Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Window & Door Treatments

Can you imagine a house with just bare windows surrounding it? And how about a door that doesn't even look like one because it has been outdated or just needs an entire make over??

Thank goodness for the discovery of beautiful and enhanced home products so that many homeowners will be able to enhance their style of designs that perfectly suit their needs and tastes.

You might want to check richmond windows so you could be able to see the outstanding features on the products. Good thing to know is that the products are energy efficient and can reduce allergens inside your home.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Feeling At Home And Happy!

Since I haven't been posting about more personal topics on this blog, I thought I will post one this time. This blog is for general purpose anyway. It's just that most of my personal experiences are mostly posted on my other blog and trip experiences are mostly on my trails and travelogues blog as well.

It's been  a month and a half since I am here spending my vacation in the Philippines.  It is also the first time since I got married that I became away longer than 1 month from my husband. I didn't know I would miss him so bad! :(
But being with my family helps a lot cover the homesickness. Hanging around together is considered priceless since this is only a rare opportunity to grab, experience and enjoy it, don't you think? The fact that I see them around everyday makes me feel so at home in my own home ;).

I still have 3 weeks left before my husband will arrive for his 3-week vacation, then we will go back home in the US together end of January next year. I am missing US home a little bit, but I can't complain. Thank God for gadgets and technology, that we are still able to talk on the phone with the hubby daily.

While I am here, I would rather enjoy this vacation and make it worthwhile!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easing Your Heartburn Quick!

If you start feeling a heartburn, drinking 4 ounces of water will help dilute the stomach acid and will flush it back down into your gut.
If it doesn't work, try chewing a piece of gum or sucking a hard candy. They can both increase the production of saliva that can help neutralize acid and relieve the pain. Just be sure to skip the mint candy as it can relax the stomach muscles making the acid easier to flow back up to the esophagus.

It may also help to take a 15-minute walk after eating which can also help your stomach empty faster and making its contents move in the right direction. :)

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Animal-Inspired Gifts

Even our pets deserve to be loved and showered with gifts, don't you think? As much as many of us are getting busy for our Christmas shopping, and wrapping gifts for your loved ones, I'm sure your pets are included in the party as well ;).

Some of you who are animal lovers might want to consider buying animal rescue gifts this Christmas too! Afterall, every animal has the right to be pampered and feel special in our own little way.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finding Calmness In Your Life

Have you ever been wondering how you can have at least a peace in your life, or how you could increase that peacefulness you've been aiming for? The following ideas might help:

Try playing or spending time outside like a 5-minutes walk in the park or probably gardening. Breaking a sweat and just by being outdoors combined makes you feel more blessed and less stressed in no time, according to a study published from the journal "Environmental Health and Technology."

Studies show that praying for somebody can make you feel less angry about your current situation. Spend a little prayer for your kids who happened to make your kitchen into a mess, and the blessing will come back to you!

Have a good laugh because laughing can help protect against heart attacks and they can help ease a day's stress too.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Helpful Tips on How to Protect Your Identity Online

Whether we like it or not, cases of identity theft have been increasing, and the problem shouldn't be ignored. Be on the look out by having safety measures to safeguard not only yourself but your family and loved ones as well.

Always on the lookout on your finances. The most common way thieves can get access to your finances is through changing your mailing address so they can receive your sensitive documents. It's always a safety measure to ask your bank to email or text you whenever an address change is requested.

Take precautions as home, and stash important papers in a locked cabinet. It's also much safer to scan them and store them on a password-protected PC, then better shred the hard copies.

Protect your child which can be usually the most recent targets of thieves. They can steal your child's Social Security no. and they have years to open credit card accounts with it and gain huge debts before your child applies his first credit card account. Check with all 3 bureaus (TransUnion, Experian & Equifax) every few years to make sure your child is safe and clear.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Right Boots For Winter

Winter can be harsh to our skin and feet. It is this type of season where we really have to protect our body including our feet by wearing proper and comfortable shoes or boots.
And speaking about boots, I really need one, but as of now, I am still enjoying the warmth of the tropics since I will be staying in a tropical climate for 3 months ;).

After my vacation, I will be going back home in winter! I checked these muck boots products online and I just like the features. I need one that is completely waterproof  and lightweight. And it's the best thing to know they have my size!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Stop Desk Bad Habits at Work!

Are you squinting and straining just because you constantly have to lean forward to reach your keyboards and see your screen? You can solve the problem by attaching a separate monitor and keyboard (if you use a laptop).

Avoid crossing your legs which can make it difficult for you to keep your spine straight and shoulders squared. You will also put risk overstretching the muscles around your pelvis, causing you to develop varicose veins by interrupting blood flow. 

Don't get the habit of pinning the phone between your ear and your shoulder while you multi task. It will also be tough for the neck! Instead, use a headset or speakerphone for any calls that lasts for more than 5 minutes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas Is Just Around The Corner!

Christmas spirit is almost here! You can smell it in the air, and see bright lights both in public and private places. The singing of Christmas carols can now be heard. And of course, houses from the neighborhood are starting to glitter ;).

And of course, don't forget the fresh
cedar garland to put inside your home. As you smell the fresh aroma inside your home, it completes your Christmas celebration, don't you think? :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back Pain? You Can Stop It!

At some point in our lives, that crippling back pain might just only be caused by hunching over your computer. If your back pain has been annoying you lately, try few simple changes in the way you work infront of your PC or on your desk.

Align your head and neck right above your shoulders by keeping your head up. Avoid straining froward.

When you move your mouse, it should ideally be placed right next to your keyboard so you don't need to overreach twisting your shoulder, arm or wrist when clicking.

Pick a chair that allows your lower back to rest against a lumbar support, then tilt the back of the chair so it's very slightly reclined.

Breathe from your belly on each inhale, by drawing your navel toward your spine. This engages the core muscles and supports the upper body.

Your torso should be about an arm's length away from the monitor which should be 2-3 inches above eye level.

Keep your feet flat on the floor and your shoulder wide apart.. It quiets the tension in your knees and ankles.

Roll your shoulders back and down and square them over your hips. Think of it as you're balancing a plate on your head, and you don't want it to fall off.

Find the right angle by trying to position your knees at 90 degrees, directly over your ankles; this will keep your spine comfortably upright.

Take some rests by getting up at least once every hour - to go bathroom or just do shoulder exercises. These would reduce pressures on your spinal disks and boosts your circulation.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Upgrade Your Career As A Social Worker

Child eating disorders has been on the rise for the past 20 years and continue to grow. While children are introduced to the media's portrayal of the perfect stick thin woman and thin muscular man, the images become engrained in their heads as what they're "supposedto" look like. Without the proper education available to today's youth, child eating disorders will continue to rise.

Refusal to eat and denial of hunger

This is possibly the easiest sign to recognize when it comes to eating disorders. For any age group, refusing to eat is a dangerous behavior that can seriously harm you. If you notice your child refusing food, it's a good reason to be concerned. Try to talk to your child and find out why they don't want to eat. In some cases, it could be a dietary issue, but in most, it can link to an eating disorder. If you've noticed a consistent denial of hunger, you should seek help for your child.

Excessive exercise

Exercise is a healthy habit to engage in that is encouraged for anyone at any age. Exercise can keep you in shape and helps to keep your overall health in order. However, in the case of eating disorders, excessive exercise is the sign that's not as obvious because it's associated with a healthy lifestyle. When a child is excessively exercising, it can take a serious toll on their body and their mental stability. Keep track of your child's exercise habits and make sure it's a healthy balance and not an excessive obsession.


Having a moody child is not uncommon, especially if they're in their teenage years. It's when moody turns into irritable, and it takes over your child's personality. Irritability can be caused by a plethora of things, but when a child is not eating and is starving themselves to lose weight, irritability is very common.

