Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to Know if You Need To See Your Dermatologist ASAP!

Few skin issues that may warrant immediate attention would be blistering or painful rashes; rapidly changing or bleeding moles; and painful or spreading red swollen areas that feel warm. If any of these are accompanied by a fever and you couldn't get a derm appointment immediately, see your primary doctor.
If you need a mole checked or you have a rash that lasts more than 5 days, get the next available appointment.
As for those other hair, skin and nail issues, like flaky scalp to toenail fungus, call and see your dermatologist when you get the chance.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big Sales From Jimmy Jazz

Hey guys! Just want to share about Jimmy Jazz Clothing's liquidation sale online! This sale is for all women's, mens, girls and boys' clothings. No exemptions, lol!

Here's a good one for dereon products lovers and fans out there! You'll gonna love the super affordable offered prices for the stylish and colorful purses for as low as 15 bucks!
Same thing with ladie's clothings. Check them out and you'll gonna love the colorful and trendy tops, dresses, jeans and jackets...oh, lala!

Don't be a Burping Machine

Are you wondering why you seem to burp a lot everytime you eat? Burping is a normal reaction when it's not much. But if you burp like crazy after eating, here's you need to take note and avoid.

You might be eating too fast, so slow down! Eating too fast can lead to burping because you swallow excess air as you chow down. To ease the problem, schedule more time for your meals and eat at more leisurely pace, concentrating on chewing slowly. This way, you cut down the amount of gas in your stomach and may even eat less.
Other burp inducers you should avoid as well are: talking while chewing, drinking soda, chewing gum, or using a straw.

If the burping persists even after you've changed your habits and slowed down, if you develop burning sensation in your chest and throat or if you notice that certain foods cause pain in your stomach, you may have an ulcer or acid reflux. Check with your doctor.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Logo Design Companies Online

Good news for logo designers! If you have great talent about logo designing, here's a better chance for you to get recognized and get paid as well! ;).

Some logo design companies such as Logo Works has gone a long way sharing its impressive designs. Now, it is one of those featured in the designer spotlight, and getting high favored reviews from Logos Rated as well.

Logos Rated also hires leading logo design firms to create logos for them, so this might be your chance to share what you've got, and work with them. Another good thing with it is that you also get the chance to check on other designers profiles and works so you can view and compare their creations.

Don't forget to check and visit Logo Design Pros as well.

What Coffee Can Do For You

For sure, coffee can always give you a kick, but check these other things that it can do further for you;

Odor Busters:
Unused coffee grounds can be used to freshen smelly fridges by sucking up stinky moisture to neutralize air, and they give off that great java scent as always.
Place a small bowl of grounds in the back of your fridge or freezer, or hang a cheesecloth pouch filled with it in the cabinet where you keep your garbage, then discard after a few months.

Brain Food:
A mug a day can help you stay sharp. According to a study, a daily dose of caffeine may block the disruptive effects of high cholesterol that scientists have linked to Alzheimer's disease.

Stress Buster:
Inhaling the scent of roasted coffee might help you fight stress. The coffee aroma triggers a relaxation response helping to ease stress.

Body refresher:
Coffee is an all-natural exfoliant. Try this rejuvenating skin smoother; Mix together 1 cup cooled used coffee grounds, 1/2 cup sugar (also a dry-skin reliever), 1/2 cup tbsp jojoba oil (which hydrates skin without leaving it greasy); then gently rub mixture all over your body in a circular motion, then rinse and pat dry.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Know The Healing Herbs

Did you know that the secret to great health might be just right into your spice rack? Many herbs and spices not only help add flavor to your food but also offer some benefits of healing. Here are some of them:
  • Basil - this has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients and a rich source of magnesium.
  • Cayenne - a spicy pepper believed to be a natural pain reliever and reduces cholesterol.
  • Dill - the oils from this herb may help neutralize carcinogens.
  • Cilantro - a good source of disease-fighting phytonutrients.
  • Coriander seeds - help control blood sugar, cholesterol and free radical production.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Being a victim of a personal injury at the hands of others is always a recurring nightmare. It's a life fallen at risk, and it's not as easy as how you think.
If you think you are one of those victims of a defective Depuy hip implant, contact your surgeon immediately, as well as a hip recall attorney.

