Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Avoid Getting Lost

Do you consider yourself directionally impaired?
Thank goodness for GPS and the many technology gadgets we're having of today :).

Here are the secrets of not getting lost if you're: -

In the parking lot: - Take a photo of your car from your phone of where you parked, including as many identifying marks as possible, such as the number, a sign, a row marker, etc.

On the road: - Before hitting the road, take note of the route, - highway numbers, exit numbers and write it down on a Post-it-note then put it on your rear view mirror or dashboard where you can easily see it without taking your eyes off the road.

In the woods: -
  • Follow a river or ridge, so you don't walk in circles.
  • Eyeball landmarks; look at a funny tree or rock formation, and remember its shape in your head.