Social withdrawl

Have you noticed your child not being as social as they once were? This is another common sign of an eating disorder. Withdrawing from the social scene is a way for a child to focus on their self as opposed to their peers. It also gives them an escape from explaining why they're not eating or starting to look different. If your child has no desire to spend time with friends and prefers to lock themselves in their rooms, monitor the behavior and take action if it continues.

Lack of emotion

Lack of emotion and irritability are two very different characteristics but are both associated with eating disorders. Not showing any emotion is a red flag with a child that something is wrong. If your child is consistently lacking emotion and any sense of engagement in what's happening around them, it's reason for concern.
The symptoms above are only some of the many signs that your child might have an eating disorder. By paying attention to your child's appearance, their appetite, their desire to eat, social life and mood, you will have a better grasp on whether or not there have been changes with them at any point. All of these symptoms can help you prevent your child from developing a serious disorder and harming themselves, so pay attention. Your child will thank you one day.
Alaina Mason is a freelance writer and health advocate. As a social worker, she has worked with many children suffering with eating disorders. She has done a great deal of research on how getting a social work online degree can help her patients and expand her knowledge of the field.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

How To Kick Your Costliest Habits

I'm sure you would agree that most people (not only for women but men as well) can have that habit of uncontrollable spending so that they would always end up financially broke, have big debts, no savings, and worst, ending up bankrupt! That would be the worst nightmare that can happen to you if you don't know how to manage wise spending.

First strategy, - try changing your relationship to the item you buy. Impulse buying for instance is like allowing yourself subconsciously to buy more than what you planned to buy, paddling your mental budget to account for the extra purchases you assume you'll make at the store. Stop making it easy on yourself to overspend with these behavioral tricks.

"Just look, but don't touch!" According to a study at UCLA and University of Wisconsin, picking up that item that attracted you most and examining it more closely increases your sense of ownership which makes it more difficult to resist buying.

Try go shopping with a list and have inventory of your pantries and cupboards before heading to the store, plan to use cash and take with you the exact amount. If you pay in cash, you spend 10%-35% less than paying with your credit card. Adopt smart shopping habits which can help you cut discretionary spending on gifts, entertainment, clothes, and home items by a third, or at least $5,700 a year on average for households earning $100,000 and up.

Nudge yourself by creating separate savings accounts for certain goals and name them such as vacation funds, holiday account, etc...this makes it less likely that you'll tap them for "unauthorized purchases".

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dry Ice Blasting!

Today, industries and more commercial, and residential establishments continue to rely on the most effective method in cleaning building exteriors and other machines without having to use harmful solvents. This is where dry ice blasting technology comes in and it is also an effective method of cleaning in mold remediation. It is also widely used in cleaning storage tanks, steam and gas turbine engines, chillers, and more.

With the fast growth of many industrial and commercial cleaning needs nowadays, traditional methods are more frequently being proven ineffective because most of them are becoming hazardous to the environment, which is the reason why many companies are turning to dry ice blasting as an alternative cleaning method, because it utilizes a completely dry process making it extremely valuable.

It doesn't involve water therefore there are no contaminants, and also there are no waste collection issues involved which leads to reduction in costs as well.

When it comes to choosing a reliable manufacturer of dry ice blasting machines, you need a company that has a proven track record of credibility and respect from its customers. And of course products that are made of high-quality materials while being easy to operate and most importantly, cost and time saving.

Ice Tech has surely gone a long way in offering quality service to their customers while still continuing to meet the demands of the public when it comes to making more cost-effective and time-saving equipment and yet are considered to be the most economical on the market.

You can check their products conveniently online and if you are needing one, you can visit the site and they can be reached anytime, 24/7 when you need help.

The good news is that they have just expanded their location in Ohio to serve more customers. Better get in touch with them today and a team of experts will be with you all the way.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

High Quality Rehab Treatment

When it comes to problematic cases involving various forms of addictions such as drugs, sexual, gambling and more, it should never be ignored! These types of problems need serious solutions and help for the victims as well.
Of course, families of victims should always initiate giving their loved ones the help support they need, but credible and good quality standards of rehabilitative cares are essential as well. Being that said, recovery programs offered in rehabilitation facilities should be highly considered where in you have to be sure that high quality of treatments are being extended for the victims.

Victims need a place like what I previously mentioned, including a place that is peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

You might want to consider checking Morningside Recovery for that. Morningside is no other ordinary treatment center because they have unique drug program and mental health center, focusing on dual-diagnosis treatment that involves serious psychological issues leading to substance abuse or any abnormal behavior. They offer both primary and extended cares for victims who need such. The transitional living program can as well be relied upon in case of a relapse for the victim which could surely help them get back to their normal lives they could forever enjoy!

Morningside is located in Newport beach, CA and can easily be reached by phone 24 hours a day.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Versatile Herb Called Fennel

Make some fennel tea for cough! Fennel is an herb that contains compounds that help loosen chest mucus, as well as soothes sore throat and relieves coughing spasms.

It can also act as breath freshener. What you can do is to chew at least 5-10 fennel seeds and it would sweeten your breath naturally. Its essential oil has antibacterial properties that may help fight bad breath germs. You can take it in your purse to have on hand as post-meals.

If you had long exhausting work outs, fennel can help you recover sooner because it's a good source of potassium, sodium and it helps balance your fluid levels and regulate muscle contractions. Ideal pairs are apple or pistachios in a salad.

Fennel is also good for treating itchy scalp. It is actually used as a calming deep-conditioner.

If you have one at home, you're practically safe ;).

Monday, October 15, 2012

Coin Investment

Many people including retirees would always think of investing in any way they can. Of course, it is not easy to just choose one and go in it right away because of some risks. Having a hard earned income for many long years is a tough job, and so we have to be sure that in every investment we decide to take should be at least with a credible company. That would make us at least get a peace of mind! ;)

Have you thought of going into coin investment? Why not? Right? As long as you will be dealing with a firm/company that offers you an honest and reliable service plus incomparable precious metals of coins and investment needs that you are looking for, there should be no problem with that.

Every investment carries with it some risks, the reason why we also need help in some specific investment advice at times. Come to think of it, ALL investments can have returns unguaranteed, that's why we always have to be careful in searching for the real firm you can rely with. You need to check their background experiences and customers they work with.
So, if you are considering one, try checking out Great Southern Coins online. They have a reliable experience in online auctions and considered to be one of the leading internet coin dealers of today.

Whether you are an avid coin collector or a bullion trader, this would be perfect for you. You will get good investment and get to have what you enjoy most, don't you think?

There are benefits you can get from coin investing such as owning Modern Eagle Coins for instance, as much as also buying silver, gold and bullions, letting you have varied investment options to keep and maintain your portfolio diversified.

There are also new collections that come out every year. Better yet check the 2012 coin collections such as the 2012 Silver Maples! You will know further how these coins become the bestseller!
Or you can probably check on the various bullion coins collection, - the copper, palladium and platinum bullions.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Most Potent Weapons Against The Big C!

According to a food research, it has been found out that there are certain foods good in fighting against the dreaded cancer. These foods have phytonutrients and other special compounds to prevent or reduce your risk of having cancer.
According to Dr. Beliveau from the University of Quebec at Montreal and author of "Foods to Fight Cancer", at least 5-9 daily servings of all kinds of fruit and veggies can help you get protected especially the six "superstars".

Broccoli - is the only one with a sizable amount of sulforaphane, a potent compound that boosts the body's protective enzymes and flushes out cancer-causing chemicals. It helps fight breast, lung, liver, prostate, skin, stomach and bladder cancers.

Black raspberries contain very high concentrations of phytochemicals called anthocyanins, which slow down the growth of premalignant cells and keep new blood vessels from forming. It helps to fight against esophageal, colon, skin and oral cancers.