Patients who have undergone with this type of case can possibly have the right to have their liability claims. And if you are Texas-based, you can easily get in touch with your Texas personal injury lawyer the soonest and talk about your case to be evaluated.
Consultation is free, so don't forget to call them at 877-494-9949.
You can also conveniently check online for your free case evaluation if you prefer.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Avoid and Protect Yourself From Sneaky Germs

The best way is to wash your hands for about 20 seconds with soap and water every time you cook, use the bathroom, blow your nose, handle garbage or touch a public surface. Clean your house and other hot spots with a disinfecting solution (1 part bleach to 20 parts water) or with antibacterial products with 5% bleach or the one that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Avoid putting your purse on the bathroom floors as it may catch E.coli in spray or droplets following a flush. hang it in stall and clean it inside and out weekly with a disinfecting spray or wipe.

Jeans Pockets:
Bacteria that causes infections from things you've touched can get into your pockets. Turn your pockets out when washing them in superhot water (160% kills germs).

Cell Phones:
Your mobile phone can carry potentially dangerous germs which includes methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Try fast-drying wireless wipes.

If you wear rings, wash your hands more often. Also, gently clean your rings once a week with a mild bleach solution then rinse well to prevent damage.

Credit Cards:
Some sick cashiers can pass along germs on your credit cards like the flu virus when they hold your credit cars. if possible, swipe it yourself and clean them gently once a week with a bleach-based disinfecting cleaner.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Live Healthy

Who doesn't want to live a healthy lifestyle? If you wanna be healthy, why not try considering Herbalife?
The fact that many illnesses are going rampant these days, we need to equip and protect ourselves from getting sick by boosting our stamina and immune system, and having a regular intake of nutritional supplement. After all, a popular quote that says "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" is really true especially nowadays.

Herbal Nutrition is still the best thing to consider as a nutritional supplement which is all natural. You can be a regular user of these products, and at the same time be an Herbalife Distributor as well, which means a business opportunity for you too. Link

If you're interested and thinking of keeping a good investment and steady income, check the site and find your nearest independent distributors, or you might just opt to join the group online by just clicking the given links in this post ;).
Good thing is, they are going international, too.

The Secrets To Getting a Flat-Belly

Avoid beer as this can sport higher waist-to-hip ratios than wine drinkers do.

A blueberry-rich diet may also stave off belly fat. You can add them to your cereal, yogurt or salad to get an extra fat-fighting boost.

Dieters who take 30 ml supplement of coconut oil daily aside from dieting and exercising carved more inches from their waistlines than did women who dieted and exercised but took soybean oil instead. Just choose virgin or unprocessed, form of coconut oil.

Increasing the speed of your crunches while still maintaining good form activates more muscles in your trunk than doing more leisurely reps.

Eat at least 2 eggs with breakfast instead of bagel. Limit it to 6 or fewer per week.

According to a study, depression is linked to deep-belly fat. Make time to do what you enjoy, and talk to your doctor if you're feeling down.

Add whole grains to your intake like brown rice and oatmeal instead of refined grains like white bread.

Lift weights. Doing it at least twice a week for 2 years can make you lose fat belly.

Quit smoking. Smokers sport more deep-abdominal fat than non-smokers.

Make time for cardio. Those who get regular cardio exercise had less ab pudge than those at the same weight who are sedentary.

Do the bicycle crunch - touching your left elbow to your right knee, and vice versa, while crunching up-gives your stomach muscles more than twice the challenge of a traditional crunch.

Do an hour yoga which can lower cortisol level. Cortisol is a stress hormone that contributes to having larger waistlines.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Does Your Diet Pill Actually Work?

Hey guys, wondering if the diet pills you're using actually work? Probably, for many, they can easily tell the answer particularly if they are already using it for a longer period of time. But if you are one of those who is about to start chooJustify Fullsing diet pills that work, here is one site worth recommending for your guide. By basing on the given criteria you will be able to find the best natural diet pills that actually work, specifically for you!

Call Grapes Your Medicine

There has been great news about grapes. Did you know that this fruit can fight colds, whiten your teeth and even smooth out your wrinkles?

