Sunday, November 30, 2008

Real Estate Group in Arizona

To save your time, effort and money in looking for a good deal in real estate properties, whether it's a residential purchase, re-sale, property investment or commercial purchase/lease, why not check Scottsdale Real Estate by The Holm Group?
The Holm Group is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and continously ranks as one of the best sites to find Arizona homes for sale or investment. Their use of an exclusive online search tools is of good help for their clients. With the latest technology they have, such as MLS Virtual Mapping, it will allow you to search the MLS visually for the first time. They also have an exclusive state of the art imagery allowing you to see the multiple vantage points of a certain property with several different views such as aerial and bird's eye view.
If you are only searching, no problem, you can still gain access by signing up for free with The Holm Group, or you can contact them today if you want to know more regarding specific properties and current market conditions. So far, The Holm Group tops other competitors when it comes to relocation, investment, foreclosure bargains, out-of-town clients and those looking for upgrade in the buyers market.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Protect Yourself Against CA-MRSA

What's CA-MRSA? It's just a medical acronym which means Community Associated - Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.
CA-MRSA is usually spread by skin-to-skin contact with infected people (while playing like football or wrestling, for example, as well as giving hugs and handshakes.)
Steps that help you prevent or at least lower your risk are the following:
  • Keep your hands clean. Washing with soap and warm water several times a day is the single best way to combat the virus. Teach your kids to rub their hands briskly under running water for at least 15 seconds (about the amount of time it takes to recite the alphabet.) Take with you an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for times when soap and water aren't available. Kids fingernails should be short and discourage them from doing nose picking.
  • Cover cuts and scrapes. Any wound should be washed with soap and water, then covered with dry, sterile bandages until it heals. Apply a clean dressing daily. Pus from infected sore can contain CA-MRSA, so it's also important to wash your hands after changing bandages to avoid spreading staph.
  • Don't share personal items. Tell your kids not to use friends' and teammates' towels, washcloths, clothing, uniforms or razors. People who appear healthy can still be CA-MRSA carriers. Shared sports equipments, such as helmets and gym mats, should be cleaned with an antibacterial solution after every use.
  • Sanitize gym clothing and linens. If anyone in the family has a cut, sore or infection, wash bedding and towels in hot water with added bleach. Wash sports clothing and washable athletic gear with laundry detergent after each use. Drying laundry in a hot dryer, not on a clothesline, also helps kill bacteria.
  • Remember flu shots. Since flu lowers resistance to CA-MRSA, getting vaccinated every year helps protect against both diseases. The best time to get the shot is in October or November. Flu shots are approved for kids over 6 months of age.
  • Get tested. If you have skin infection that needs medical treatment, ask the doctor to check for CA-MRSA, which responds only to certain antibiotics. Many doctors prescribe the wrong drugs because they don't do a test. That can worsen the infection. Until recently, diagnosis typically involved doing a culture. But it takes up to 48 hours to grow the bacteria in a lab, meaning that people could continue to spread the infection while waiting for lab results.
  • Be sure to take all your prescribed medication - even if your skin heals. Bacteria you leave alive today can morph into tomorrow's superbugs.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Grant a Wish This Holiday Season!

If there's any program ever planned and thought about and that I consider noble, - it's the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registryprogram. This program is established by Sears to provide support to our veterans, military service members and their families through the help of joint various non-profit organizations. This joint effort is being expanded through Sears by enabling Americans to fulfill the holiday wishes as their way of giving thanks to our military heroes as well as their families for the sacrifices they do or have done.
Everybody of us can help in our own little ways, - that's what the essence of the true spirit of the season. Helping these heroes is a noble deed. Don't you know that when you extend a helping hand in no matter what kind, you are a hero as well? Aren't we glad we are all heroes when helping others are just our own way of getting a feeling of fulfillment? This holiday season, these all happens through you! By giving your contributions to the Heroes at Home program online, you are helping fulfill holiday wishes of 30,583 military families. Donations that are made to the Wish Registry will be given as Sears Gift Cards and are not tax deductible. Contributions which you can even think as small are always huge help to many.
It's time to start the spirit of giving and see how far a wish can go.


