Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Choose Gifts For Workmates

Dealing with gifts exchanges during the holidays can be tough. You have to consider a lot of options, - like to whom should you give, how much money should you spend, etc...

If you work in a large department, don't give each one one gift. If you work closely with some close people, something small for each may be appropriate.

Try to avoid those obvious and personal items like mugs or photo frames regardless of whom you're buying for. Also, avoid gift certificates or perfumes which are considered too intimate.

If you know your co-worker and her likes or has hobbies, use that information. If you don't know her, choose something she can use at work like vintage pen or a stylish organizer. Other options can be a coffee-table book of photographs or a vintage edition of a favorite novel.

Money is not a good option to give as a holiday gift. An envelope of money suggests that a person may owe you something. A more specific gift card can be perfect like Barnes & Noble or Amazon. She can regift it easily if she wants which can be also useful during the holidays.

If giving a gift to your boss is a norm in your office, it's worth recommending to join in with co-workers on one nice gift. A good trick is to get something for her family instead such as tickets to a circus or the collector's edition of a board game.