For colds:
Grape juice is the best. Or try a smoothie: Blend 1/2 cup each grape juice, low-fat vanilla, yogurt, strawberries and banana.

For smoothing wrinkles:
Smooth a little grapeseed oil (sold at health stores) onto a crease-prone area before going to bed. This is rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids that can help keep skin younger looking.

As Teeth Whitener:
The malic acid in grapes naturally breaks down stains and discolorations on teeth. Try snacking on grapes that are just ripe, because the acid declines as the fruit ripens.

Nano Vapor Reviews

Have you heard about nano vapor? It is one of those nitric acid supplement that is commonly used by body builders. I am not familiar with this supplement but if you happened to use it, there's one site where you can further read all about reviews and ratings regarding this supplement. The link is where you can read all kinds of supplemental reviews from customers and users and even the experts.

What's Orthorexia?

Pronounced as or-tho-rex-ee-uh, orthorexia is an eating disorder marked by an obsession with healthy food which is usually seen in people more than 30 years of age, and women are more likely to have it. Some common symptoms are sticking to a stringent regimen, - vegan or raw food diet - as well as nervously avoiding foods with artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

According to Elizabeth Lombardo, a psychologist from Pittsburgh, compulsive healthy eating can lead to physical problems like chronic hunger because people with orthorexia regardless of how hungry they are, refuse to eat anything "unhealthy."

You need to know that there's a difference between a healthy diet and an unhealthy fixation on a healthy diet. Warning signs of orthorexia are: being overly concerned with how food is prepared, making a never-ending list of foods you won't eat, and focusing on the healthfulness of food instead of how it tastes.

Good news is that a treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy works really well wherein people can be helped replace the thoughts that lead to this rigid behavior with healthier alternatives. That can also stop an orthorexic pattern from cascading into anorexia.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love Adventure Games!

Although I mostly play adventure games on my Ipad, I also had downloaded a few of hidden object games on my PC as well. I enjoy playing this type of game where you have to search and find things from the list as you go on to the next level.

I prefer those games that has a "story", - like a mixture of hidden object games and puzzles or something like a thing that makes you think and use some stuff you find from the list to solve a mystery.

There are tons from Gamehouse, and I didn't realize that. So, I bookmarked the site already :). The games are pretty much classified according to their category, but I usually prefer picking those hidden object games under the genres menu. It's because as I have observed, most of this type of game includes adventure games which is really my favorite.

Oh boy! Tons of them. For the meantime, I still enjoy free games, and those that I really like are the ones that I prefer buying online. The free games are actually a good idea, for a chance to test of how the story and the quality of the game go.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some Good News...

The Department of Homeland Security is developing a squid-inspired device which stops fugitive vehicles safely using sticky tentacles :).

Ecovative Design company has developed a styrofoam packaging replacement made of rice, wheat and hulls bound together by mushroom roots.

The Martin Aircraft Company will begin taking orders for personal jet packs this year. According to the company, the packs will sell for about the same price as a high-end auto-mobile. The technical specifications list a range of 31.5 miles and a hovering altitude of 8,000 feet.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get Off From Debts!

There are many people who are facing financial hardships today, and the fact that the economy went bad, it is fearsome to think that the number of them keeps increasing.

If you're one of them, don't procrastinate! Why not try considering a debt settlement? So far, this is considered to be the best approach to debt relief that are highly recommended for people who have big amounts of debt and those people who are about to go into bankruptcy.

Debt negotiation is the only solution you should consider taking. This is a vital step to get you off from increasing financial obligations and hardships that would lead to bankruptcy. I'm sure nobody in this world wants to go bankrupt.
Call today and get a free debt analysis! 1-800-665-9981 :).

Go Ahead, Take Your Time

Go ahead, and take five minutes to change your computer password. You use it thousands of times, so change it to something more inspiring. Spending a few minutes to choose a password can help you connect with who you are, where you're going and what you want most from life.

Take fifteen minutes to: Put pen to paper and make a sketch. You can also keep a sketch pad in the car and by your bed to use when you feel inspired. Drawing can actually help you tap your creativity and can make you relaxed.
If sketching brings you ugly memories, try making a list instead except for those not-to do's! You can try writing 10 things about you love about yourself, 15 favorite books, 20 places you love to visit, etc...

