Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hobbies That Can Be Fun!

I have some friends that love collecting toy cars and those stuff they call "match box". Being that said, I can see it as a fun thing to do particularly if I see tons of collections properly arranged in their special cases in one place. I also observe that most of the collectors are! Of course they would say it's a man thingy! ;)

On the other hand, although I don't have any of my friends who collect model kits of model planes, there were casual people that I and my husband know who collects them.
If you are a collector of various model kits such as cars or planes for instance, then you'll know what I mean when you happen to click the link provided on this post.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Got Flu?

If you suddenly got fever, aches and/or dry cough, ask your doctor if you need to take antiviral medications. If given within 24-48 hours of your first flu symptoms, antivirals can help you get better faster. They can also help prevent flu if taken up to 48 hours after exposure.
Take note though, that a gradually developing stuffy nose, sore throat and/or cough usually means a plain old cold, in which antivirals won't help.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Choosing Your Signs & Banners

When it comes to your yard signs need, it must be of good quality with made with top quality materials and at the same time budget friendly.
Banner signs are one of the best methods of promoting your business services or company products obviously due to the fact that they are the most common way of attracting attentions to passersby.

And when it comes to choosing one, you need to be sure that the company you are buying from can be trustworthy, has prompt and fast service without compromising the quality of your order no matter how you want it to be made. Besides, it is always best to check tons of designs and yet you can still customized them based on how you want them to be.

Activities That May Trigger Up A Cyber Crime

The world wide web can be good or bad! It would be of no worries about the good benefits the internet is giving us, but with a few clicks of a mouse in the wrong pattern can be harmful!

Here are warning signs (steps) you should be aware of to avoid victims of ID theft or any cyber crimes done by hackers:

1. You snap a photo of your dog playing in your backyard using your GPS enabled phone.

2. Your GPS enabled phone will turn on its GPS receiver and determines your location from the signals of orbiting GPS satellites.

3. The latitude and longitude coordinates or geotags will be embedded into the image file.

4. You post your photo to your Twitter account using Twitpic, and the embedded geotag remains intact.

5. A hacker swipes your location coordinates using the twitpic photo with geotag data.

6. The hacker plugs the latitude and longitude into a web program or google maps to locate your address.

7. The next time you tweet about going on a weeklong vacation, the hacker who now knows your address breaks into your home.

8. Your valuables say "goodbye"!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Award Winning Flowers Online

As I have been saying it in my previous posts, there is one big difference when you order your flowers online than by regularly visiting or calling a flower shop that you see close by.
You can get all to browse and choose the floral arrangements you want, and the fact that you get pretty flowers, you get free shipping too! That means, you save as well ;).
If you buy serenata flowers on line, you will see what I mean.
But of course, there are a lot of floral shops online too which can be a tough task to choose when it comes to efficient service, and the quality of flowers being sold. So why spend time searching when serenata flowers can be the ideal place to get your flowers as you need them?
I can say thank God for people who love gardening! They are heaven sent angels who help enhance the beauty of nature so to speak. I love flowers, and if only I got that "green thumb" I could be one of those garden enthusiasts out there that devote their time in the gardens ;).

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caffeine Perk

If you feel your head starts to hurt and pounding, you can reach for a pill or just pour yourself a cup of coffee which can help fight headaches by increasing dopamine, - a chemical that causes pleasurable sensations that counteract the pain.
According to Dr. Kaniecki, Director of the Headache Center at the University of Pittsburgh, caffeine also constricts swollen blood vessels in the brain associated with certain types of headaches such as migraine.
To benefit this, limit your usual intake of one strong cup of coffee per day; when a headache kicks in, a 2nd cup should make you feel better.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Log Furnitures For Your Home

Are you still looking for simple yet durable and can last longer furniture that you can either place on your outside porch or indoor? Those log furniture rustic tables might be the one you are looking for. They are actually ideal for outdoor purposes, but you can also choose your favorite designs that can be ideal for you indoors. If prefer custom designed pieces, try checking it at for any design that you prefer. There are a lot of other furniture designs you can choose as well.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Most Common Dirtiest Things You'll Touch Today!

In this post, I will share the top 5 possible dirtiest things that you may be touching today. These may not be encountered by some, but I believe, the most will, don't you think?

Unwashed fruits and veggies which are being handled and squeezed by people before you go to the grocery store. Take note as well, that mists in the grocery store, which keeps fresh produce from wilting will provide a breeding ground for germs!
A good sanitary wash for your fruits and veggies would be a mix of 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar with a pint of water. Spritz mix on fruits and veggies, then let it soak in a few minutes and rinse it off.

Soap Dispenser. True, that dispenser has an antibacterial soap in it which can help you protect from the dirtiest parts of the restroom, - the door, toilet handle and stall latch which can be possibly infected with fecal matter.
But watch out for that soap button of the soap dispenser! It may just be the germiest thing you can touch too. So, don't skip a full 20-second hand wash afterward (sing Happy Birthday twice). Then use a paper towel to open the door on your way out.

Elevator buttons. It has been touched by people with cough, colds, or any other ones with infected hands. Use your knuckle a tissue or your sleeve to push the button instead. Then use antibacterial gel (at least a full teaspoon amount) or wash your hands before touching your face or eating lunch.

ATM keyboards. Use your nondominant hand when using touch will less likely to absentmindedly touch your face with it. But always be sure to clean your hands as soon as you can.

Microwave Touch Pads at the office. Shared microwave gets overlooked which can end up encrusted and dirty. Washing it with soap and water aren't enough, so wash it with bleach to remove all the food particle-based germs and body oils.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't Be A Victim Of Fraud!

It's never too early to become an informed consumer. By being aware of it, tech your kids, friends or other family members to be skeptical about offers which are "too good to be true." Share information about scams with your friends and loved ones.
Watch out for the warning signs such as:

offers that pressure you to act "right away"
offers that guarantees success.
sounds too good to be true
promises unusually high returns
offers that require an upfront investment - even for a "free" prize.
buyers that want to overpay you for an item and have you send them the difference
doesn't have the look of a real business
something that just doesn't feel right.

There are also some safety guidelines that can protect you from being a victim:

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a business, verify the company with the Better Business Bureau.

Try not to click any links inside your email to check a website. Instead, type the address into your browser.
Report any online fraud that you encounter to the Federal Trade Commission at

Shred all confidential documents instead of simply discarding them in the trash.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting Tired Of Expensive Paper Costs?

If your business involves the use of receipt papers such as thermal rolls or printer ribbons, then you know what I mean, right? As the economy goes tough, and so are commodities that include paper costs, etc...

But that doesn't mean it's the end of the world! Of course not! :) If you can just take time to look around and search, you will ultimately be surprised to know that you can still save a lot once you discover the best deals of stores especially online. Take for example when considering to switch buying your POS paper needs, thermal paper rolls or any paper receipts to Pro Source Paper online. You would actually be surprised to know as well that you can even save better rather than actually going to your usual store to buy it, plus you can get the convenience because you save time.

Pro Source Paper of course offer a lot more than just thermal paper and printing needs! You might want to check various crayons too, like bulk crayons or 4-packs crayons. Of course, there is always the shipping costs involved most of the time but with combined packages whenever possible, it will still be affordable as it is being kept low, perfect within your budget. Their shipping advantage program is sensible enough to consider too. After all, you would sooner realize that what you bought from them would all be worth it; - your money, your time, and the product quality! You can still say it has still the best shipping rate online, don't you think?

It is always a nice thing to know that an online store such as this has a good customer service who can be reached any time to assist any problems or complaints, either by phone or writing.
Pro Source is more than just what it offers!

Come check them out! ;)