Monday, March 28, 2011

How to Talk to Anybody Efficiently

Making your first move for a conversation to a new person takes nerve and determination. An easier way would be to keep your remarks focused on something outside of you and the other person.
You can probably start a remark about a piece of art or about someone dressed out landishly, then see where that takes you.

Be inquisitive. They say people who ask questions tend to be the best conversationalists. Let the person's answer steer the conversation. It isn't an interrogation.

Inject some humor. It's essential to a good dialogue. Humor acknowledges that we all feel clueless, make mistakes and sometimes get embarrassed - it establishes bond.

Don't make it all about you. The cardinal sin of conversation is constantly turning it back on yourself.

If the conversation gets boring, switch gears gently by saying for example; - "that reminds me of something I've always been curious about."
Just take note though that not every conversation has to work out. For cocktail parties for example, - you can always excuse yourself to get another drink :).