Take an hour to: Try a sculpt session, a yoga class or another physical activity you never did before. This gives you a chance to connect with yourself physically; it can also give you the quick adrenaline boost that comes with taking a little risk.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Send Those Germs Away!

According to a survey, 74% of us would simply rinse our hands with water without a soap.
You need to wash your hands with soap and warm water for 15-20 seconds to kill viruses and bacteria which should be important to do during flu season.
Carry a hand sanitizer that has at least 60% alcohol to use when soap isn't available.

Best Acne Treatments

There maybe tons of acne products that claim they are the best, but not all of these products work best to each person. That's why each person should be able to know what to choose which is really the "best among the best" for her or him, don't you think?
Many people are still hard up finding acne treatments that really work, and experiences from real users and customers are one best way to know which one is really the best. Read customers' reviews and you'll be able to find some help as well as some tips on which acne treatments is the real best :).

Payday Advances

With today's economy, life seems to be getting tougher as well, particularly if we can't just get both ends meet. Emergency can happen anytime, and what if we couldn't even have financial savings for it?
Thank goodness for a payday advance which is now more convenient to do online, to get your quick cash. If you are far from the internet, anything can still possible by phone ;). Online cash advances online such as this will surely help many people to save them for emergency purposes.

How To Prevent an Email Gaffe

The meaner and snarkier the email, the more likely you are to screw up. If you can't help yourself writing nasty messages, consider building in some protective measures.
Take note about the "reply all" button and the autofill function before sending your message. Fortunately, they can be turned off in many email programs. Another trick is; - when forwarding a message, always scroll down all the way to the bottom to make sure you aren't sharing something that could get you in trouble.

If you're tempted to fire off an angry or emotional message, compose it first on a word document format to reduce the chance of hitting the "send" button before you've really analyzed things through. If in a few hours or days that you still want to send the message, email it to yourself first. It might just surprise you to find out how sobering it is to read your message in email form.

Stay away from one-word replies which can be terribly deflating. Just think how you'd feel if you sent your boss a heartfelt, page long email detailing a project you're excited to work on and replied on you, "Sure". Don't do that to others!

Email can dull down every sentiment. For this reason, use an exclamation point even if you aren't usually the type. It kicks the tone up a notch. No need to go overboard with multiple exclamation points.

If it so happened you've sent someone an insulting email, apologize the right way by writing an email then follow the apology in person or at the very least, on the phone.
If it's a "reply all" situation, let her decide whether she wants to broadcast your apology to everyone. Sometimes, that just calls more attention to the situation, so leave it up to the injured party, - it's the least you can do.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Have you heard about PhillyAdwords? It's the same way when you think about Google adwords or pay per click, where you get to earn revenue in doing it. Phillyadwords is a qualified Google certified Partner Company, - a Google's adwords management company that offers search engine marketing, pay per click management with tried and true management, marketing and online advertising techniques.

Your site can be much better as you gain much readers and making them know you up closer through search retargeting. it's like reconnecting your audience or readers through active online retargeting advertising.

Since PhillyAdwords is an adwords management company, it does the work for many advertisers who don't have enough time to invest in learning adwords and management techniques. It specializes in the set up, construction and management of Google adwords advertising campaigns.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Choose Gifts For Workmates

Dealing with gifts exchanges during the holidays can be tough. You have to consider a lot of options, - like to whom should you give, how much money should you spend, etc...

If you work in a large department, don't give each one one gift. If you work closely with some close people, something small for each may be appropriate.

Try to avoid those obvious and personal items like mugs or photo frames regardless of whom you're buying for. Also, avoid gift certificates or perfumes which are considered too intimate.

If you know your co-worker and her likes or has hobbies, use that information. If you don't know her, choose something she can use at work like vintage pen or a stylish organizer. Other options can be a coffee-table book of photographs or a vintage edition of a favorite novel.

Money is not a good option to give as a holiday gift. An envelope of money suggests that a person may owe you something. A more specific gift card can be perfect like Barnes & Noble or Amazon. She can regift it easily if she wants which can be also useful during the holidays.

If giving a gift to your boss is a norm in your office, it's worth recommending to join in with co-workers on one nice gift. A good trick is to get something for her family instead such as tickets to a circus or the collector's edition of a board game.