Tips on Simple Slimming-Down

If you eat a diet that contains predominantly foods with a low glycemic index, it doesn't matter much if you secrete insulin quickly or slowly, as these foods won't provoke a rapid insulin response.
Whether you go to a farmer's market or a supermarket, shopping for meals can be a treat. With such fresh, fragrant fruits and vegetables, you don't need to do much to them.
Here are 3-course meals with whole foods low in fat and low on the glycemic index.

  • Steel-cut oatmeal with fresh berries and bananas or an egg with omelet with fresh vegetables.
  • Toasted stone-ground whole grain bread.
  • Orange wedges
  • French vegetable soup with basil
  • Arugula salad with corn and red onions
  • Sliced fresh peaches
  • White bean salad with zucchini, tomato and basil
  • Spring vegetable stir-fry with tofu or whole-wheat pizza with roasted eggplant and peppers
  • Fruit salad with lime and mint.
Bon Appetit!

Stem Cell Preservation: Holiday Gift of Hope

Have you heard about Cryo Cell's Stem Cell Preservation? Perhaps, this might be sounding weird to some, but on the other hand, if you continue to scrutinize and analyze it's helpful effects, you will learn to appreciate it. Some people concerned have actually done their part...for the good of their loved ones. Check C'elle Client Testimonial and learn from them as well.
There is just one unique gift that cannot be replaced by material gifts. It's all about a life that will be secured and protected in the future. Heard about the U-Cord Cryo Cell's Stem cell cord blood preservation service? This can be the ideal gift you can give for your family and friends who are expecting a baby in the future and want to preserve the vital stem cells that comes from their baby's cord blood. Check more about this at or You can also contact them by phone with the number provided on the site for further information you may want to know.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Problem Losing Weight? This Might Help...

According to Dr. David Ludweg, director of the Optimal Weight for Life program at Children's Hospital, Boston, he shares some effective strategies for helping you lose weight and keep it off. Basing on his study, he found out that the type of food, not just the amount plays a role in weight due to the fact that people vary in their ability to stick to diets. However, biological factors other than genes could also play a role.
According to his studies, people who secrete insulin slowly lost the same amount of weight when assigned to both diets; - conventional low-fat, high glycemic load diet (foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white flour) and low-glycemic-load diet (one that stabilizes blood sugar after meals). In contrast, people who secrete insulin rapidly and who were on the low glycemic diet lost 5x more weight, and kept all the weight off throughout the 18 months of the study.
When it comes to healthy eating, it may be unwise to recommend decreasing fat without adequate attention to the carbohydrates that replace them, and vice versa. An optimal approach may be a diet that pays attention to the quality of fats and carbs: high-quality, unprocessed low-glycemic carbs abd plant-based proteins and fats.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Comfy Savings to Fit Every Holiday Budget!

Christmas is almost here which means it's shopping time! :). I am an avid shopper online and I saw good online holiday deals at Kmart. Although Kmart store is just 5 minutes away from home, I don't wanna be mobbing with the crowd. I have been visiting the store several times, but since it's a peak season for shopping time, it's really more convenient doing it online. Besides, I can't afford to miss the extra 10% off online discount :). And hey, check this out; - Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater at such a low price! Try searching it with ID# 70198911. It's fashionable, and I love the style. Well, what else can I say?...I'm getting it!

The Abbey Hill bedding Medallion Dream bedding collection has also an extra 30% off online discount only. This is a perfect gift for family as well. Search ID# 96096112. Take note that the sale price will be reflected in the cart, not on the product page. Better get the chance to avail of the online discount as this is only through November 26th. You can get your online discounts from many items such as girsl tops, womens plus sleepwear, womens attention brands, all junior items, boys tops, mens and big mens shirts and bottoms and infant and toddler beddings.
Also, watch out for hidden ornaments every week until Christmas which gives you extra savings on already great price offers with a secret coupon code! Just visit frequently.

