Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Online Acne Treatments

Are you one of those who is constantly battling adult acne? It's tough, especially if you can't seem to find the right treatment that works for you. I had it during my teen age, and sometimes I see some that pops out once in a while even these days, lol!
Just be sure you have enough helpful information with you before buying an anti-acne product. After all, you need to get your money's worth as well.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Know The Secrets About Your Brain

Men have bigger brains than women, that's a fact, but it doesn't mean they are smarter. According to Sandra Aaamodt, Ph.D., a neuroscientist;

Size isn't the big issue. Men's brains are just bigger in proportion to their bigger bodies.

Due to the effect of sex hormones on women's brains, they tend to be more good at finding things and recalling objects' locations while men are better with spatial problems like how a couch can fit in that door.

Memory starts to decline when you're in your 30's, and continues to weaken as we age. Exercising is the best way to stay sharp. It can boost blood flow to the brain.

Long-term stress can damage the hippocampus, that area in the brain that's capable of storing new memories.

Our brain has a willpower muscle called the frontal cortex. It controls self-discipline. It gets stronger with practice.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair Loss Product Reviews

If there is one effective way to get your money's worth when it comes to choosing the best hair loss products is to get valuable information from honest, independent and unbiased reviews direct from the experts and users. Through this, it is easier to find the one that works for you and not by just depending on commercial ads.
The carefully reviewed hair loss products will be screened and are highly recommended on the site and which ones are those that belongs to the top of the list :).

How to Talk to Anybody Efficiently

Making your first move for a conversation to a new person takes nerve and determination. An easier way would be to keep your remarks focused on something outside of you and the other person.
You can probably start a remark about a piece of art or about someone dressed out landishly, then see where that takes you.

Be inquisitive. They say people who ask questions tend to be the best conversationalists. Let the person's answer steer the conversation. It isn't an interrogation.

Inject some humor. It's essential to a good dialogue. Humor acknowledges that we all feel clueless, make mistakes and sometimes get embarrassed - it establishes bond.

Don't make it all about you. The cardinal sin of conversation is constantly turning it back on yourself.

If the conversation gets boring, switch gears gently by saying for example; - "that reminds me of something I've always been curious about."
Just take note though that not every conversation has to work out. For cocktail parties for example, - you can always excuse yourself to get another drink :).

Canon Inks and Toners

How I wish I should have bought a Canon printer at home. I didn't have any idea how convenient it is to find some canon ink cartridges online with budget-friendly prices.
The store is just too close to my home when I tried to locate it from their site...{sigh!}.
But anyway, for those who happened to be using Canon for their computer inks, just check The Source website, or you can click the link I posted previously to take you to the site. You'll be amazed to see many products there aside from inks and toners from Canon.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Supplements Good on Your Skin

According to the latest research, the following 5 supplements can actually make a difference in the way your skin looks:
  • Coenzyme Q10: Protects the skin from oxidative stress and helps give cells energy to repair themselves. It may also play a role in treating skin cancer. Be sure to take it in the morning, since it can be a stimulant, like caffeine.

  • Evening primrose oil: Has omega-6 fatty acid that helps your skin make ceramides to hold onto water more effectively. It also treat eczema.

  • Vitamin C: An antioxidant that helps body make more collagen, mostly available in creams and serums. It's much better absorbed when taken orally.

  • Polypodium leucotomos: (found in Heliocare pills). A fern extract that protects skin from UV damage. Take it on days when you'll be spending a lot of time outside. Good studies also show it decreases redness after sun exposure.

  • Fish or flaxseed oil: Has omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen the skin's barrier, which keeps moisture in and irritants out. They also help reduce inflammation and treat conditions like eczema.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rehab Detox Centers in LA

When it comes to alcohol/drug rehabilitation, los angeles detox rehab is the ideal and a safe place for those recovering patients.
Treatment programs are based on modern approach in trying to reverse the effects of these problems with different styles and techniques and are proven to be very successful.
So why look further? It's here where you can find the fully customized service to meet the needs of the patients.