Blackhead Problems?

I know it's so annoying having those blackheads on nose thingy, isn't it? But there's nothing to worry about because it is still possible to get help the fact that new breakthroughs are continously emerging and more treatment aids are being discovered.
If you happen to be checking the top rated acne aids out from consumer reviews and the experts, you won't regret choosing one that can treat your acne really effectively. Keep reading and you know what I mean ;).

Tips to Avoid From Digital Disaster

Learn to take care and save your friendship from digital disaster.

Watch your manners when you're hanging with your friends. Don't keep texting to other people, and try to focus on them instead of incoming texts.

Avoid making assumptions. If you're not sure what a text or instant message means, ask. Get more information before you react.

Before pointing all things that are annoying to you to your friends, take a step back and look at yourself. Try to reflect your own tech habits in your social circle and consider the example you set.

If you feel addicted to social networking sites, set limits and find other ways to spend your time. Try to read, exercise or hang out with your friends in real time.

When you see something that makes you feel icky, talk to your friend. Make sure you're communicating true feelings. Getting jealous doesn't help. Open up a dialogue saying that you're feeling hurt which is necessary to keep the friendship going.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Defending Yourself Online

Today, most personal data are flooded in the internet making people more vulnerable to online attackers and thieves. Initiate the move by taking the steps to protect yourself.

Avoid using discount cards which can let them track your every purchase. So pay cash for anything you want to keep private.

Encrypt your email. Avoid sending messages on an unsecured wi-fi network as this can become so open to everyone sitting around you on a public place. Use a free encryption tool like Komodo IDE or Thawte which encode messages so that they need a decrypting "key" to be read.

Mask your identity while searching online. You can try services like Ixquick or Proxify, an anonymous proxy-search web tool. These disconnect your PC's identifying machine number from the record of the search.

Choose passwords carefully. For maximum security, don't use a dictionary word, and mix numbers and symbols into the body of your password instead of tacking them on the hand.

High Quality Wine Racks

Where else should you be looking for wine glass racks online? Glass Stemware racks is an online store that carries all the top manufacturers of glass racks made of high quality materials and yet affordable.

Keep browsing and you get the chance to see the entire kinds of glass rack products, from cabinet installed racks to ceiling and wall installed glass racks and all kinds of table glass racks as well.
A hanging wine glass rack is an ideal thing to get if you're conserving space, so you get a lot of choice options here.

All wine glass racks for sale are mostly designed with the latest styles and materials, and have the lowest prices in the internet.
Of course, all products you want to get will all be shipped to you as quickly as possible :).

Monday, October 18, 2010

Self Defense Against Attackers

If an attacker is trying to get you into a car, fight back loudly with all your strength and courage, according to Hartman Gervasi, an author and a black belt self-defense expert trained in American karate.
Most attackers are looking for an easy victim. The more you fight back, the more likely that he'll give up and run away.

Carrying a pepper spray is a good idea because it can help you fight back without getting too close and you don't even have to touch the guy. But downside of it is if it's buried in your purse.
A good recommendation is; carry keys in one hand, and pepper spray on the other. Be sure your cell phone is in an easy-to-reach pocket.
If attacker comes to close or begins to attack, cock the pepper spray into the ready position, aim and spray the attacker in the face.

In fighting back, use whatever you have - purse, shoes, rings on your fingers, etc...
If you're kicking, go low and hard. Try making a shot to the groin that may cause pain, but it's hard to do and you may lose balance. Make a fist by wrapping your thumb around resting beneath the first and second knuckles; this creates a flat fist which can inflict more damage.

