Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Winter Blues, Anyone?

A few more months and winter comes. For me, I think it is always good to know that I will always love summer ;). Well, in some ways, I like winter too! But as far as I know I don't think I do experience "winter blues" to that effect. I might hate the freezing temperatures but not to the point where I get so depressed.

It sometimes surprises me that many do have winter depressions during this season. But it was so nice I was able to read some thing regarding this topic that might be helpful to some who have trouble dealing with winter blues.

So, why do so many people experience winter blues anyway? According to psychiatrist John Sharp, an author of a book, melatonin, the sleepiness hormone goes up as the temperatures go colder and where there is lesser sunlight, as well as our sex-drive hormones and seratonin levels go down. The effect would be lethargy and depression.

It may be helpful to take a vacation in a ski lodge where most are enjoying winter. If you prefer to stay at home, try sitting around a roaring fire or calling friends over at home for a cozy dinner. More importantly, get plenty of sunlight by taking even a short walk outside daily which can help boost your immune system. You can also take supplements of vitamin D which we usually get from the sun can help as well.