Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Momo Note From Appstore - My Review!

Photo copyright by Itunes

Photo copyright by Itunes

Another notebook/journal apps that I installed both on my ipad and iphone is called Momo Note. It costed me $4.99 thru Appstore, thinking that the features would surpass Memory Hive. But there are some downsides of this app comparing it against Memory Hive. 

First, the price of this is way too expensive in relation to what it gives, feature-wise. I got Memory Hive for .99cents, and the features of it are far much better than this. 

Next, it has a 500MB storage capacity and there seems to be no additional storage being offered (not unless til the next update). 

Next, you can only attached photos, while memory hive can attach both photos and videos.

Momo Note can only synced your posts from your iphone and ipad to its online site, ( but posts you made from your iphone can't be synced with your ipad, and vice versa. (not unless til their next update, if there will be.)

The feature I like with this app is that you can post your memos/posts even when you're offline, and can automatically be synced when you are connected to the internet. This is the only feature that is of great advantage when you compare it to memory hive, because memory hive needs internet when you post your memories.

Another minor advantage that it has is the tag feature. The tags can help you search your older posts when you want to find them, while memory hive doesn't have that feature. But this feature isn't a big deal for me, because memory hive has still a search feature with corresponding dates if you want to find your posts.

By the way, I am using memory hive as my basis of comparison because both of them have almost the same features, except for those I enumerated as comparisons.

This post is bases on its current updates, and better and additional features can add up anytime. They seem to be constantly updating the app, (which is good). Hoping someday, somehow, my money would become worth it as I wait for more updates! ;)