Tomatoes are the best dietary source of lycopene, a carotenoid that gives tomatoes their red hue. It has been found out that lycopene can stop endometrial cancer that causes nearly 8,000 deaths a year. You can get the biggest benefits from cooked tomatoes (pasta sauce).

Walnuts has phytosterols that have been shown to block estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells which possibly slow down the growth of cells. It helps fight against prostate and breast cancer.

Garlic offers protection against digestive cancers. It has phytochemicals to stop formation of nitrosamines, those carcinogens formed in the stomach when you consume nitrates, one common food preservatives.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cool Sports Car!

The All new Scion FR-S
Brought to you by the all new Scion FR-S

Scion FR-S has arrived just June of this year and it has been gaining a lot of positive reviews from customers who had the experience of test driving it and from those who bought one as well :).

Most men do love sports cars, and this one has been so far became so unusual that it was created with passion talking about the company's line up of products for its parent company, Toyota.

Since I haven't tried driving one, I can't speak for myself when it comes to how does it function well on the road. But with many test drivers that have done it months after it was introduced, I can certainly pick up feedbacks and mostly positive reactions at that.

It is also a smart idea to provide a handy infographic display for customers to know more the specs and standard features of the car. At a first glance, you can actually say it was uniquely made with a lot of features and stats to be considered extra ordinary!

So, no wonder why many car racers are going crazy talking about it, and always would get them so excited to drive one on the race track! ;)

This might be the best deal so far when it comes to choosing a new cool sports car, built simply yet unique at an affordable price.

Friday, October 12, 2012

What's With Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is more than just a warming spice! So, if you have them in your kitchen, you might be surprised that it can do a lot more than just a spice for your food.

If you happened to be battling zits on your face, a ground nutmeg mixed with whole milk can act as cleanser. Apply it to your trouble zone, then let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse after. It really soothes skin.

Gut gripes? Try treating it with nutmeg, also a known soother for indigestion, diarrhea and intestinal gas. Those essential oils and other chemicals coming from the spice can help regulate gastrointestinal tract. Sprinkle no more than half teaspoon of nutmeg on a bowlful of fiber-filled oatmeal. (Too much large quantities of it can cause nausea.) every morning for 2 weeks, and you're gonna get a healthy tummy.

A dash of nutmeg with a warm milk can induce sleep as well.

Nutmeg can also be an excellent soother for toothaches and sore gums. Try massaging a drop or 2 of nutmeg oil onto your gums if they feel painful or inflamed.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tips For A Safer Sledding

Winter will be here soon! And of course, many kids would be getting excited playing in the snow. But did you know that there are about more than 20,000 kids being brought to the hospital each year due to sledding injuries? (Based on the study from Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio)

So before you let them enjoy playing in the snow this winter, there are some helpful guides that can help you prevent and protect them from any harm and injuries.

First, be sure you have scoped the route. Check for any obstacles like trees, light poles, fences and away from the street. Also, check at the bottom of the hill if there is enough space to slow down and stop without hitting anything.

Never use powered vehicles to hitch the sled such as a car, ATV or lawn mower. It will put your kids at high risk of being injured because they can get pulled under the wheels of the vehicle. Always think this as dangerous!

Avoid using snow tubes and disks as well as these are also dangerous because they rotate. Kids might end up riding backward with no way to change course if you're into collision.

Never overload the sled unless it is designed for 2 or more people. More riders can also mean there's a greater chance that anybody will get knocked off the sled.

Make use of snowboarding or skiing helmets. They are the best ways to prevent concussions and other head injuries.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Relax!...Have a Bath!

Everyone of us deserves a relaxation from a day's busy lifestyle. Finding some "me" time once in a while is a good way to fight stress. You don't need to go for a trip and spend a lot just for a relaxation.
A truly deserving relaxation can even be found inside your home, like your bath tub! ;)

Have you tried soaking in slipper bathtubs? If you're not sure about it, you might want tot check on them. The designer packages are really cool to look at! It reflects the uniqueness of each design. It would be a good idea to get one if your home is not equipped with a bathtub.

For sure you won't regret investing your money on getting one, because you'll know in the end it's all worth the money!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are Video Gamers Better Decision Makers?

Surprisingly, the answer to the question is yes! According to researchers from University of Rochester, they have found out that young adults who played action video games were much better at making quick and accurate decisions in their daily lives. It seems that these type of games seem to improve focus making you better to be able to concentrate on what's essential, says a PhD study coauthor, Daphne Bavelier. So, after all, your teen being hooked to his XBox does some thing beneficial huh?

If you would ask how long should you allow your kids to play, according to Dr. Bavelier, there is no hard and fast rule. But be sure that their gaming should not impede or interfere with their time spent with friends, academics and school activities.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Transforming Your Bathroom Into A Luxurious Style!

Would you believe you don't need to be rich to own a luxurious-looking bathroom? And you don't even need to spend thousands of dollars just to transform yours into one! Of course, if we think about a bathroom or a "restroom" for many, one thing you would always think present in it is there should be faucets in it, right?
And can you just imagine a bathroom without any lavatory faucets in it? Just plainly incomplete, isn't it? I would feel it's just like not a bathroom nor can be called a "restroom" too!

And talking about faucets, it's a happy thing to note that there are a lot of styles we can choose to put in our bathroom, where you can be able to reflect your personality by just choosing the right faucet fixtures in your home. It's just a matter of creativity on your part to transform your bathroom as unique as it can be - just like when you can make it look like uniquely luxurious without spending much...that's what you call real creativity and being so smart! :)

That's one exciting experience to do when you have a new home like me. For now, I am so glad I made the right choices in choosing all the fixtures needed in my home, particularly my bathroom. Now, I am just feeling so excited for my vacation next month to spend and enjoy more time in my new home!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Health Perks Your Pet Can Give

Did you know that your pet (if you have one) has upsides for you or your kids? If you think you need one, then get one, even if it means dog hair everywhere ;)

Kids can get away from gaining weight by doing daily walks with their dogs. It can also help you minimize your doggy-related chores inside the home.

Petting your animals and cuddling them helping you relax and calmness. It lowers high blood pressure. According to a research, taking care of animals also teaches your kids to develop empathy and can increase their emotional intelligence as well.

Your four-legged pal can help you or your kids get through tough times like dealing with a divorce, says a research. Pets give unconditional love and companionship and they encourage play and laughter, the reason why they help adults dealing with depression.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The New Blu E-Cigs!

I think I have once read about Blu Electronic Cigarettes before, and I was a little bit surprised they had more modern features that they added on their product. I am sure this would be a better news for those who smoke. ;)

We know for the fact that in today's fast paced modern world, technology gets even better, including cigarettes! They continue to build and develop products that conform with the modern era, and products are getting better. So, cigarettes are now electric-powered operated, and in the case of Blu, they even are continously adding more unique features on the product like softwares from social networking sites, such as Facebook, twitter and probably more coming. Cool, isn't it? It's just like almost turning into a smart phone's features only that it's just one -e-cigarette pack!

One cool feature that comes with the e-cig pack is its ability to detect another Blu user close to you if you are also a Blu user. Coming soon with the feature will be the ability of the product to detect retail stores close to you and the ability to save them!

And have you checked those 7 various flavor cartridges? They are worth the tries. You can smoke more with confidence without annoying any other people beside or close to you because it's odorless and doesn't create any ash.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Check That Salt Intake!

The American Heart Association recommends every one to at least limit their salt intake to no more than 1,500 milligrams everyday.
Are you being aware how much salt are you actually taking in each day? I'm sure many are aware of the possible consequences of too much sodium in the body...high blood pressure, and high risks of heart attacks and strokes.

We can't actually avoid taking foods with salt, but we can control it by lowering our intake.

It is more often recommended to cook fresh food as there are more extra salt in frozen, canned and processed foods.

