Monday, March 16, 2015

The Best Ways to Get Sleep Better & Faster! ;)

Studies show that getting few hours of sleep can have bad effects on your health, but getting too much of it isn't good for your body either. But there are helpful habitual routines we could do to achieve the best sleep and wake up refreshed, healthy and happy.

An evening walk. You can try taking a stroll in your neighborhood after dinner. It aids digestion, and that your sleep won't be affected by stomach gurglings or heartburn. Also, doing it before sun sets could help you snooze.

Avoid or at least minimize too much worrying at midnight like stressing yourself thinking about paying your bills or what you're going to do and serve on your next dinner party. Every night, it would help you lessen the worries by writing down some few nagging issues present in your mind as well as this could help you plan on what to do about them. Mapping out some possible solutions will quiet your mind and helps you rest easier.

When you sleep, make your bedroom a blackout zone, which means shut your blinds off, turn all you computers and TV off, wear a sleep mask, etc...anything that can help you put yourself into total darkness.

Create a sleep ritual just like how you do it with your kids giving them a nightly bath or story book-bed routine. This creates a rythmic and ritualized conditions on your body and brain making you realize that it is now indeed a sleep time, helping you fall asleep faster.
One ideal example is taking a hot bath that causes you to sweat before bedtime...Then, after you dry off, your body cools down and you then naturally gets drowsy. Or get under your covers and pick a good book for you to read. Reading before bed relaxes the mind and helps you power down making it easier to doze off.

Let the morning sunshine in when you wake up. Morning light they say, has the most potent effect on helping our body get in sync with the day. So, once you're awaken, open your blinds to let the sunshine in. If your waking up time is before sunrise, you might want to buy a dawn simulator. ;) This will help gradually increase light just to tease you out of bed.
Both light and exercise have proven to improve alertness and your mood.Then, take some time extra for a 10-minute stroll and walk your dog or walk to a farther bus stop.
Then, you'll be able to really rise and shine!