NOTE: no thumb sticking up or tucked under your fingers to avoid broken knuckles.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flop Turn River

Just look and check at this site yourself to find PokerStars Bonus Code that would surely make your game more entertaining and lots of fun.
PokerStars Bonus Code has 100% initial deposit up to $600 + $1,000 when you join monthly tournaments. SO, be sure you use that bonus code!
You can start your gaming career here at PokerStars and once you're signed up, you can also avail their exclusive PokerStars Marketing Code as well.
Play and have fun!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dealing With a Scary/Crazy Dog

According to Cesar Millan of the National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer, follow the three NO's rule; - NO talk, NO touch, NO eye contact.
If dog starts to look frantic, do the following:
  • Ignore the dog. The more boring you are, the less you feed the dog's anxiety and the less likely he is to attack.
  • Make yourself small. If the dog shows signs of aggression, - growls and bares teeth, has pinned down ears, a straight tail or raised hackles, - turn to your side so you appear smaller and less intimidating, then slowly inch away.
  • If dog attacks, put something between you and the dog. - Anything, like rolled up jacket, purse or any solid object creating a buffer in between. Try redirecting the dog's bite onto that item.
  • Cover dog's head with your coat. Toss any garment you have handy over the dog's head. It momentarily confuse the animal, and giving you chance to escape. This technique is considered much safer than using a pepper spray that may trigger dog's anxiety.
  • Curl into a ball on the ground as a last resort. By curling up with your face tucked into your chest and your hands covering the back of your neck, your body's most vulnerable parts is protected. Wait it out and the dog may lose interest.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thermogenic Fat Burners

For those who are still struggling for weight loss, are you almost losing hope? Well, there is always hope.
Have you tried thermogenic fat burners yet? If this is your first time hearing it, then, it should be quite interesting knowing more about it on how they work. But before buying it, be sure you have read the consumer reviews and views from the experts. It would always be worth it.

10 Reasons Why You SHould carry a Duct Tape! :)

Duct tape can:
  • fix a hem or a broken heel.
  • secure a wobbly rear view mirror or a broken side mirror.
  • be used as an emergency bra ;) or to secure a top that won't stay up.
  • muffle a squeaky shoe, or make slick soles less slippery.
  • serves as a makeshift sling.
  • patch a shopping bag that's about to break.
  • create a temporary car window or keep a bumper from falling off, if you've been in an accident.
  • rewrap shoe laces when they begin to fray.
  • double as an emergency bandage.
  • repair your sunglasses.
NOTE: Remove the stickiness by trying an adhesive remover like Goo Gone or WD-40.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Avoid Getting Lost

Do you consider yourself directionally impaired?
Thank goodness for GPS and the many technology gadgets we're having of today :).

Here are the secrets of not getting lost if you're: -

In the parking lot: - Take a photo of your car from your phone of where you parked, including as many identifying marks as possible, such as the number, a sign, a row marker, etc.

On the road: - Before hitting the road, take note of the route, - highway numbers, exit numbers and write it down on a Post-it-note then put it on your rear view mirror or dashboard where you can easily see it without taking your eyes off the road.

In the woods: -
  • Follow a river or ridge, so you don't walk in circles.
  • Eyeball landmarks; look at a funny tree or rock formation, and remember its shape in your head.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Safety For Babies

It is with so much importance to protect your home when you have smaller kids, and the best option is to install baby gates to places where high risks of accidents occur.
And when it comes to a safety baby gate, KidCo Gates are one of the best. They are made of high quality materials with award winning designs that meet all the safety regulations.
Make your mind at peace by ensuring your child safety either at home or office.
Check on all the child safety gates as well that are available and the best you can find in the market today.
Not only that. You can also check the various choices of pressure gates as well and wide variety of choices for pet gates which all come in affordable and reasonable prices.
The stairway gates are the most common types of safety products for both kids and pets and if you need extra wide baby gates for more space, there are lots of choices as well.
Check and visit for all the products to meet all your needs.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Medicare, Made Just For You

Disabled people have all the right to find the right health coverage, the reason why Allsup Medicare Advisor has been created.
For people who are still getting Medicare for the first time or are reconsidering their current Medicare plan, Allsup is one good provider for your financial and healthcare related services.
Take note though, that they are not a Medicare plan provider nor provide any health insurance. Just check the given link and visit the site for further information.