When buying canned food, bread or frozen meals, be sure to read the "Nutrition Facts" label, and compare sodium levels, then choose the one with lowest numbers. Look for "low salt" or "low sodium" labels.

For canned foods, drain them if they come with liquids to remove some of the salt.

Use as litte salt as possible in cooking particularly if you are using salty ingredients like olives, cheese, anchovies, mustard and soy sauce.

Use black pepper or hot sauce, fresh or dried herbs, fresh lemon or lime juice, garlic, onions or ginger root to fill in the salt flavor "gap" when cooking.

You can hide that salt shaker while eating! ;)

When you dine out, ask your meal to be prepared without salt.

Always pay attention to serving sizes and amount of sodium per serving, especially when preparing foods. Eating more means consuming more sodium.

Check any meds you are taking. They may have some high amounts of sodium. OTC drugs should be checked carefully as well by reading labels on them. When in doubt, check with your pharmacist or doctor.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Slow PC Sucks!

Been there...I am currently using 3 laptops, and I had a tough struggle when one of them was almost dying! :( The other one ultimately died due to damage in its registry and can no longer be saved. I had to spent $300 just for repairs and reinstalling a new CPU too. It started when it became so slow but I ignored about it not knowing it was already having serious problems. It was one of those bad experience I wouldn't let it happen again.
When my computer is slow, I would see to it that everything, including the appropriate anti virus checks are running well, as well as spyware checks are also all in good running condition. I certainly did learn my lesson!

Friday, September 21, 2012

DO's & DON'Ts For Financial Discussion

I thought these few tips would somehow help us when we come to a point of discussing sensitive matters, including money matters. It's worth the read! ;)
  • DO always use "I" and "we" in the discussion.
  • DON'T use the word "you" because it places blame.
  • DO make your partner know and make notice of upcoming conversations.
  • DON'T make the habit of talking about sensitive money matter talks after work.
  • DO celebrate minor successes like trimming your spending by $100 a month.
  • DON'T focus on past mistakes by either one of you.
  • DO try to avoid bringing up unrelated conflicts.
  • DON'T talk about money when you're angry.
I consider this a "wake up call" for couple who are yet struggling not to argue when financial talks happen.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tiles With A Style!

Okay, so here comes an artistic instrument that can help create one's imaginative minds! These are colorful and flexible magnetic tiles that help one create countless beautiful designs. They are also mostly ideal for ones who have motor skill problems because of their magnetic ability to stay on hold that slide easily on their specially textured keyboard. If you are aiming for a toy for travel, they can be the best to bring along for your kids too!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Money Mistakes You Should Avoid

Money can cause a lot of trouble. It's a fact we couldn't avoid if it is being mishandled. There are some problems you might want to know and how you could be able to handle and manage if those problems arise.

1. Avoiding Discussion of Finances Particularly if You Are Married/Couple.
It's kinda tough to meet your financial goals without discussing and sharing them with your partner. If you have trouble talking about money together, it might help to start with the 5 W's.
Here they are:
What you owe
What you own
What you earn
What you spend monthly
What is your credit score
They are essential pieces of financial information you can use together.
Then, you should focus discussing your goals together as a couple, write your goals and seek each other's advice if there are some things you need to buy, like a pair of shoes, etc. Common mistake a woman does is trying to force their mate to do what she thinks is best.

2. Ignoring Each Other's Money Styles.
If you have different financial habits, know your own money personalities. There is the saver, the spender, the risk taker, the security seeker and the flier. It might be wise to give each personality an outlet. For instance, give the spender some extra amount for impulse purchases, but make sure the bank account should never go below a particular amount to make the security seeker feel better ;). Another thing, it is important to focus on where you agree both.

3. You Play The Blame Game. Blaming each other is very toxic in a relationship. Take problems and solve them as a team. Don't attempt to sidestep a tough discussion by cleaning up a spouse's mistakes. Work together to create real solutions, instead.

4. Having Two Money Lives. Be upfront about having a separate stash. There are cases that all adults should have money to spend without having to account for it. Before you plan of getting married, it helps to discuss pre-relationship obligations. For instance, if the children's father is not paying support what the future groom thinks he should, that can spark a future misunderstanding that can build up. Likewise, if the guy squirrels away child support money for their education, that should be discussed as well.
Learn to identify your fears as well. For instance, some hide money out of poverty fear, while some don't trust their spouse that he will always provide. Make a point to seek help from a therapist to help you resolve it.

5. Using Money As A Weapon. Sometimes, earnings disparities can spoil the relationship as well. So, think of his, hers and our money! If one earns more, contribute proportionately to the shared expenses and consider adjustments such as having the person with higher income contribute for retirement. Also, aside from a shared bank accounts, try to maintain separate accounts for individual goals.

6. Pooling Assets Too Early. If you are still not married, and you feel you need to protect your assets, create a domestic partnership agreement. It is a contract between you and your partner which includes instructions on who will handle bills, whether a property will be jointly owned or belong to one partner, and an outline of joint assets.
Consider a prenup. It can protect couples from debt amassed before marriage. For instance, a woman should consider one if she owns a home or accounts or has kids from previous relationship, to protect her assets and the children's inheritance.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For Your Industrial Products

When it comes to choosing your industrial products, I bet you would always want the best quality. Take for instance even the smallest piece of your industrial equipments, whether accessories or the best tooling components such as t nuts, you have to be sure they are strong enough to hold every attachments connected to them. Every piece should be highly checked for every component made of, the composition of materials, etc...and with that being said, we need to have a credible connection to companies that offer only the best products.

And by the way, don't belittle those t nuts around...there are no big bridges without them, and no sturdy buildings without including them on your construction.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saying NO Without The Guilt!

For many, the word "NO" is one of the most difficult to say. Sometimes, there are those cases where we are caught off guard by those people who won't take "NO" for an answer. But it's time to learn those people who are master manipulators and learn how to put your foot down, the next time you get to them face to face.

So, meet the master manipulators and know the best responses.

  • The Flatterer - He/She says how smart you are and he/she would appreciate your help on a volunteer project he/she is involved with. Or your friends will become so disappointed if you don't make those special food recipes for a party.

    They say flattery goes both ways, so turn the tables! :). So, say something like "you're such a fabulous cook...I could give you the recipes, why don't you try your hand at it? I'm sure they would love them.
  • The Guiltmeister - Your friend or loved one insist that you never call them, or you don't spend your time with them and they tell you while you're together having lunch!

    It helps to ask an insight from a friend. It's also good to step back and get perspective. If it seems like a bigger minefield than you know how to handle, consider talking to your psychotherapist to help you sort out.

    According to Dr. Newman, "you can't do enough for some people, so don't attempt to try". Arguing is useless...and you'll never win! So, calmly tell them how it's going to be. Tell something like; " I'd rather don't have this same argument over and over again. If we can't talk something better, let's hang up and call back when we can." Or tell your friend "I'm sorry you feel this way, but I try to see you as much as I can."

  • The Saboteur - They are those who try to validate their choices by making you do what they do. For instance, you are strictly committed to lose weight but every time you go out with them they would try to get you to order dessert and say "just this one time can't hurt."

    Be a leader and not a follower. Saying "no" isn't about being selfish but about self respect. Stand firm and then redirect the conversation. Just say "no, thank you, tea is just fine for me. Are you going to watch that famous movie this week? I wonder if it's really good."

  • The Whiner - Your co worker gets a lot of difficult tasks and whines how unfair it is to her and why she's the only one who gets the hard tasks. She keeps saying until you would finally offer to help just to make her stop complaining.

    Here's something to think about: This has nothing to do with you. It should be between your co worker and her boss and it's up to her to deal with it. The next time she starts rolling again, say something like; " why don't you set up a meeting with your boss to see if you can sort it out?"

