Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beauty Tips That Makes Woman Alluring! :)

Here are some tips:
  • Layer Your Lip Color: Try putting on a berry lipstick, blot it to a stain, then top with balm. It's very sexy looking!
  • Do Concealer Right: Dab on in a blotting motion with a damp sponge-that way, you won't pull on the delicate skin around your eyes-and put it only where you need it. A lot of women apply it over their crow's-feet and it just settles in and makes lines more obvious.
  • Blend!: Women tend not to rub in their makeup, especially foundation, and that can look severe. Make it seem like it's part of your skin.
  • Test-Drive Your Look: Take somebody to at least take a digital photo of you before going to that big event. If you're going to be photographed, you need to overcompensate a little.