How to Select a Good Stationery

Although email and texting are the most popular forms of media nowadays, there are still plenty of occasions when a note on a stationery feels special and worthy.
Someone's reflection of personal style is shown on the type of stationery being used, something email doesn't have.

So, the first thing to consider in selecting your stationery is to know your options. Consider the fonts, borders, colors, monograms, icons, envelopes, etc...
Something that can help would be to try to go through samples. This way, you would know which ones are you attracted to, whether you prefer brighter colors or pale paper, simple fonts or artistic, and much more.

Get a feel for it. Many prefers to feel a heavy, cotton paper with an eggshell or with smooth finish. Some still use ordered letter sheets usually done twenty years ago, and today, most people opt for versatile correspondence cards which can accomodate few lines of thanks or any other messages.
Consider choosing colors how the lettering and the paper would match each other.

Consider your audience when choosing a stationery as well. There are several options to choose from depending on the occasion you're having.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The D.I.Y. Cures

Whenever we can, we try to avoid the doctor's office,...long stints in the waiting room, steep co-pays, etc...
A DIY cure can save you a doctor's visit if you are doing the expert-approved-at-home measures that help you stay healthy.

Try ginger to quell queasiness. Study shows that ginger calms nausea from pregnancy, motion sickness and after effects of surgery.
Take 250mg. ginger root capsules 4x daily for relief. Take it before you travel for motion sickness.

Dark chocolates to lower down blood pressure! It has anti-oxidant rich compounds called flavonoids that help lining of blood vessels expand and contract to improve blood flow. Take 1 ounce of dark chocolate daily.

Heat can relieve menstrual cramps by relaxing the uterine cavity. You can try the old hot-water-bottle routine. It works!
Adhesive warning patches also works for at least 8 hours, and as effective as pain meds like ibuprofen.

Avoid stress by smelling a fresh basil. Basil is a source of a floral-scented compound called linalool that both lower the level of stress-induced immune cells in the bloodstream, and reduce the activity of genes that shoot into overdrive in stressful situations, according to a Japanese study.

Try fish oil to head off headaches. It can lower the production of prostaglandins, a chemical that triggers inflammation and cause migraines and other types of headaches.
Take fish oil capsules containing EPA and DHA (two omega-3 fatty acids), about 750mg. of EPA and 500mg. of DHA daily.
Tip: Take them with meals or freeze the capsules to reduce "fishy" burps.

Sip green tea for rheumatoid arthritis. Compounds in the tea reduces inflammation and joint damage. Drink 3-4 cups daily. Steep tea for 4 minutes to release the best of its healthy compounds.

Fatty fish such as wild salmon, fresh tuna, anchovies, trout and sardines can lower your total cholesterol level as well as boost your HDL (good cholesterol). They are also packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid butter and saturated fats.
Eat fatty fish about 2x a week and aim for 12 ounces. If you don't like fish, try other alternatives like flaxseed, flax oil, walnut oil and soybean oil.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Your Premiere Chocolate Candy Store

Chocolate lovers would be happy to visit this store online specializing in high quality chocolates and producing the best possible boxed chocolates made from the finest grade raw ingredients.

And where else would you see and find famous old time candies but at See's Candies, based in San Francisco, California which has been in business since 1921.
Due to its unstoppable popularity, the store continued to grow to over 200 shops throughout the West,

It is here where you can as well shop for ideal gifts by occasion or by holidays, whenever you like, including party or wedding favors.

Get the best sellers or top rated's up to you! Tons to choose from the way you wanted them to be.
Don't forget to check on the group discounts as well for more savings.
Happy sweet shopping! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Learning Lessons From America's Millionaires

America's millionaires are just ordinary people, and most got where they are through persistence and hard work.
In fact, 80% of them weren't born rich. Here's what we can learn from them.

1.) Successful people understand that becoming wealthy doesn't happen overnight. They establish long term goals and adjust their daily behavior to achieve them.

2.) They are always willing to take risks and aare not afraid to take chances to things that don't involve a guarantee (like paycheck).

3.) They don't drive fancy cars or live in million-dollar homes because they live below their means. They usually don't fall as preys to the consumer lifestyle trap.

4.) Generally, they are fastidious savers, socking away on average 20% of their annual income.

