Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Stop Shop For Hotel Supplies

Managing hotels, resorts, restaurants or other business establishments that require lots of supplies can be tough and challenging. But if you have one partner supplier that you can count on, business will be well controlled and gets smooth as usual, don't you think?

Hotel Supply Online is not that difficult to find nowadays. Rather than buying your supplies actually in a store which can be big time hassles, online stores help customers make business transactions far way more convenient. Oh, and most hotels nowadays don't manually shop. :)

I have been in Atlanta twice and stayed in big hotels twice as well :). I have seen their gorgeous equipments, from wide-size pools and work out gyms to sets of toiletries and supplies at mini bars! I won't wonder why.
Atlanta Hotel Supply must deliver tons of supplies to numerous huge hotels in the neighborhood. And I agree that being a hotel supplier means owning tons of various supplies from floor cleaning equipments to bathroom tissues! Actually, all supplies involving all aspects that are inside the hotel. It's unimaginable, but it's such amazing that hotel suppliers can be able to provide all those supply services.

Hotel Bar Supplies are one of those aspects that need focus as well. Most hotel customers love to hang out with some drinks most of the time...some sort of relaxation after a day's stressful work. I am one of those living witnesses how a hotel bar can be so crowded at night. I don't drink, but since I am a frequent traveler, I get to experience walking through it at times.

So, don't forget to always check your supplies often. If you ever run low, you know where to go :).

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Facebook - Who Else Is Checking Your Status?

When you go into your Facebook account, what are the stuff that you share? Are you all out in the open?...like sharing everything? Photos on your lavish vacay with friends, status, etc...?

It was after I read an article that I stopped wondering why many job applicants deactivate their facebook accounts during their job searches.

Did you know that even that health status you post on your profile can be used against you? And health insurance companies nowadays are really scrutinizing their beneficiaries through social networking sites, (not only facebook) and unknowingly on your part, they can be that "fly on your wall"!
Yes, it's a shocking practice, but many of them do it. There are cases when they misinterpret what you share and you can end up being the "bad" person, causing them to deny you of any insurance benefit.

Just be careful about revealing any thing related to your health woes online.

Behind the hard truth is that many employers and insurance companies feel that doing this is one responsibility they have to do as a protection of themselves financially, which they believe that by using social media with their research is doing their due diligence.

Surely, you think your profile is safe but social media (like Facebook) are always changing their privacy setting defaults that can sometimes risk your hidden photos being easily become searchable online. So, be sure to check them from time to time and privacy protection works well enough so long as you use it carefully and correctly.

It's nice having a lot of friends but sharing things about yourself comes with a responsibility of knowing which ones should be shared and which ones are not.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Debt Settlement Lawyers in Canada

Too much debt can lead to disasters, and can ultimately destroy not only your future but your family's future. If you have trouble paying your monthly expenses, or your credits are way too much to bear, it's time to take action!

It's time to find a credible debt settlement lawyers such as the Law Office of Cockburn & Associate LLP. They have an office in the US as well, so both Canadian and US residents can take advantage of their services.

The firm is under the leadership of Shelia Cockburn, and has led her staff in helping their clients in many recent settlement cases. She and her team had settled millions of debts and has been garnering positive experience reviews from their clients who were able to get out from debts and bad credits.

Nobody wants bad credits, right? If you have one, it is NOT a thing to ignore. It needs a serious solution and should be done the soonest.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking For New Homes in NC?

I have heard a lot about people loving to stay in NC. Some of our friends that have been retired have nice awesome views of their homes facing the beaches. I have been wanting to visit NC someday and enjoy the summer along the coast. I really consider that a much needed restful vacation if ever I get the chance. Well, it is close to the impossible that I'll be able to move to NC anytime soon...lol!

But for those that are trying to start a family there, or moving into the state with a new home, perhaps you would want to consider checking into Jacksonville area. You can check http://www.jacksonville-nchomesearch.com to start searching, and for sure, their representatives will be more than willing to help you once you get in touch with them.
It's a quicker search, the sooner, the better that you can get that dream home of yours! :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Momo Note From Appstore - My Review!

Photo copyright by Itunes

Photo copyright by Itunes

Another notebook/journal apps that I installed both on my ipad and iphone is called Momo Note. It costed me $4.99 thru Appstore, thinking that the features would surpass Memory Hive. But there are some downsides of this app comparing it against Memory Hive. 

First, the price of this is way too expensive in relation to what it gives, feature-wise. I got Memory Hive for .99cents, and the features of it are far much better than this. 

Next, it has a 500MB storage capacity and there seems to be no additional storage being offered (not unless til the next update). 

Next, you can only attached photos, while memory hive can attach both photos and videos.

Momo Note can only synced your posts from your iphone and ipad to its online site, (momonote.com) but posts you made from your iphone can't be synced with your ipad, and vice versa. (not unless til their next update, if there will be.)

The feature I like with this app is that you can post your memos/posts even when you're offline, and can automatically be synced when you are connected to the internet. This is the only feature that is of great advantage when you compare it to memory hive, because memory hive needs internet when you post your memories.

Another minor advantage that it has is the tag feature. The tags can help you search your older posts when you want to find them, while memory hive doesn't have that feature. But this feature isn't a big deal for me, because memory hive has still a search feature with corresponding dates if you want to find your posts.

By the way, I am using memory hive as my basis of comparison because both of them have almost the same features, except for those I enumerated as comparisons.

This post is bases on its current updates, and better and additional features can add up anytime. They seem to be constantly updating the app, (which is good). Hoping someday, somehow, my money would become worth it as I wait for more updates! ;)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Memory Hive - A Review! ;)

When it comes to productivity apps, you can see me using tons of those from the Appstore. ;) I am really big on trying apps such as journal apps or online diary apps that I can use ideally to store my multimedia and at the same time can use them to store my journal posts. Of course, I am also big on the privacy and security issues, so consider me kinda choosy, but I have probably a lot on my ipad and iphone several apps now because you know the fact that you can't give any feedback unless you try them, right?

Okay, so I got memory hive, and so far my favorite. The first time I downloaded this app, there was some kind of storage issues I sent to the developer. It was surprising that my concern was responded promptly and willingly fixed the issue. (Thanks Kent.)
As a token of appreciation for letting them know about the storage issue not posted on the appstore, I was given a free 500MB to use in addition to the free storage that is already provided, so now, I have 1Gb ;)...sweet!

I got it for .99cents, and with the price, it is more than worth it for the outstanding features that I have been looking.
With it, you can already store your photos and videos. You can post multiple photos (or videos) in each memory or post you are making.

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive 
Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

One big feature I like most is the privacy issues, so this one is set to 100% privacy by default, but you can choose to share yours in public if you want. It also gives you the ease of sharing all your memories without any pressure of  adding friends or connecting to other people, but it is easy sharing it through facebook! 

Another outstanding feature...if you accidentally deleted your app on your phone, you won't lose your data because they are automatically synced or backed up instantly to its website online, (memoryhive.com), whenever you post your memories  Once you have this app, you will automatically be obliged to create an account to login. So that you can even use it online on your regular PC if you need to. 

Download it with ease on your iphone, ipad, ipod 2nd-4th generations. Not sure if this app is available for android users, but I tried searching it on the Google Play and Samsung Apps...not there! Let me know if it's there, I probably need it for my Galaxy tab :).

Want to add storage space? It's gonna be $9.99 for another 500MB  remote storage for one year, expensive...yes!!! But I still love the features. :))

Anyway, just sharing! It would help others who need a journal app for storage of memories they don't want to forget.