  • The Bully - Bullying can take many forms. They use their anger and intimidating demeanor to get you to do more than you want.

    A bully wants to get under your skin,so don't let him see you sweat. Don't respond in anger and don't allow yourself to be browbeaten into doing something you don;t want to do. A calm, quiet, firm, neutral voice is more powerful than a loud "NO", which conveys more of self-control and strength. Tell them something liek; "I don't appreciate being treated this way. So, come back when you calm down...or I think I've made myself clear - I won't discuss it anymore."

So, there you go...learn to be aware of those that manipulate! The next time you tend to say "No", learn the consequences and know the type of people that can't take "no" as an answer!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Saffron Extract Diet

Are you on a diet? Are you still currently buying one brand to another trying everything else and still to no effect? Well, that's a bit of a sad story then!

Let's face it. We have to think smart when it comes to diet supplements, and the right way of choosing them. The more you don't stick to one, the more you get your weight problem come to worse.
Another thing would be choosing the one that does not work for you because it is NOT for you.

There is another type of diet supplement that was actually featured in Dr. Oz' TV show about saffron for weight loss. It came from saffron's extract which is clinically approved and acts as an appetite suppressant for those who tend to overeat. If taken with the proper dose and if you take regularly as prescribed, you then get a better sense of control by reducing your urge to eat your extra meal without any side effects.
By the way, Dr. Oz is NOT recommending this product, but it was featured in his TV show and he explained there how the Saffron Satiereal Extract works. You can also learn that there are lot more benefits you can get aside from controlling your appetite to eat.

Take note that as a responsible individual, taking a product or any kind of a drug to that matter should always be strictly taken in an allowed dose.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Perfect Timing For Grommet Curtains!

Honestly, I was looking for grommet curtains online that are not that pricey to buy and yet still made of high quality materials. It was definitely a perfect timing I got this link! I am thinking of sending this through my big box to the Philippines for my home there. When I shop for home accessories, decors, etc...I get it here in the US. It's for the main reason that it's so tough finding one when I am there, or it isn't really available in the stores.

I like to get my stuff where I can have marvelous selections to choose from. Besides, most of the curtains I look for are those that are quite unique ;). You know, that thing where in you couldn't find it anywhere in the Philippines, lol! This will be a lot of fun shopping online :).

Learning The Tricks To Say No

Are you that person who can't seem to say "no"? Or do you keep saying "yes" when actually you want to say "no"? You can actually say "no" by doing it the right way, respectfully and thoughtfully.

First, if someone catches you off guard or if you're not sure about how you feel, give yourself the chance to think it over before answering. Tell the other person you'll get back to her at a certain time, then let yourself be in a quiet place and ask yourself if the request feels right.

Second, learn to find the "yes" part. It might be that you are wanting to say no because you need to say yes to something else such as guarding your money, sanity or time. Also, learn to look and decide at a given case scenario where your yes lies. For instance, your sister asks your help to cosign a loan, and you feel guilty not helping him out. But you are not saying no to him either - you're saying yes to protecting your children's college funds.

Another tip is that to avoid babbling wherein you don't need lengthy explanations to avoid debates and arguments. You don't need excuses... you just need to be apologetic, kind and with polite attitude.

State what could make the no become a yes by offering what you can. If you want to buy presents for your family, you have to tell me what you think they'd want and how much I should spend. Or if you can, suggest somewhere else to find what they need or someone else to help. Either way, be honest about what you can accomplish.

Finally, start moving on...no dwelling, fretting or second-guessing. That's enough said!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eyeshadow Tricks

Honestly, whenever I attempt putting eye shadows on me, it would always be the ordinary two-color thingy!...nothing extra ordinary or so. I just match colors that are either of the same type with the other one lighter and the other darker in shade.

But thanks for the reads I got because of the tips. I didn't even know I can actually use 4 eyeshadow colors on my eyes! :)

Here are the tips:

Using a Single Eyeshadow:
  • Try creating smoky eyes with one shade by blending it on the lid and along the lower lash line. You might wanna try using a sheer neutral from lid to brow bone for a softer effect.
  • Try adding water if you prefer to have a vibrant liner instantly. Dampen it with a small angled brush, then drag through color and trace along upper lashes.

Using a Double Eyeshadow:

  • Choose the lighter color as the base; wahs it over the lid, on inner corner and along the bottom lashes.
  • Work on the darker shade into the top lash line and crease. Blend it all together using tight circular motions with a contour brush.

Using a Triple Eyeshadow:

  • Apply the lightest shade all over from the brow bone down just like when you do the double eyeshadow.
  • Use the medium shade because that would be your safest color. Apply it in the crease using a back and forth windshield-wiper motion, then smudge the darkest shade around the lash line. Create a sideways "V" on the outer corner for a more intensifying look.

Using a 4 Color Eyeshadow:

  • First do the same steps as the triple process mentioned above.
  • Add the accent shade to the inner corner lid, brow bone or lower lashes. If you're overwhelmed by layering it all on, take it easy one day at a time. Using each color separately and gradually combining colors take the pressure off. Possibilities are always endless!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Winter Blues, Anyone?

A few more months and winter comes. For me, I think it is always good to know that I will always love summer ;). Well, in some ways, I like winter too! But as far as I know I don't think I do experience "winter blues" to that effect. I might hate the freezing temperatures but not to the point where I get so depressed.

It sometimes surprises me that many do have winter depressions during this season. But it was so nice I was able to read some thing regarding this topic that might be helpful to some who have trouble dealing with winter blues.

So, why do so many people experience winter blues anyway? According to psychiatrist John Sharp, an author of a book, melatonin, the sleepiness hormone goes up as the temperatures go colder and where there is lesser sunlight, as well as our sex-drive hormones and seratonin levels go down. The effect would be lethargy and depression.

It may be helpful to take a vacation in a ski lodge where most are enjoying winter. If you prefer to stay at home, try sitting around a roaring fire or calling friends over at home for a cozy dinner. More importantly, get plenty of sunlight by taking even a short walk outside daily which can help boost your immune system. You can also take supplements of vitamin D which we usually get from the sun can help as well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Houses For Rent

Are you currently looking for homes for rent in fayetteville nc? Actually, it would be much easier doing it online rather than spending your time roaming around from town to town. Thank God for real estate websites online such as Towsend Real Estate. They just opened up their site online as a helpful resource for the public particularly those that needs rental homes urgently.

You won't regret finding your ideal home with Townsend because you will be working with property managers that are licensed estate brokers equipped with advanced training in property management when it comes to owning home properties.

It is so cool that nowadays, even just by surfing online, you can actually check and view the details all about your home, including vital information on your neihborhood.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Making Your Space Allergy-Free!

Heavy curtains that are heavy are hard to clean and can usually act as magnets to pollens and dirt. You can vacuum them with a brush attachment at least once a week. Another option would be to change your curtains with blinds or shutters as they're easier to keeping it dust-free.

If you choose your furnitures, ideal would be those made of leather, wood or woven furniture, which can be wiped down easily.
Vacuum sofas and chairs often and wash your slip covers with hot water every other week to help kill dust mites. Dry clean fabrics according to care instructions.

Dust mites as well as pet furs, modl spores and dander like to stay on carpets. If you prefer having carpets or rugs on your floor, consider an area rug made of tightly woven natural fibers such as seagrass or sisal which are easier to clean. Use vacuum with hepa filter at least once a week to suck up dust and other allergens.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Plastic Facts You Should Know

Plastic is inexpensive, one of the many reasons why it is so commonly used everywhere. But on the other hand, plastic containers plus heat = BAD! it is for the reason that it can release a harmful chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA) when heated which can affect brains of babies, fetuses and children.

But we can use plastic safely as well if only we know the proper way of using it.