Emergency Survivals

Unexpected things happen anytime. If it happens to you, be prepared.
  • In a blizzard: During emergency cold-weather situation, the secret to staying warm is to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth. When you breathe through your mouth, you take in dry air which will chill and dehydrate you. Breathing through your nose takes the air through your mucuous-lined nasal passages which warm and humidifies the air before reaching your lungs.
  • In a hurricane: First things first; - EVACUATE when needed. If it's too late to evacuate, seek refuge in a windowless room on the upper floor. Although heavy wind and flying debris pose a high risk, the storm surge (the onshore rush of water caused by a hurricane's swirling winds) and flooding can be just as dangerous as wind, the reason why you want to be as high above the water level as possible and stay away from windows. If you're not close to the water, shgield yourself from the wind inside a room on the building's lowest floor.
  • In an earthquake: Drop, cover and hold!
    -Drop to the floor under a table or away from objects that can fall on you.
    -Cover your eyes with your arms and hold on. If you're on a bed when the earthquake strikes, stay put and cover your face with a pillow. If you're in a car, drive to a clearing, away from trees, overpasses, bridges, tall buildings and overhead wires.
  • In an electrical storm: If you're in an open area, stay away from trees or poles and get into a modified couch. Bend head forward, keep elbows tightly by sides, wrap arms around knees (don't let hands touch the ground), and raise heels slightly off the ground, so your full foot isn't on the ground.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reliable Credit Cards

Many people of today carry credit cards inside their wallets. Seldom that you see most people carry cash nowadays. It's due to the fact that credit cards are hassle free to use and a powerful convenient tool to settle financial transactions, from simple shopping to paying the bills.

Are you one of those who are still currently searching for a credit card that can suit your financial lifestyle? Well, the good news is that it is now much more easy to choose what's the best for you, as there are lots of credit cards that are properly categorized according to their types, features and rewards, so it is much easier to compare them as well.
One of the best way to choose is to check on the credit card reviews as well. As they would say, experience and feedbacks from real card holders are one of the best guiding tool in your choosing.

Honestly, I and my husband use chase credit cards, and we have it for more than 4 years now (Chase freedom). I pretty much can write a review about it now, but that would be a long story, lol! And yes, they are very reliable to us, equipped with very secure protection against theft and fraud :).
If you're interested about citi credit cards, there are several options you can choose from, - from fair credits to excellent credits. So, you still can choose the one that suits your wallet (financially).

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is There Life on Mars?

According to a group study in 2003, they saw the spectral signal of methane gas, - a sign of biological activity on earth in Mars.
In January, Mumma, Director of NASA's Goddard Center for Astrobiology has announced his results: "broad plumes of methane emanate from the planet's surface."
They tracked the methane, expecting to find the gas spread uniformly, - but they instead detected localized clouds that only appear at certain times, - once in 2003 and again in 2005, during the Martian northern summer and southern spring. They found plumes that exist only in warmer periods when methane is released along the water.
The variability of methane suggests that the gas may be spewed by an ongoing geologic process like volcanism, or possibly through the metabolic activity of microbes. If underground life is the source, methane might be released during the warmer months as the ice melts.
According to Novak, a physicist in New Rochelle, New York, if life existed on Mars, it would break down chemically and methane would be a product.
The search is still on. In 2011, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory will touch down to sniff out evidence for methane, other organics, and life.

Friday, October 8, 2010

All About Your Stainless Steel Needs

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overcoming Your Most Embarrassing Body Problems

Are you still treating nasty conditions such as dandruff and rank feet with your old fashioned powders, balms and shampoos? It's now time to upgrade! They work better and a lot less humiliating.
  • Foot odor: Use the right soap such as an antibacterial products like Dial or Phisoderm especially when you focus on the bacteria between your toes. Keep your feet as dry as possible by blasting your soles with a hair dryer on the cold setting before you apply powders or put on breathable socks.
  • Dandruff: Natural medicine practitioners suggest scarfing down garlic and oregano that has antifungal properties. Most doctors suggest lathering up 2x a week with a high-powered shampoo like Nizoral 1% which kills yeast directly.
  • Sweaty palms: Invest in the $140 Drionic. This device sends an electric current into your skin, shrivelling your sweat glands for close to 24 hours. More serious options include annual Botox injections and sympathectomy, a surgery which stops sweating by severing the nerve between your neck and your arms.
  • Bad breath: Using a saline nasal spray and sleeping with humidifier (especially during dry winter months) is worth recommending. Stock up on sugar-free yogurt and black tea; - studies find that both fight the sulfuric compounds that create the stank.

