Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hot Deals For Your DJ Gears

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Wireless Headphone For My Samsung TV

So, few months ago, I upgraded my old RCA (TruFlat) TV to a 32-inches LED TV 4003 in our bedroom. It was a great one; - the color, picture and sound quality, etc.

Then, a week ater that, I bought a wireless headphone thinking I could use it with the new TV so it wouldn't disturb my husband while he sleeps. It is actually a nice headphone with some special features, only to discover it later that the model of the TV wasn't equipped with a wireless headphone function. I checked all the ports and holes at the back of the TV, then checked the headphone instructions severla times...Nada! The headphone didn't really work!

I asked a Samsung representative online about the situation and he told me that the model of my TV isn't equipped for a wireless headphone function. Bad news, indeed!
I told hubby, and he bought a new one (TV), this time we had to be sure that it is equipped with wireless headphone function.

The first night that I used my headphone was arguments! And the hubby had the best sleep ever. LOL!