First, choose BPA-free plastic containers. If you are not sure, check the number stamped on the bottom that identifies the type of plastic. Be sure you have types 2, 4 and 5 plastics which are considered to be the safest. Don't choose type 7 which has a high risk of BPA contents.

Always cool heated food first before putting them on the container. Otherwise, just put your food in nonplastic containers.

A good rule of thumb is that avoid microwaving in plastic. Heat degrades any plastic over time and degraded material can get into your food which is a health risk.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great Teflon Hose For Your Manufacturing Business

Without a good quality of manufacturing materials, what happens to big factories and industrial machineries? We can't imagine how the industry would be like. Like for instance, choosing the right kind of hose materials that are commonly used in huge industries is an essential aspect in maintaining the quality of machine life and all such as the resistoflex teflon hose for example.

Ask the manufacturing as well as engineering experts about it and you wouldn't be surprised they would highly recommend it.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pamper Yourself In 10 Minutes!

  • Enjoy a hot cup of spiced tea with a few drops of honey.
  • Take your time to moisturize after your shower.
  • Add scented oils, such as lavender or mint to your refreshing hot bath.
  • Keep daily journal that focuses on positive things in your life.
  • Give your tired feet a homemade foot scrub by combining sugar, your favorite body oil and honey.
  • Cut some fragrant and fresh flowers then arrange them on your desk or at home.
  • Turn off your PC or your phone then relax with a book or magazine.
  • Give yourself a DIY facial with a mild exfoliant by an anti-aging mask.
  • Light a candle and shut the door for some fragrant peace and quiet.
  • Go for a walk around the block, neighborhood or building - just get outside and move!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cool Military Rings From Joy Jewelers

If you are a member of the military, whether you are in the army, navy, air force, etc...we salute you for your service. So, it's time to treat yourself from the various choices of unique balfour military rings as well, what do you think? These rings can be personalized, choosing your own emblem and designing them on your own. Every style and kind of ring you choose are made of high quality materials and yet affordable in prices.

Come to think of it. The ring of your choice symbolizes your profession and dignity. If you are interested in getting one, you can order online right away. Check their site on the web.

Fallen Trees Can Be A Headache!

Whether it is caused by a tornado, a hurricane, snowstorm or other nature disasters, a fallen tree on your property can cause a big hassle...plus stress and headache too! Here are some tips how they may help you deal with:

If the tree took down any power lines, call your utility company immediately. If it didn't, cover any holes the tree punctured in your roof or walls, then take photos of the damage to use when you file a claim.

If the tree fell on your house or to another insured structure on your property, file a claim, unless the tree is dead and rotting due to poor maintenance. The same goes if the tree is from a neighbor's backyard, and in that case, your adjuster might hold the neighbor responsible, freeing you from forking out a deductible.

Most policies cover up about $500 just for removal, or even double. So, call a licensed, insured arborist to do the work - and some will cut the tree into firewood for you for an additional fee. If you think you can cut it yourself, do it. But if you're not sure, call a pro!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ventless Fireplace

I know it's still a long way to go before winter comes, but just in case you are considering getting a heater in preparation for the cold season, why not check for some electric fireplaces as your fireplace heater?

There are still many who would prefer to have the fireplace effect on their homes. Although most homes nowadays are using the modern method of home heaters, there's nothing much more elegant looking with a classic style approach to having a fireplace heater in your home, don't you think? Besides, everything comes in modern methods nowadays, so fireplace heaters are now modernized as well :).

Try to check 'em out!

The Art Of Stylish & Unexpected Gift Wrapping

Try wrapping your gifts in a silk scarf or antique fabric that you bought from the flea market, instead of using plan paper ;). Another option is to make a sheet of custom paper using a copy machine to blow up a favorite photo of the person you're giving the gift to. And to make it more looking special, top it with a beautiful ribbon.

Beware those items that require an entire roll of wrapping paper. If you bought a gift item that is if huge size, wrapping it would be punishing yourself! So, let the store do it for you but go when they are not busy or leave it overnight there. The sales clerk you bought the item from can arrange to have it ready the next day, so you don't have to stand and wait for a long time.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Be Smarter & More Creative Instead of Worrying!

According to Dr. Paul Nussbaum, a neuropsychologist from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, start thinking differently by exposing your mind to new and more challenging experiences which can gain you intellectual skills.

Try learning a new skill, and as you move from a newbie to an expert, you can make neural connections which can enable you to think faster with lesser effort.

Always practice to relax which will let you synthesize info in new ways.

Learn to appreciate experiences from multiple perspectives to enhance your creativity.

Switch your side of the bed. Even smaller changes in your environment can help stimulate your brain and help it build neural circuitry.

Are you dreaming of your own dream house? Practice designing it on your on by picking a location and layout. Focusing on certain facts and ignoring others strengthen your frontal lobes, where problem solving occurs.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Loving The Beach Every Summer?

So, we're now experiencing the heat this summer! And everybody is heading off to the beach! If you are a beach lover, you are for sure one of them, right?
You might also want to check some beaches in North Carolina, and probably want to buy your property from Holden Beach Real Estate where real estate experts can help you with it...whether you are wanting to buy or sell a property.
There are many options you can choose from in the area, from beach cottages to residences overlooking the ocean. They say it is one of the best places to retire when your home is close to the beach.
Well, this is the best time for you to find one!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Know & Manage Your Stomach Troubles

Have you been concerned lately as to what food are you putting on your plate that make your tummy turns upside down? Have you wondered why?

Watch out, you might be having a lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance perhaps.

When you have lactose intolerance, it means that your body doesn't have strong enzymes that breaks down lactose, a sugar molecule found in most milk products.
So, by knowing it early (if you have it), you can be able to avoid those culprits and you know what are the foods you should avoid.

If you love milk, avoid cheese, milk chocolate, ice cream and animal milk. Instead, choose fortified milk, fortified ice cream, yogurt made from soy, rice, almonds, coconut, oat or hemp milk.
Also, don't miss aged or hard cheeses including cheddar, Gouda and Swiss.
Find your calcium in foods through dark, leafy greens like kale, collards and spinach. Vitamin D3 can be taken from supplements, fortified foods and exposure to sunlight for at least 15 minutes.

For gluten intolerance, you might want to try baked goods made from rice flour, amaranth, cornmeal, sorghum or potatoes. Avoid wheat barley, rye and products made from these grains.

For your fiber and protein nutrients, try quinoa, a grain that's prepared like rice.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Leave Your Leather Care From The Experts!

If you are fond of using leather particularly in your home furniture, I guess you probably know that leather needs good management and care...and I mean care from the leather experts! Right?
If you prefer the do-it-yourself technique of taking care of your furniture for instance, you can also buy a painting leather kit, which is a smart idea to have if you want to re-color your couch, etc... made of leather. You see, leather needs constant caring in a proper way. So be sure you are doing the right thing. Otherwise, just let the leather experts do it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vibration & Noise Control

Can you imagine your environment without noise and vibration control? Uncontrollable noise and vibrations are considered pollution that can harm human senses particularly hearing. Aren't you glad that there are smart engineering inventions that can manage or control both vibrations and noise problems? Talking about advanced technology nowadays, life has been becoming easier each day! ;)

If you are currently in need of noise and vibration control products, just check Isolation Technology, Inc online. They can be your specialists when it comes to manufacturing and designing products for noise and vibration control. Better rely on the experts, not just ordinary dealers or sellers!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Essential Information You Need To Know About Mesothelioma

Did you know that in the US alone, there are about 2000-4000 estimated cases of mesothelioma? Yes, it's quite alarming basing on the statistics, and this kind of terminal illness should not be ignored but to be treated seriously, particularly to those who are exposed to asbestos for a long duration.

Knowing the facts and statistics about mesothelioma is essential. Be well informed about mesothelioma life span as well, and the basic facts that lie within this disease.

