Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dealing With a Scary/Crazy Dog

According to Cesar Millan of the National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer, follow the three NO's rule; - NO talk, NO touch, NO eye contact.
If dog starts to look frantic, do the following:
  • Ignore the dog. The more boring you are, the less you feed the dog's anxiety and the less likely he is to attack.
  • Make yourself small. If the dog shows signs of aggression, - growls and bares teeth, has pinned down ears, a straight tail or raised hackles, - turn to your side so you appear smaller and less intimidating, then slowly inch away.
  • If dog attacks, put something between you and the dog. - Anything, like rolled up jacket, purse or any solid object creating a buffer in between. Try redirecting the dog's bite onto that item.
  • Cover dog's head with your coat. Toss any garment you have handy over the dog's head. It momentarily confuse the animal, and giving you chance to escape. This technique is considered much safer than using a pepper spray that may trigger dog's anxiety.
  • Curl into a ball on the ground as a last resort. By curling up with your face tucked into your chest and your hands covering the back of your neck, your body's most vulnerable parts is protected. Wait it out and the dog may lose interest.