Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love Adventure Games!

Although I mostly play adventure games on my Ipad, I also had downloaded a few of hidden object games on my PC as well. I enjoy playing this type of game where you have to search and find things from the list as you go on to the next level.

I prefer those games that has a "story", - like a mixture of hidden object games and puzzles or something like a thing that makes you think and use some stuff you find from the list to solve a mystery.

There are tons from Gamehouse, and I didn't realize that. So, I bookmarked the site already :). The games are pretty much classified according to their category, but I usually prefer picking those hidden object games under the genres menu. It's because as I have observed, most of this type of game includes adventure games which is really my favorite.

Oh boy! Tons of them. For the meantime, I still enjoy free games, and those that I really like are the ones that I prefer buying online. The free games are actually a good idea, for a chance to test of how the story and the quality of the game go.