For those who are diagnosed, regular medical check ups and taking extra precautions are helpful factors to ensure your continued well-being and good health.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Donate Your Car & Make A Difference!

If you have a car or any type of vehicle that you don't feel like using any more, why let it sit there being useless? If you donate car, you are actually making a big difference in someone's life...or many lives! And it's always a great feeling giving something to people that are in need more than you do especially if you are giving all for a good cause! ;).

There are probably lots of cars out there which can still be useful for others and yet not going anywhere, and just stuck there gathering some rusts and dusts. It's probably time to get them moving by giving them to a charity. It's always good to give where blessings can get back to you as well.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Choosing The Best Bed For Your Sleep

While a high thread count had become the shorthand for high quality, did you know that there's much more to making your bed conducive to restorative sleep?

Consider the temperature...the best for sleep is about 68F.

Try choosing a duvet with a little loft for better air circulation.

Try a few pillows that can really support your neck and head so they don't feel overextended or crunched.

Choosing a mattress depends on the person's preference. If you like something soft, then you sleep better. Some people like sleeping with a thin mattress on the floor. Take note that using memory foam traps significant amount of heat. So, people who tend to get overheated at night should avoid those kinds of foams.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Pretty Baby Hats

Baby Hat is a popular fashionable icon your baby can have especially if he/she is still a newborn. In fact, many small babies already have hats on them when we see them in those tiny little cribs ;). What a cute sight to behold, isn't it? I won't wonder why parents love them in hats! Nowadays, you can buy those hats in extra fashionable and colorful designs.

Your Newborn Baby also needs extra, gentle touches and care. For first time moms, there are things to be learned when it comes to caring their tots in their first early days. So, it would be a smart idea to read valuable information about basic care such as giving them baths, learning the best food for them, and other ways of keeping an important bonding for you and your baby.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

There are various reasons for quitting, while your friends, family and health care providers can be supportive. But in order to be successful, you have to have your own motivation yourself.

By doing so, you get to lower your risk for heart attack, stroke, emphysema, cancer and other terminal illnesses.

You would feel better and have more energy to be able to focus on other important things, like your family or your job because you won't be focusing on when will be your next puff.

You will breathe easier and cough less.

You will be more physically healthy and active because you will be less short of breath and fatigued.

You will save money ;). You don't need to set aside some amount to buy your cigarette.

You will be protecting your family and friends from the dangers of second-hand smoke instead of exposing them.

For women who quit smoking, they will reduce their risk for fertility problems, premature birth and low birth-weight babies.

You would look better, smell better, have healthier teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath and cleaner clothes.

You won't have to worry about going to bars, restaurants or shops and not being able to smoke.

You would have better self-esteem because you will be a better role model for non-smokers and for others.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Experienced Estate Lawyers At Your Service!

As I am about to make this post, I was reminded of the recent loss of my husband's cousin who happened to be one of the closest to our family. His passing away was so sudden, and a week after the burial, my husband was so much occupied with all the death paper works and his will. It was like a "wake up call" on my part about having a will no matter how old you are, because death can be anywhere and might make us caught unprepared. That was the start how I know the importance of having a will while we are still alive.

Thank God that there are expert estate lawyers out there who are willing and always ready to extend their services to those who really need them. I believe, that through them would be a great help in having a peace of mind not only for you but to all the family members concerned when it's time for us to go.

There are various aspects to consider as well when it comes to estate law. No matter what aspect you are dealing with, there should always be lawyers that are experts at each and would be willing to assist you. That alone is a comfortable feeling to know that you are not alone in dealing with any of estate-related matters particularly if it deals with family estates.

Check the expert lawyers and you can readily get in touch with them online whenever you need them.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Be A Yo Yo Pro!

Playing a yo yo can be so amusing! I still recall during my childhood days when yo yo was very popular and I had one. I knew I didn't had the best one, but I found it so cool playing it. And at least I didn't knock somebody's head while playing it, lol!

By the way, have you tried the Dark Magic 2 yo yo? It's the thing used by a pro, and you can have it too! This kind is of quality kind, so it's worth your money when you buy one.

Choosing The Right Running Shoes

If you're a runner, finding a good pair of running shoes is essential for comfort and preventing injuries. Let's find the perfect fit for you throught the following tips:

It's always a smart idea to visit your specialty running store and ask expert evaluation to determine if your shoe needs more or less support. This is one first step in finding the right pair of shoes.

Try fitting your shoes later in the day for a better fit. It's because your feet expand after walking all day (the same thing while you're running).

Be open-minded about colors. Perhaps, the best one for you maybe the brightest one in the store.

Consider going up a half size. There should be a thumbnail's distance from your longest toe to the end of the shoe.

Try lacing your shoes using the last eyelet on each side to have a snugger fit around your heel, to avoid heel slippage.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Tire Express

If there is what they call "food express", when it comes to your motorcycle needs particularly if you talk about tires, there is also one which is called tire express! ;) You can check them out online through the given link in this post.

It is the ideal place for you to buy cheap motorcycle tires that can be delivered right at your own doorsteps fast. You can be sure that their products are the best deals in town because they update their prices more often.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unique Approach To Cosmetology Education

Are you planning to take cosmetology education for your career? Better yet check Regency Cosmetology Schools. One of the best thing you will benefit from the school is that you will get the chance to learn their comprehensive program, and experience the fully equipped facilities designed for upscale salons.

Many graduates from Regency Institute became successful in their own endeavors and so will you! You'll never know your future...one day you will be one of those graduate profiles who will be a shining star wherever the place may take you ;).

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Limo Services in Tampa

Heading of to Tampa, FL for a well deserved vacation? When it comes to luxurious car services going to your desired place, why not consider the ever reliable tampa limos?
This would be actually ideal to consider when celebrating your special occasion such as weddings, graduations parties, proms, cruises and even funerals. Whichever type of special occasion that fits your need, you will be guaranteed about your money's worth.

There might be a lot of limo services that are available everywhere, but be sure to consider how credible these company services are, don't you think? So, you should check it out!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Slimming Grains?

A study says that people who eat whole-grain sources such as brown rice, bread and certain breakfast cereals have less total and belly fat compared to those who skimp on fiber.
People who often eat more whole grains have trimmer waistlines, at least on average.

Other researches have also suggested that abdominal fat is a better predictor of chronic disease than body mass index particularly to older people.

Although soluble fiber from fruits and veggies and the mostly insoluble kind found in whole grains are both believed to be healthful, researchers found out that intake of whole-grain fiber was more closely associated with lower body fat.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Do You Have Glaucoma?

This disease threatens your vision if left untreated and unmanaged, which is caused by a build up of pressure in the eyeball.
But did you know that people with glaucoma are benefited with exercise and they are encouraged to exercise as well?

According to BMC Opthalmology, a study has found out that exercise could take some pressure off.
Glaucoma patients' eye pressures were checked before and after 10 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise and all groups experienced a drop in pressure after working out.

However, the study warned that people with pigmentary, congenital or juvenile glaucoma should exercise with caution.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Airtex In Tank Fuel Pump

If you are looking for an Airtex in tank electric fuel pump for your car, you can probably find one online with Auto Shepherd!

Better yet check about the In-Tank Fuel Pump Assembly-Module, including its full features and the entire product description to fully know how it can be a huge help for your car and can save you out from huge expenses of car repairs in the future.

It's probably time to give a little attention to your cars and check if they might be needing one.

Fat Blaster Tips

Want to boost your calorie-burn fast without too much effort? No problem, baby! Just try the following tips and you're good to go with a good body just merely by walking ;).