5.) They are wise investors because they are careful about what they invest in. Millionaires educate themselves about investing, seek advice from investment professionals and they choose high-quality stocks and mutual funds. They invest consistently with long term quality investments.

6.) They're "tax-smart". They know that owning a business and being able to deduct business-related expenses is a good tax benefit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

International Sea & Air Shipping

If you're considering moving overseas, choosing an overseas moving specialist should be taken with a serious consideration.
With your international moving, International Sea & Air Shipping is one company that offers door to door services worldwide. They are considered to be a group of international movers that provide full container service and lift van services to and from the USA with complete documentation, insurance, shipping, custom assistance, storage and inland transportation.
You don't need to worry about the international shipping services because they are an international freight forwarder, that specializes in the shipping of your household goods, personal effects and even cars.
Overseas Moving doesn't need to be always tough when you know somebody can do as smoothly as possible, right?
You can get your free estimate on their homepage, so check it out!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steps Towards Becoming Wealthy

There's nothing too involved in becoming wealthy. it's just a matter of making sound decisions daily;.

First, set your goals. Compose a basic plan which includes your current net worth and debt-to-income ratio. Then, map out a monthly budget and a plan for regular savings and investment.

Be a cautious spender. Before spending money, ask yourself: Would I rather have a fancier car? or would I rather be wealthy? :)
Bottom line is if you have extra money to invest instead of spending it, you can become rich!
Another thing is, avoid using credit cards unless you can pay off the balance quickly. The interest you're paying is the money you could be saving.

Save often. Consider part of your salary automatically deposited in your savings account each pay period, at least 10%. Then learn about investing. After you have more than enough savings to cover for emergencies and unexpected expenses, you might wanna try investing in quality stock and bonds.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cracks & Racks

Here's one great site worth recommending for you that can help you with your biking needs. If you are looking for a yakima bike rack, this is the place to go to and shop online.
You can find here complete rack systems including ones made by Thule as well. There are several various yakima products you can choose from that comes in an affordable budget and depending on your needs.

Get in touch with them for any questions at 1-866-925-2287.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Providing an Excellent Customer Service

In business, providing good customer service is often a matter of common sense, but it doesn't mean it comes naturally to all business owners.
If you are one who has to adjust your attitude to a better one, here are some vital tips to care for your customers:

A great customer service begins in you. If you show good example to your customers, they will mimic it.

Consider hanging on the wall a set of core values,-principles which include customer service ideals. Then, share them during training, have the employees sign them, then evaluate employees based on the values. "Don't call these principles rules."
Training employees should be intensive with written materials, verbal instruction, mentors and on-the-job demonstrations should be part of the course work.

Treat employees as they would have their employees treat their customers. If employees know they are appreciated and are a vital part of the team, they are willing to go the extra mile.
Show "intense interest" to your employees, in their families and their welfare. It's also important to give recognition to an employee publicly for a job well done.

Ask open-ended questions to elicit a customer's needs. Once they're identified what they want, use their words throughout the process. If prospect is "just looking" don't press further. But you need to be within earshot or eyeshot, because every retail sale involves a re-approach.

Small gestures such as offering a cold glass of water on a hot day or children's area with toys can go a long way toward winning customers.

Consider a personalized thank-you note after a deal of sale, or even a follow up phone call monthly or so later.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Merchant Account Providers

For a business to become strongly stable and hassle-free when it comes to your point of sale for your stores or any other kind of business you have, in terms of credit card processing, is choosing a reliable and credible credit card merchant account such as from the Merchant Account providers.
They're reliable in the sense that they offer you a good quality of service in terms of assistance and advice options intended for your business. With a live customer service at 24/7 is something that gives you a peace of mind when problem arises, as well.
Starting your merchant account application on their homepage is easy and convenient, so nothing to worry about.
You might consider checking it today!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Got Summer Headaches?

As temperature rises, so is your chance to get those throbs and aches. Some tips to help you thwart the pain.

Tension headaches: Feels like there's a huge rubber band wrapped around your brain which comes from stiffness in your neck, forehead, scalp and face, as taut muscles irritate nerve endings that relay pain signals to the brain.