Happy holiday shopping! :).

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How To Beat Card Sharks

If you're considering a credit offer, carefully examine the terms of the contract. If you don't understand something, call the issuer's customer service department. If you're not satisfied with the response, don't sign up.

  • Remember that the due date on your card statement is just that. A postmark date is not the same thing. Because many card issuers impose ultra-specific cutoff times (American Express, for example, won't process some payments received after 12 noon in a customer's time zone until the following day), try to make your payment, by mail or online, well in advance.

  • One way to avoid going over your limit (and facing extra fees as a result): Go to the card company's website. Most will alert you via e-mail when you creep close to your cap.

  • If you've historically been a good customer, it can't hurt to ask the customer service department to waive over-limit or other fees.

  • Similarly, if your interest rate goes up, it's worth asking to have it lowered. A study by the Massachusetts Public Interest Research group found that when cardholders requested a reduction, almost 6 in 10 got their rate reduced by at least a third with just one 5-minute call.

-RD, -8-27-07-

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Web Hosting Reviews and Rating

When it comes to choosing the best website hostingfor your homepage, you don't need to spend long time searching in the world wide web which one would you get. The more you would find them, the more confusing it would be for you in getting one. It would also be difficult to manually search, collect and compare when doing it manually one at a time, don't you think? Just checking one hosting service on your own can rob you of your precious time.
You need many important things to consider in choosing your hosting service such as the price, disk space, what type of hosting do you need, web designs, domains, etc. Aren't you glad everything has been carefully reviewed for you and the only thing you need to do is choose?
If you want to know more what I am talking about, check Web Hosting Geeks. They offer independent reviews of the best web hosting providers online, and they even provide you the most recent list of the best web hosts for the current year. You can easily check and choose the features that you need. You can also search by category as to what type of service fits your site such as if it's for blog hosting, forum hosting, etc. Furthermore, you are also free to review the web hosting providers that are in their list. By reviewing your web host, it would certainly help other searchers get a good choice as well.

Beauty Tips That Makes Woman Alluring! :)

Here are some tips:
  • Layer Your Lip Color: Try putting on a berry lipstick, blot it to a stain, then top with balm. It's very sexy looking!
  • Do Concealer Right: Dab on in a blotting motion with a damp sponge-that way, you won't pull on the delicate skin around your eyes-and put it only where you need it. A lot of women apply it over their crow's-feet and it just settles in and makes lines more obvious.
  • Blend!: Women tend not to rub in their makeup, especially foundation, and that can look severe. Make it seem like it's part of your skin.
  • Test-Drive Your Look: Take somebody to at least take a digital photo of you before going to that big event. If you're going to be photographed, you need to overcompensate a little.

Choosing a Good Web Hosting Service

Are you still currently searching for a good web hosting service for your homepage or your blog site? If you are new and a first-timer, it's for sure a tough thing to do, finding web hosts that can help you and make your money worth it. Being a beginner, you don't have to jump right away getting any web hosting service that you see online. There are hundreds out there that might just rip off your money away, and yet you didn't get the features you are looking for.
Perhaps, you might want to check this web hosting blog that deals with web hosting news, trends, discussions and products. Through this, it might help you give more ideas, while you continue to learn more at the same time. From here, you can start reading about the basic facts of web hosting and how you can choose a good one that really fits your needs, the various types of hosting services that's good for your site, the most recent news updates, what you need to know about vital things in your web hosting service such as domains, control panels, security issues and more. You just have to continue reading furthermore :).
Web Hosting Geeks conducts independent reviews of the top 10 web hosting services. Check their most up to date list of the 2008 Best Web Hosts. This includes all web hosting awards such as best budget hosting, best blog hosting and many more. For beginners, this is a great help, as well as for those who are experts and are still looking for the best web hosting service. You can as well check each web hosting provider's features, their rank, etc...
Bookmark the site! It's a good guide when you need to get your new web hosting service.

