Sunday, March 31, 2013

Free Movie Downloader For Android?

As usual, I am still having a hard time working on my S Galaxy Tab 2, this time finding some good apps to watch free downloaded movies which I can use to watch even when I am off line. With hundreds and even thousands of apps out on the Google play store, I haven't even found any good ones yet.

Recently, I was able to get one from the play store called BitTorrent app. I usually read reviews as well as check on the download frequencies before I install certain apps on my tablets. It had a lot of positive reviews on it, and has more than 5 million downloads, so I thought of giving it a try.

After the installation, I followed all the instructions for the movie downloads, and luckily it was working. There are some things I noticed during the downloads though. First, the downloads are not that smooth, and get stuck at the it just stops. It is slow. I have to wait overnight or some hours before download is done. So, while waiting for the download, I shifted on to my PC to work online. It was weird, but my wireless internet on my PC keeps stopping and slows down. I checked my router and it was okay. I checked my ipads and my iphone, they were reacting like my PC. (they are all wireless).

Then, I have learned that the BitTorrent app was actually messing up my wireless signals. So, I said this is not good. I already was able to download 5 movies before I was able to figure out about the messing up issues. So, I immediately uninstalled the application! My wireless signals went back to normal.

I checked the downloaded movies, and 1-2 of the movies were like pirated movies. It was just like recorded on the movie theater. It was then that I have also learned that the application doesn't filter the movie links that you can get. So that when you attempt to install BitTorrent on your Android tablet, you have to make sure you have an antivirus software installed on it. This application is highly at risk of putting a malware on your tablet if you are not careful about the movie links.

So to make the long story short(er), I didn't find any movie downloader that comes out clean and secure for my S Galaxy. As of now, I have decided to keep apps that are for movie mainstreaming purposes. The good side is that they have the apps called "Crackle" and "Viewster" where I can watch free movie anytime. Both Android and Apple got these apps so I installed them on both of my tablets (Android and Apple). The only downside for these apps is that I can't watch movies while off line. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Amazing Professional Photographers

I always strive to be a good photographer at times, but of course, obviously I could never be as good as a professional photographer. Some friends of mine are really good at it, even though they haven't had any formal schooling. It makes me think that you don't need to go for a formal photography school in order to be considered professional. There are some people who are gifted with that special eye of an art when it comes to photography,I believe.

If you are based in North Carolina, and you're looking for professional photographers for your future special occasions, it would just be a breeze looking for photographers in raleigh nc. By the way, they do good when it comes to wedding photo shoots! I saw their works, and they are so cool. The uniqueness is extremely obvious, so you might just want to check them out.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Be Boastful!...(Without Bragging)

Who doesn't want praises? Many of us love to receive praises from others. When it comes to business etiquette   you would probably wonder why there are only a few who stands apart from other job seekers. It's probably because they know where do they put themselves in an ethical manner while at the same time, they can be aggressively keeping a boast of themselves to their employers without appearing to be bragging.

For instance, if you are on a job hunting mode, always find out what your prospective employer is interested at before you start handling your resume' out.

Instead of talking all your way about the litany of your accomplishments, just simply say; "I'm quite happy; I got my dream job!". It can serve as a positive buzz fro many without boring everyone.

No one has the time to read lengthy lists of your accomplishments. so be sure to have emails and letters that are brief and concise. One important thing to consider when it comes to posting your status or comments on a social networking sites like Facebook!; - Never announce a raise or survival of layoffs, your status update! Also, don't try to one-up people with your comments or links.

Speaking up in meetings or spending a regular business time with your superior to give your achievement updates or accomplishments is a good way to remain visible.
Cc'ing through emails about your progress will also get you noticed. Just be sure you won't be overdoing it such as avoiding cc's on every little things. In this case, don't include the boss of your boss :).

Never do name-dropping no matter how tempting. It's a serious misdemeanor!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Better Check Your Doors...and Knobs Too! ;)

It is funny, and you won't probably believe this, but it's true. One of my bathroom doors in our house in the Philippines was installed slightly crooked! How I wish I had taken some photos of it while I was there. It was also an ordinary door knob that are of lower quality. I hate to say this, but this is what you get when you choose to get a house in a mass housing community in the Philippines. The fact is, we ended up buying and replacing house parts that have better qualities. We paid up more on them, but they are all worth it.

Next project would be buying door knobs for that bathroom door upstairs! It would be another thing worth looking up to for our next vacation. I see many designs and styles. It's another challenge playing "mix and match". ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ipad Mini vs. Galaxy Tab. 2 - Review (Part 2)

This would be my second batch of review regarding the mentioned gadgets that I both have of course! ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a blue tooth wireless keyboard  and a 32GB SanDisk flash memory card for the Galaxy 2  from Amazon. The keyboard costed to 31 bucks (way much cheaper than my Ipad's blue tooth keyboard) and the memory card costed $20.49.

This is how the keyboard looks.

The keyboard has a leather protective stand case bag cover, and the window-shaped styro is the sleeve pocket where you put the tablet. I can't complain on the casing because it's a real leather, but it obviously bulky when you want to carry it with you in a tiny purse.

Now the keyboard....
It is made of rubber that whenever you press the keys feel like you are pressing a rubber filled with air! The keys are way too small as well, that a single fingertip can press 3 keys which takes me a while to type some short paragraphs because I end up re typing errors.

Photo Comparison of Galaxy 2 and iPad 2:

Galaxy 2 wireless blue tooth keyboard
iPad 2 wireless blue tooth keyboard

The ipad keyboard costed like double the price of Galaxy. But quality wise, ipad 2 KB is way much better. The ipad keyboard acts as a cover case as well, and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for enhanced protection and is sleek and slim. By the way, the iPad 2 is bigger in size than Galaxy Tab 2 of course, and the size is more or less the same with iPad mini. But the wireless keyboards of both the ipad 2 and mini are made of the same materials and quality. ;)
iPad 2 cover case and wireless blue tooth keyboard in 1.

I also bought a protective case cover for the Galaxy Tab in the Philippines, and I wouldn't quite be surprised that it was exactly copied from that of an ipad mini cover case!

Protective case for Galaxy Tab 2 (it's bulky).
I have one for my ipad mini which is colored red and exactly the same with that above. But I haven't taken a photo on that for the mini because my husband liked the iPad mini a lot, and so he decided to adopt it and made it as his!

(part 3 will be continued on the next post!)