Treatment: Take OTC painkillers-such as aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen at the first sign of scalp tightness. Also consider massaging a muscle-relaxing lidocaine-based gel on your shoulders and neck.

Prevention: Sweat it out by exercising. It's a natural stress buster which prompts your body to release painkilling endorphins. It also strengthens blood-vessel muscles against headache-inducing inflammation.

Sinus Headaches: The feeling of painful pounding around your eyes. With a sinus infection, it can make things worse.

Treatment: Put a warm damp cloth over your eyes to relieve inflammation and use OTC nasal spray to relieve congestion. If it lasts longer than 4 days, see your doctor.

Prevention: Change filters in your A/C with new HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) that screens out dust, mold, pollens and airborne bacteria that cause nasal inflammation.

Migraines: Can be triggered by many variety of stimuli such as bright light, stress, too much or little sleep, hunger and hormonal fluctuations causing your brain's blood vessels to be engorged. This nerve pain leads to a piercing misery that lasts anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days.
If you meet 2 of the 3 criteria doctors use to make a diagnosis; - (pain that keeps you from your normal life activities, sensitivity to light and nausea), that means you fit the migraine bill.

Treatment: An ice pack can offer relief, but most use prescription meds called triptans which work by constricting blood vessels around your brain. They're most effective when taken at the first signs of pain.

Prevention: Have your doctor check your magnesium level to determine if you need supplement. Low levels of magnesium hinders serotonin production and lead to inflammation.
Magnesium is closely tied to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates blood vessel function.
Consider acupuncture as another alternative. A 2009 study found it to be more effective at relieving migraines than some preventive treatments.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Flop Turn River

Hey, there's a full tilt referral code at Flop Turn River, so you might as well check the details on their site!
As many players would probably already know, full tilt poker is being one of the best online poker sites on offer these days.

Now, be ready to play and get the full tilt poker download on the site as well. Check the amount of initial deposit required and once you've completed it, you can get a free full tilt shirt ;). Just don't forget to use the referral code.
By the way, US players are also welcome to play.

You should also check and get the PokerStars download if you love to play this game.
The PokerStars software is always improving and new features are being added from time to time. No wonder, they have more than 200,000 active users already!

Get that good game goin'! :).

What's Flowing From Your Faucet?

Most treatment water plants are dosed with chlorine to kill parasites and viruses found naturally in fresh water sources.
Chlorine literally is a lifesaver in small doses, but studies show that long-term exposure to chlorine can lead to birth defects or miscarriage.

Let your glass with tap water sit for 5 minutes before drinking it because chlorine by-products evaporate naturally. Another option is to buy an inexpensive charcoal filter.

If you live in a home built before 1975, chances are you have pipes that contain lead which can get through your water. Even in small amounts can get you into trouble, and can lead to anemia, irritability and nerve damage.
Lead poisoning can also result to miscarriage and a host of fetal problems. What can you do is;-run your tap for 2 minutes to flush it out. Use that water to wash your hands or the dishes rather than putting the water into waste.

Bacteria such as E. Coli can also make way into your water from human and animal waste that run into reservoirs from broken pipes and sewage systems.
Purifiers nix most bacteria, but if your immune system is compromised, boil your water for 5 minutes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Need Media?

Looking for DVD duplicators and yet don't have any idea which one is the right one for you? Check for various manufacturers wherein you can easily compare which one is the right duplicator for you as new products and information are added daily.

And if you're searching for a small desktop solution of CD printers as well, you can get so many choices here. Or you can also get to choose a fully automated CD-DVD printing system. With so many choices to choose from, you can easily find the right one that can fit your budget too!

If you are still learning the ins and outs of DVD duplication guide. You can even print them if you need more reading time about it.

The Truth About Sleep-Aid Products

The claim: Lavender-scented linens will help you sleep.
Reality: While there's no proof lavender leads to slumber, many people find the scent calming. But if you're sensitive to smells, a scented bed linens can be a cause of headache.