1. Pump your bent arms vigorously to help you go faster and burn more calories!

2. Take shorter yet faster steps which is the best way to boost your speed and thus you burn fast too! Make 100 walk steps, then recover for a minute. Then, count another 100 steps and try to shave 5 seconds off your time. Repeat this 12 times.

3. Try using Nordic poles by planting them firmly at a 45-degree angle behind you, then push back forcefully against the ground to propel yourself forward.

4. Set your goals by choosing and using markers such as stop signs, park bench, etc... and speed up until you reach them. Then slow down for the same distance.

5. Get to the ball of your foot, and push off as if wiping gum off your sole to make you calf, hamstring and glute muscles involved. The more muscles you use, the more calories you burn.

6. Stand with a straight spine and body aligned keeping your ears and shoulders aigned over your hips. When your body is properly aligned, your back and butt muscles are able to work more powerfully, making you walk faster and torch more calories.

7. Better skip killer hills. It's better to consider maintaining your speed on a moderate hill than to slow down substantially on a steeper one.

8. Wear a heart rate monitor which can help you give a push if you're slowing down too much, and also get you to ease up if you're pushing too hard.

9. Simple push ups and lunges get more of your muscles involved for major burn.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poly Bags Ties

Keeping a paper poly bag reusable can be earth-friendly. After all, it is also one way of helping our environment more green, with lesser pollution ;).
For instance, you can seal a poly bag with a paper a twist tie. This is made from long-life easy bending coil paper twist tie that can be reusable as well that is also considered durable and long lasting.

You can buy them in large quantities without sacrificing a huge cost of expenses. And don't forget that they come in various colors too. Cool stuff!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How To Stop That Cold Cycle At Home

Do you and your family feel like getting that cold after cold being passed around at home? You can follow these tips to end the insanity:

As soonas you feel better, dispose your toothbrushes and get a new one. Old ones can harbor germs and aid passing sickness from person to person. Store toothbrushes at least an inch apart with each other to prevent cross contamination.

Launder your sheets and towels with hot water once or twice a week. Don't "hug" them when picking them up on the way to the laundry room, and don't forget to wash your hands after handling them.
Provide one towel for each family member.

Use household disinfectant to sanitize common surfaces like fridge handles, car-door handles, counters, doorknobs, TV remotes, phones, computer workstations, etc... Wipe them down several times a day before each use.

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hobbies That Can Be Fun!

I have some friends that love collecting toy cars and those stuff they call "match box". Being that said, I can see it as a fun thing to do particularly if I see tons of collections properly arranged in their special cases in one place. I also observe that most of the collectors are men...lol! Of course they would say it's a man thingy! ;)

On the other hand, although I don't have any of my friends who collect model kits of model planes, there were casual people that I and my husband know who collects them.
If you are a collector of various model kits such as cars or planes for instance, then you'll know what I mean when you happen to click the link provided on this post.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Got Flu?

If you suddenly got fever, aches and/or dry cough, ask your doctor if you need to take antiviral medications. If given within 24-48 hours of your first flu symptoms, antivirals can help you get better faster. They can also help prevent flu if taken up to 48 hours after exposure.
Take note though, that a gradually developing stuffy nose, sore throat and/or cough usually means a plain old cold, in which antivirals won't help.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Choosing Your Signs & Banners

When it comes to your yard signs need, it must be of good quality with made with top quality materials and at the same time budget friendly.
Banner signs are one of the best methods of promoting your business services or company products obviously due to the fact that they are the most common way of attracting attentions to passersby.

And when it comes to choosing one, you need to be sure that the company you are buying from can be trustworthy, has prompt and fast service without compromising the quality of your order no matter how you want it to be made. Besides, it is always best to check tons of designs and yet you can still customized them based on how you want them to be.

Activities That May Trigger Up A Cyber Crime

The world wide web can be good or bad! It would be of no worries about the good benefits the internet is giving us, but with a few clicks of a mouse in the wrong pattern can be harmful!

Here are warning signs (steps) you should be aware of to avoid victims of ID theft or any cyber crimes done by hackers:

1. You snap a photo of your dog playing in your backyard using your GPS enabled phone.

2. Your GPS enabled phone will turn on its GPS receiver and determines your location from the signals of orbiting GPS satellites.

3. The latitude and longitude coordinates or geotags will be embedded into the image file.

4. You post your photo to your Twitter account using Twitpic, and the embedded geotag remains intact.

5. A hacker swipes your location coordinates using the twitpic photo with geotag data.

6. The hacker plugs the latitude and longitude into a web program or google maps to locate your address.

7. The next time you tweet about going on a weeklong vacation, the hacker who now knows your address breaks into your home.

8. Your valuables say "goodbye"!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Award Winning Flowers Online

As I have been saying it in my previous posts, there is one big difference when you order your flowers online than by regularly visiting or calling a flower shop that you see close by.
You can get all to browse and choose the floral arrangements you want, and the fact that you get pretty flowers, you get free shipping too! That means, you save as well ;).
If you buy serenata flowers on line, you will see what I mean.
But of course, there are a lot of floral shops online too which can be a tough task to choose when it comes to efficient service, and the quality of flowers being sold. So why spend time searching when serenata flowers can be the ideal place to get your flowers as you need them?
I can say thank God for people who love gardening! They are heaven sent angels who help enhance the beauty of nature so to speak. I love flowers, and if only I got that "green thumb" I could be one of those garden enthusiasts out there that devote their time in the gardens ;).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caffeine Perk

If you feel your head starts to hurt and pounding, you can reach for a pill or just pour yourself a cup of coffee which can help fight headaches by increasing dopamine, - a chemical that causes pleasurable sensations that counteract the pain.
According to Dr. Kaniecki, Director of the Headache Center at the University of Pittsburgh, caffeine also constricts swollen blood vessels in the brain associated with certain types of headaches such as migraine.
To benefit this, limit your usual intake of one strong cup of coffee per day; when a headache kicks in, a 2nd cup should make you feel better.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Log Furnitures For Your Home

Are you still looking for simple yet durable and can last longer furniture that you can either place on your outside porch or indoor? Those log furniture rustic tables might be the one you are looking for. They are actually ideal for outdoor purposes, but you can also choose your favorite designs that can be ideal for you indoors. If prefer custom designed pieces, try checking it at logfurnitureplace.com for any design that you prefer. There are a lot of other furniture designs you can choose as well.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Most Common Dirtiest Things You'll Touch Today!

In this post, I will share the top 5 possible dirtiest things that you may be touching today. These may not be encountered by some, but I believe, the most will, don't you think?

Unwashed fruits and veggies which are being handled and squeezed by people before you go to the grocery store. Take note as well, that mists in the grocery store, which keeps fresh produce from wilting will provide a breeding ground for germs!
A good sanitary wash for your fruits and veggies would be a mix of 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar with a pint of water. Spritz mix on fruits and veggies, then let it soak in a few minutes and rinse it off.

Soap Dispenser. True, that dispenser has an antibacterial soap in it which can help you protect from the dirtiest parts of the restroom, - the door, toilet handle and stall latch which can be possibly infected with fecal matter.
But watch out for that soap button of the soap dispenser! It may just be the germiest thing you can touch too. So, don't skip a full 20-second hand wash afterward (sing Happy Birthday twice). Then use a paper towel to open the door on your way out.

Elevator buttons. It has been touched by people with cough, colds, or any other ones with infected hands. Use your knuckle a tissue or your sleeve to push the button instead. Then use antibacterial gel (at least a full teaspoon amount) or wash your hands before touching your face or eating lunch.

ATM keyboards. Use your nondominant hand when using touch pads...you will less likely to absentmindedly touch your face with it. But always be sure to clean your hands as soon as you can.

Microwave Touch Pads at the office. Shared microwave gets overlooked which can end up encrusted and dirty. Washing it with soap and water aren't enough, so wash it with bleach to remove all the food particle-based germs and body oils.

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