Thursday, August 23, 2012

Perfect Timing For Grommet Curtains!

Honestly, I was looking for grommet curtains online that are not that pricey to buy and yet still made of high quality materials. It was definitely a perfect timing I got this link! I am thinking of sending this through my big box to the Philippines for my home there. When I shop for home accessories, decors, etc...I get it here in the US. It's for the main reason that it's so tough finding one when I am there, or it isn't really available in the stores.

I like to get my stuff where I can have marvelous selections to choose from. Besides, most of the curtains I look for are those that are quite unique ;). You know, that thing where in you couldn't find it anywhere in the Philippines, lol! This will be a lot of fun shopping online :).

Learning The Tricks To Say No

Are you that person who can't seem to say "no"? Or do you keep saying "yes" when actually you want to say "no"? You can actually say "no" by doing it the right way, respectfully and thoughtfully.

First, if someone catches you off guard or if you're not sure about how you feel, give yourself the chance to think it over before answering. Tell the other person you'll get back to her at a certain time, then let yourself be in a quiet place and ask yourself if the request feels right.

Second, learn to find the "yes" part. It might be that you are wanting to say no because you need to say yes to something else such as guarding your money, sanity or time. Also, learn to look and decide at a given case scenario where your yes lies. For instance, your sister asks your help to cosign a loan, and you feel guilty not helping him out. But you are not saying no to him either - you're saying yes to protecting your children's college funds.

Another tip is that to avoid babbling wherein you don't need lengthy explanations to avoid debates and arguments. You don't need excuses... you just need to be apologetic, kind and with polite attitude.

State what could make the no become a yes by offering what you can. If you want to buy presents for your family, you have to tell me what you think they'd want and how much I should spend. Or if you can, suggest somewhere else to find what they need or someone else to help. Either way, be honest about what you can accomplish.

Finally, start moving dwelling, fretting or second-guessing. That's enough said!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eyeshadow Tricks

Honestly, whenever I attempt putting eye shadows on me, it would always be the ordinary two-color thingy!...nothing extra ordinary or so. I just match colors that are either of the same type with the other one lighter and the other darker in shade.

But thanks for the reads I got because of the tips. I didn't even know I can actually use 4 eyeshadow colors on my eyes! :)

Here are the tips:

Using a Single Eyeshadow:
  • Try creating smoky eyes with one shade by blending it on the lid and along the lower lash line. You might wanna try using a sheer neutral from lid to brow bone for a softer effect.
  • Try adding water if you prefer to have a vibrant liner instantly. Dampen it with a small angled brush, then drag through color and trace along upper lashes.

Using a Double Eyeshadow:

  • Choose the lighter color as the base; wahs it over the lid, on inner corner and along the bottom lashes.
  • Work on the darker shade into the top lash line and crease. Blend it all together using tight circular motions with a contour brush.

Using a Triple Eyeshadow:

  • Apply the lightest shade all over from the brow bone down just like when you do the double eyeshadow.
  • Use the medium shade because that would be your safest color. Apply it in the crease using a back and forth windshield-wiper motion, then smudge the darkest shade around the lash line. Create a sideways "V" on the outer corner for a more intensifying look.

Using a 4 Color Eyeshadow:

  • First do the same steps as the triple process mentioned above.
  • Add the accent shade to the inner corner lid, brow bone or lower lashes. If you're overwhelmed by layering it all on, take it easy one day at a time. Using each color separately and gradually combining colors take the pressure off. Possibilities are always endless!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Winter Blues, Anyone?

A few more months and winter comes. For me, I think it is always good to know that I will always love summer ;). Well, in some ways, I like winter too! But as far as I know I don't think I do experience "winter blues" to that effect. I might hate the freezing temperatures but not to the point where I get so depressed.

It sometimes surprises me that many do have winter depressions during this season. But it was so nice I was able to read some thing regarding this topic that might be helpful to some who have trouble dealing with winter blues.

So, why do so many people experience winter blues anyway? According to psychiatrist John Sharp, an author of a book, melatonin, the sleepiness hormone goes up as the temperatures go colder and where there is lesser sunlight, as well as our sex-drive hormones and seratonin levels go down. The effect would be lethargy and depression.

It may be helpful to take a vacation in a ski lodge where most are enjoying winter. If you prefer to stay at home, try sitting around a roaring fire or calling friends over at home for a cozy dinner. More importantly, get plenty of sunlight by taking even a short walk outside daily which can help boost your immune system. You can also take supplements of vitamin D which we usually get from the sun can help as well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Houses For Rent

Are you currently looking for homes for rent in fayetteville nc? Actually, it would be much easier doing it online rather than spending your time roaming around from town to town. Thank God for real estate websites online such as Towsend Real Estate. They just opened up their site online as a helpful resource for the public particularly those that needs rental homes urgently.

You won't regret finding your ideal home with Townsend because you will be working with property managers that are licensed estate brokers equipped with advanced training in property management when it comes to owning home properties.

It is so cool that nowadays, even just by surfing online, you can actually check and view the details all about your home, including vital information on your neihborhood.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making Your Space Allergy-Free!

Heavy curtains that are heavy are hard to clean and can usually act as magnets to pollens and dirt. You can vacuum them with a brush attachment at least once a week. Another option would be to change your curtains with blinds or shutters as they're easier to keeping it dust-free.

If you choose your furnitures, ideal would be those made of leather, wood or woven furniture, which can be wiped down easily.
Vacuum sofas and chairs often and wash your slip covers with hot water every other week to help kill dust mites. Dry clean fabrics according to care instructions.

Dust mites as well as pet furs, modl spores and dander like to stay on carpets. If you prefer having carpets or rugs on your floor, consider an area rug made of tightly woven natural fibers such as seagrass or sisal which are easier to clean. Use vacuum with hepa filter at least once a week to suck up dust and other allergens.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Plastic Facts You Should Know

Plastic is inexpensive, one of the many reasons why it is so commonly used everywhere. But on the other hand, plastic containers plus heat = BAD! it is for the reason that it can release a harmful chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) when heated which can affect brains of babies, fetuses and children.

But we can use plastic safely as well if only we know the proper way of using it.

First, choose BPA-free plastic containers. If you are not sure, check the number stamped on the bottom that identifies the type of plastic. Be sure you have types 2, 4 and 5 plastics which are considered to be the safest. Don't choose type 7 which has a high risk of BPA contents.

Always cool heated food first before putting them on the container. Otherwise, just put your food in nonplastic containers.

A good rule of thumb is that avoid microwaving in plastic. Heat degrades any plastic over time and degraded material can get into your food which is a health risk.