The claim: Memory foam pillow begets a great night's rest.
Reality: Whatever makes you comfortable will help you sleep. Just take note that any pillow can become a breeding ground for dust mites, so replace it yearly to cut down on irritating allergens.

The claim: White-noise machines promote sleep.
Reality: A peaceful room is a key to good night's sleep. A quiet fan works just as well.

Quality Mailboxes

One vital thing to consider when you own or manage a mass housing neighborhood such as apartments or townhouses, providing apartment mailboxes that can handle mails by bulk. Good thing is that you can now have various options in your selection according to your needs.

If you need one for office buildings or any other type of business related companies that receive huge mails, you might want to consider buying commercial mailboxes as well.

Choosing one needs a serious consideration, as you need to also consider the security of mails being delivered, right?
There are cluster mailboxes that are made in various designs, including high security cluster box mailboxes, so you don't need to worry about mail delivery mishandlings.
CBU mailboxes are USPS approved, as long as you buy them from, an online store for your commercial mailboxes needs where you can buy them at affordable prices with low price guaranteed!

You don't need to worry about designs, prices and quality. They all have what you need. Check them out.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Resolving Customer Disputes

It's really bad when a customer is unhappy with your product or service, and if an attempt to redress the problem is frustrating or fruitless, it makes matters even much worse. But more often, successful dispute resolution lies in a business owner's hands.

It's always best when people on the floor or in the field are the first line of response. Solve the problem right away when it occurs.

Our first tendency on some situations usually is the tendency to match our tone to their tone. Don't greet agitation with agitation, but instead, stay calm and their voice will start coming down and begin to relax.

Take note of the five A's:
  • Acknowledge the problem.
  • Apologize, even if you think you're right.
  • Accept responsibility.
  • Adjust the situation with a negotiation to fix the problem.
  • Assure customer that you will follow through.
Don't forget salesmanship. The skills and techniques of good selling are more valuable in tough situations. Whether you resolve the issue or not, they'll see that you have their best interest in mind.

Good Deals on High Quality Prescription Eyeglasses

Don't look down on any prescription eyeglasses just because they are cheap! There are certain cheap eyeglasses that are affordable and yet made out of high quality prescription eyeglasses and professionally made prescription lenses which can fit in your budget. would be a great site to visit online and check yourself. Don't forget to check the free items you can get when you order any eyeglass items, and advantage you wouldn't want to miss.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Social Networking Alerts

Social networking isn't bad. The way it is being used by others in a negative way is bad.
Before taking advantage of the positive aspects of social networking, always keep the following things in mind, and here are the things on how you can protect yourself on a social networking site:

  • Limit access to your profile if the site allows. Don't allow strangers to know everything they can about you because it's not just safe.
  • Private information should be kept confidential. SO, don't post your full name, social security no., address, phone no., financial information or schedules. If so, these will make you more vulnerable to identity thieves, burglars, scam, etc...
  • Use a screen name instead of real name. Avoid using any personal information that would lead somebody to identify or locate you offline.
  • Be cautious in posting your photo. It can be used to identify you offline. They can also be altered or shared without your knowledge.
  • Never post information that makes you vulnerable to a physical attack. Information such as where to meet friends, your class schedule or street address is an open invitation to find you.
  • Use your common sense. If you happened to be contacted by a stranger online, find out from your friends whether they know this person, or do an online search on him/her. If you agree to meet the person, do it in a public place and invite others to join you.
  • If you feel uncomfortable or threatened during the online conversation, trust your instincts, and stop the dialogue. Call the police.
  • Be suspicious and don't take any information you get from a new online contact. The internet makes it easy for people to say or do things they would never say or do in public or face-to-face interactions.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Facts About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) affects at least more than 27 million people, and is the leading cause of disability in Americans. This form of degenerative joint disease causes inflammation of one or more joints of your body, and is the most common form of arthritis.
Preventing it as much as possible is the best management. As the popular saying says; "prevention is better than a pound of cure." ;)

But if you start feeling some pain in your joints; - wrists, knees, might just wanna check the osteoarthritis symptoms. Treating osteoarthritis is manageable, and the better if it is treated early to avoid complications later.
Of course, the benefits of exercising is also one of the treatment management, plus healthy food intake, which means healthy lifestyle!

