Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Defending Yourself Online

Today, most personal data are flooded in the internet making people more vulnerable to online attackers and thieves. Initiate the move by taking the steps to protect yourself.

Avoid using discount cards which can let them track your every purchase. So pay cash for anything you want to keep private.

Encrypt your email. Avoid sending messages on an unsecured wi-fi network as this can become so open to everyone sitting around you on a public place. Use a free encryption tool like Komodo IDE or Thawte which encode messages so that they need a decrypting "key" to be read.

Mask your identity while searching online. You can try services like Ixquick or Proxify, an anonymous proxy-search web tool. These disconnect your PC's identifying machine number from the record of the search.

Choose passwords carefully. For maximum security, don't use a dictionary word, and mix numbers and symbols into the body of your password instead of tacking them on the hand.