Monday, October 18, 2010

Self Defense Against Attackers

If an attacker is trying to get you into a car, fight back loudly with all your strength and courage, according to Hartman Gervasi, an author and a black belt self-defense expert trained in American karate.
Most attackers are looking for an easy victim. The more you fight back, the more likely that he'll give up and run away.

Carrying a pepper spray is a good idea because it can help you fight back without getting too close and you don't even have to touch the guy. But downside of it is if it's buried in your purse.
A good recommendation is; carry keys in one hand, and pepper spray on the other. Be sure your cell phone is in an easy-to-reach pocket.
If attacker comes to close or begins to attack, cock the pepper spray into the ready position, aim and spray the attacker in the face.

In fighting back, use whatever you have - purse, shoes, rings on your fingers, etc...
If you're kicking, go low and hard. Try making a shot to the groin that may cause pain, but it's hard to do and you may lose balance. Make a fist by wrapping your thumb around resting beneath the first and second knuckles; this creates a flat fist which can inflict more damage.

NOTE: no thumb sticking up or tucked under your fingers to avoid broken knuckles.