Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tips to Avoid From Digital Disaster

Learn to take care and save your friendship from digital disaster.

Watch your manners when you're hanging with your friends. Don't keep texting to other people, and try to focus on them instead of incoming texts.

Avoid making assumptions. If you're not sure what a text or instant message means, ask. Get more information before you react.

Before pointing all things that are annoying to you to your friends, take a step back and look at yourself. Try to reflect your own tech habits in your social circle and consider the example you set.

If you feel addicted to social networking sites, set limits and find other ways to spend your time. Try to read, exercise or hang out with your friends in real time.

When you see something that makes you feel icky, talk to your friend. Make sure you're communicating true feelings. Getting jealous doesn't help. Open up a dialogue saying that you're feeling hurt which is necessary to keep the friendship going.