Free iTunes Gift Card

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things You Need to Know About Computer Hacking

Originally, the term "hacker" meant "one who makes furniture with an ax." It's probably because of the blunt nature of that approach, the word came to mean someone who takes pleasure in an unconventional solution to a technical obstacle.
It was in the late 1950's that computer hacking started when members of MIT's Tech Model Railroad Club became obsessed with electrical switching began preparing punch cards to control an IBM 704 mainframe.
A code that illuminates lights on the mainframe's console was one of the club's early programs, which made it look like a ball zipping from left to right, then vice versa with the flip of a switch.
Hacker "Cap'nCrunch" also known as John Draper used a toy whistle to match the 2,600 hertz tone used by AT&T's long distance switching system, which gave him access to call routing way back in the early 1970's.
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who are both Apple founders made and sold "blue boxes", - the electronic versions of Draper's whistle before they become rich.
Using a blue box, Wozniak crank-called the Pope's residence in Vatican City and pretended he was Henry Kissinger.
Hollywood movies in 1983 such as WarGames, was about a whiz kid who breaks into a Defense Department computer and hijacks a payphone by hot-wiring it with a soda can pull-ring at one point. This was when hacking came through Hollywood.
Six Milwaukee teens hacked Los Alamos National Lab in 1983 which develops nuclear weapons.
In 1988, a worm which was a self-replicating program was created by Robert T. Morris purportedly to evaluate internet security.
The worm created a multi million dollar havoc when it reproduced too well, that led to Morris' felony conviction, one of the first under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
The 97 US Navy, Army, Pentagon and NASA computers were hacked by a British, - Gary McKinnon in 2001-2002. His defense; - he wasn't hunting military secrets; he was only seeking suppressed government files about space aliens.
According to a rumore, agents of China's People's Liberation Army attempted to hack the US power grid, triggering the great North American blackout of 2003.
Scott Lunsford, an IBM researcher took just one day to penetrate the network of a nuclear power station.
When West Point holds its annual cyberwar games, the troops wear full fatigues while fighting an enemy online; - concept was still unclear.
Charlie Miller, a security researcher, used a flaw in Safari to break into Mcbook in as short as 10 seconds. So, if you think your Mac is hackproof, think again!
Tadayoshi Kohno from University of Washington recently hacked into a wireless defibrillator, causing it to deliver fatal strength jolts of electricity.
And the greatest kludge of all...Roger Angel from University of Arizona has proposed building a giant sunscreen in space to hack the planet's climate!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gold Coins & Bullion For Investment

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Colon Cleanser That Works!

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fixing a Flat Tire

Don't always depend calling AAA or another service when you get a flat tire. But smart women still need to know how to change a tire, just in case. Here's how:
  1. Get off the road, put car in park, set the parking brake, put your hazard lights on, and turn off the car. Gather a jack, lug wrench or tire iron, spare tire and your owner's manual. Put reflective triangles about 5 car lengths behind you to give other drivers plenty of notice. Wedge two pieces of wood beneath the wheel that's positioned diagonal to your flat tire.
  2. Pop off the hubcap with the flat end of your lug wrench to reveal the lug nuts that hold the tire on. (Some nuts have plastic covers that you remove by hand). Place lug wrench on a nut with the handle facing to the left, and then stand on the wrench handle. Loosen nut a few more turns but don't remove it yet. Do it with each of the lug nuts.
  3. Position the jack where the manual instructs (some have slots by each tire,) and expand it until tire is just off the ground.
  4. Remove the lug nuts by hand and put them in your purse or pocket, where they won't get lost. Slide the flat tire off.
  5. Line up the spare with the lugs and slide the tire on. Screw the lug nuts on loosely by hand - don't apply too much pressure, which could rock your car enough to make it slip off the jack. Lower the jack until the car is resting on the ground.
  6. Tighten each lug nut with the lug wrench, handle facing toward the right this time. Step on the wrench and continue to tighten until the nut doesn't move. Tighten the remaining lug nuts in the following order:
  • the 2nd lug nut should be the one diagonally across from the first; then tighten the nut that is diagonally across from that one and so on.
  • Tighten all the lug nuts as much as possible. You can now drive using your spare (check your owner's manual for maximum speed and distance your spare is good for.)
  • Replace your flat tire and spare as soon as possible.