Travel Updates!

It has been confirmed, our reservation for our bus tour will be on November 29th :). We will be going to New York, for my late birthday treat. It's my husband's treat for me. I have been bugging him to go there ever since, and so I guess he got some opportunity left on his busy calendar on the last weekend of this month.

Meanwhile, I have to start preparing for our upcoming travel in Anaheim, CA 2nd week of next month. And I think I need to start shopping for my christmas's tough doing big activities at the same time. Christmas shopping is much easier to do as early as now. So, by the time we arrive from Anaheim, all I have to is wrap them :).

Whew! I'm on a tough itinerary again :(.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

There is Hope at Promises Treatment Centers

It's not easy treating your loved one from drug addiction. If you or your loved one is almost losing hope from alcohol addiction, Promises Treatment Centers is the right place for you. At Promises, their mission is to give a pioneering, restorative and compassionate care to clients as well as to aid more clients in their achievement of lifetime dreams. And yes, it is here where clients can get hope and healing. Visit Promises Treatment Centers online today and check further what they can do to you or your loved one.

A Tag for the Lord :)

I can't just afford to miss this tag. As long as when it comes to my Lord and Savior, I would be happy sharing about it. Again, thank you to my friend, Lisa for this tag.
Proverbs 22:5-6 In the paths of the wicked lie thorns and snares, but he who guards his soul stays far from them. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. All children must learn that there is only one King of all Kings and Lord of Lords and that is: Jesus Christ!
I am passing this to chelle and Jeff.

Silver Jewellery Store

When it comes to silver jewellery, Keysilver Jewellery is worth highly recommending, because of its worldwide range of shipping plus the fact that they only specialize in silver jewellery with a high quality made products that carry the .925 stamp (min 92.5% of silver).
Sterling Silver Jewellery is one exclusive product of Keysilver, - an online store based in UK that has been in the business since 2006. They are known to have an excellent customer service, equipped with a worldwide shipping method and offers free delivery. Practically wise, we don't need to spend lots of money for jewelries. Much more for those who love jewelries but can't afford to have one because of expensive jewelry products offered in the market. Well, - the good news has come for you! You can now avail of jewelries that are of best quality and yet have the lowest possible prices. Take note: - these products are not available and not sold through large chain stores or retailers, or not even seen on the streets, because these products are sourced directly from jewellery makers in Thailand.
Check their Sterling Silver Bracelets collection. If you love bracelets, you will be awed by their various designs. Customers are provided with huge selections to choose from, but it seems you would even end up buying all of them! :). Well, I won't wonder, they are all highly fashionable and considering the price, it's much more affordable as well.
If you love silver bangles, take a look at their Silver Bangles collection. You will find huge, great selection on the site that are made from the finest quality materials that are considered to be pure silver. They are crafted out from the highest quality sterling silver and are stamped with a quality mark of fineness. These products are only exclusively sold and offered by Keysilver Jewellery online website, and are not always available in large quantities. These items are considered to be rare that enhances their wearability and uniqueness.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When Is The Time To Wear Glasses?

It's normal to squint when you're looking at the sun or drug warning labels. But if you're over 40 and having trouble making out the words here or always opt for large print books and magazines, then it's time to get one. Reading glasses are easy and expensive and can help make a page in a book look like a billboard. But eventhough, your eyes might have been sending a message that something is wrong, so better see your opthalmologist or optometrist at least every 2 years (and call them immediately or go to ER with sudden vision changes). But don't fret: Most of us experience vision changes as we age. Your newfangled specs - and the fact that you knew enough to get help - may merely be signs of your oldfangled wisdom.

Source: Reader's Digest

Monday, November 3, 2008

Movies Stuff

Movies touch a cord in most of us ... drama, comedy, suspense, romance, sports, documentary ... you name it ... the following questions just keep the conversation going!