Monday, October 11, 2010

Emergency Survivals

Unexpected things happen anytime. If it happens to you, be prepared.
  • In a blizzard: During emergency cold-weather situation, the secret to staying warm is to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth. When you breathe through your mouth, you take in dry air which will chill and dehydrate you. Breathing through your nose takes the air through your mucuous-lined nasal passages which warm and humidifies the air before reaching your lungs.
  • In a hurricane: First things first; - EVACUATE when needed. If it's too late to evacuate, seek refuge in a windowless room on the upper floor. Although heavy wind and flying debris pose a high risk, the storm surge (the onshore rush of water caused by a hurricane's swirling winds) and flooding can be just as dangerous as wind, the reason why you want to be as high above the water level as possible and stay away from windows. If you're not close to the water, shgield yourself from the wind inside a room on the building's lowest floor.
  • In an earthquake: Drop, cover and hold!
    -Drop to the floor under a table or away from objects that can fall on you.
    -Cover your eyes with your arms and hold on. If you're on a bed when the earthquake strikes, stay put and cover your face with a pillow. If you're in a car, drive to a clearing, away from trees, overpasses, bridges, tall buildings and overhead wires.
  • In an electrical storm: If you're in an open area, stay away from trees or poles and get into a modified couch. Bend head forward, keep elbows tightly by sides, wrap arms around knees (don't let hands touch the ground), and raise heels slightly off the ground, so your full foot isn't on the ground.