Friday, October 17, 2014

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Wi-Fi Router Upgrade!

So, I played somewhat a geek one time at home...changing my old linksys wi-fi router to a new one!

Old Router
My old router had been acting strange lately. It could either stop and mess up all my wireless gadgets when I am at work online. I don't see anything wrong with my internet provider because we called the customer service and they said they couldn't find any problem on our area, and that the signal is working good. The representative over the phone was kind enough to teach us the technique to get the (old) router work back to normal by taking the cable wire off, then put it back after 12 seconds!
Well, it worked actually, but the router has been going on and off frequently than normal and I don't want to waste my time taking that wire off and on several times a day while I would be busy working.

I told the problem about this to my husband, and so we just bought a new one.

New router
We bought a dual-band smart wi-fi router with the same brand (linksys), and with a faster speed and wider range. What I like about it is that I can create a separate password-protected guest network, plus it can have the capability of turning on/off wi-fi access to devices I want to.
I thought I could be having a hard time installing it, but it was all a breeze...phew! That easy! happy and contented. It's working very well!