not on a company letterhead, email or electronic devices.

You can then seek the help of a trusted friend , career coach or mentor to review the facts with you, and seek advice whether you have enough case to take your claim to HR. Read the employee manual as well to learn company protocol.

if for instance that your boss utters a racial slight, pull the person aside and calmly say, "your comment is inappropriate. Let's keep our relationship on a professional level." Some bullies will back down when confronted.

Take your complaint to the HR and be sure that all facts are documented and make sure you at least tried to resolve the problem before it escalated. Take note that HR's role is to protect the company.

When you think it's time to go, be sure to know when. It's time when you have enough money to continue your livelihood. If your facts are documented, use them to negotiate a severance agreement. Take time to look at the company's culture. Is your case only an isolated incident? or is racism either explicitly or implicitly encouraged? If it's the latter, analyze how soon you could land another job.

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