If you want more updates in understanding that joint pains on your body, find the latest medical information on osteoarthritis. The more knowledgeable you are in understanding your pain, the easier you canhandle the pain management. So, get the news fast!

Steps to a Successful Awards Banquet

Throwing an awards ceremony is a vital marketing tool for your company. SO, make sure you are doing the right impression by following the steps below;
  1. Select a great venue, at least a year or more before the banquet date. This way, you'll have the most options to choose from.
  2. Consider sending invitation about 6 months to a year before the event. Invitations are crucial to the success of the event. You can print this on a magnet or a desk accessory which can stay in an office and act as a constant reminder that an event is coming up. Then, send the actual invitation either email or mail at least 8 weeks before the big event.
  3. Finesse the table settings and menu. There are ways you can do things inexpensively while having an expensive look, like for example providing table settings or flower vases that you can use yearly. Another trick is, instead of passed hors d'oeuvres, set up hors d' oeuvres stations which may allow you to offer a pricier entree.
    Another tip; - change the look and feel of the event each year that would make people eager to come back again next year.
  4. Choose awards with quality. Consider heavy, etched crystal awards which have high perceived value, and make sure the award is appropriate for the category being organized.
  5. Select gifts that keep on giving such as an imprinted photo frame or logoed desk accessory, making your attendees remember the company and the event.
  6. Have the whole event timed out to the minute. Bad timing script is a potential problem. A good timing script has a quick flow and the script needs to be snappy and witty.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unique Gifts For Fathers

It's still early to go for Father's day, but the earlier you prepare for it, the better the chance you get the best items on what to give your father, don't you think? Instead of going to the same store, and buying the same gifts you gave him on his last birthday, last Christmas or last Father's Day, it's time to think unique!
And you don't need to go further from store to store because you can get them online. There are lots of great fathers day gifts to choose from that would make your dad proud of you ;).
You can even send this unique gifts not only on father's day, because these are ideal for any occasions, too. They're cool stuff!

Diet Depression?

According to a study led by a scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia, it found out that a Western-style diet such as meats, fired foods, pizza, white bread, beer and sugar can increase the odds of depression by 52% and so a diet of high-fat and high-calorie processed foods may damage not only physical health but also mental health.
The study also reflected that diets made up of veggies, grass-fed meat, fruits, fish and whole grains reduced the odds of depression and anxiety disorders to 35% and 32% respectively.
As a conclusion, the study points out that nutrition affects brain chemicals, hormones, inflammation and the immune system.

About Cars and Beyond

There are so many things to talk about cars. Even nowadays that gas prices start to soar, car lovers would just always be the same, lol!

Anyway, there is something worth talking about the Ford Transit Connect. This is of course larger than your ordinary car and is designed as a commercial vehicle. Heavy on utility, but light on creature comforts, that is.

If you want to get updated about the latest on Infiniti Ex35 Crossover, feel free to browse on the news stories from the High Gear Media Network.

Also, there seem to be lot of more models coming for the lexus, too. Of course, the latest 2011 model is out, and you can conveniently and easily browse all about this car, from photos to reviews and prices, and more.

We currently have a chevy stuck in our garage for a while. This car had to retire, but we're planning to either trade it in and get a more recent model, or just buy a new model. We still love LinkChevrolet! The one we have had been good to us on the road for almost 15 years without any problems.

So if you're into car browsing and plan to get a new one someday, you'll get all you need to know at Car Connectin. Keep browsing!

Clues When A Client is Angry!

It's important to know the signs if your customer is mad or upset. After all, the earlier you know the signs, the better you can easily fix the cause of the problem to avoid losing them.
So, look for cues that something is wrong, before it's too late.

Clue#1: Customer returns a product or cancels a service, so it's either that something went wrong. Whatever the problem, a service rep. should follow up quickly to get the bottom of it.

Clue#2: Customers suddenly leave. Make a concentrated effort to find out why they left. Involving the top management can also help you uncover problems you weren't aware of.

Clue#3: They stop returning your top rep's calls. Pick up the phone and find out why they are so evasive.