Friday, December 31, 2010

Reap The Benefits of the Healthy Stuff You Do

Our body has its own way of keeping us happy, safe and healthy all with zero effort on our part. So, just kick back, relax and enjoy the benefits of;

"The rub-an-owie instinct"
If you happened to hit your knee on a coffee table, the initial reaction is to massage it. It's usually called the "rub the boo-boo medicine ;)". Touch sensations travel faster than pain, and the nervous system can register only one at a time, so the massage prevents the full-on "Ouch!" message from getting through.

"Yawn". Opening your mouth wide may help you cool your brain. Our brain burns up a third of the calories we take in, which generates a lot of heat. A yawn fills our lungs with air and cools the blood going to our head, which helps us concentrate.

"Winter Carb Cravings." Eating carbs temporarily increases levels of serotonin - a brain chemical that can lift up mood.

"Morning Stretch." Stretching wakes up the nervous system, which boosts circulation and sharpen reflexes. It also helps loosen back and shoulder muscles which can get tight overnight.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Online Retargeting Ads

There are thousands of websites on the internet nowadays, and is still increasing daily. If your website is a business company, then, for sure you need to have retargeting advertising, - one way of increasing traffic to your site which means, more visitors as well.

Retargeting your site online can do a lot of benefits that could boost up your site with its ranking, making it more profitable too. This can measure your audience, ad, build stronger relationships with your clients, etc...

One of those retargeting companies you can rely on and trust is recrue media. You can get your free consultation online by either calling them or filling up their form online.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

How To Get Through The Hellidays! :)

If you meet an annoying person, a stalker and now you'll be seeing him/her at a family gathering, keep your cool and follow these advices from the experts:

The drinker:
That person begins the evening with a tumbler of scotch and ends it in an argument. Make a pact not to get caught up in a drunken debate. And make sure someone removes his/her car keys. Sit this person down after the holidays and let them know you're concerned.

The Criticizer:
If you hear snide remarks or judgement that ruffle your feathers, try this; - "Wow, I feel like a celebrity with people weighing in on my life like this. Excuse me, my limo driver's here!" Then, walk away.

The Groper:
Grab his wandering hand and say it's great to see him - then beat it to the other side of the room. To stop the behavior for good, tell him you'll appreciate a hands-off policy.

The Wild Child:
Create distraction. If the occasion is in your place, designate a play area so he can be his destructive self with Lego bricks instead of your antiques collection.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautify Your Garden

For both outdoor and garden lovers, it might be time to upgrade your backyard or garden. Putting some trendy stone benches is worth considering, right?
There are several types that are good for garden benches according to their style, sizes, themes and various kinds of materials as well such as granite, jade, limestone, etc...

Stone garden benches can be artistic to the eyes. Besides, gardens would look conducive for resting or just communing with nature. They can help us appreciate the beauty of the outdoor, don't you think?
There are also more choices for memorial benches if you need to get one for your loved ones.

Check 'em out!

DO's & DON'T's of Being a Great Friend

There are essential rules for common conflict zones in friendship.

You DO have to meet for an "emergency" drink; but DON'T have to keep up with her through two more rounds ;).

You can DO have to go and give her baby shower; but you DON'T have to watch her birth video.

You DO have to let her cry on your shoulder after a breakup; DON'T have to let her cry on your shoulder after a 5th breakup-with the same guy.

You DO have to listen to her music sometimes; You DON'T have to endure a 4-hour road trip with nothing but Kenny Chesney ;).

DO tell the truth when she asks you if those god-awful jeans are unflattering, but DON'T say a word if she never asks.

DO play "wing woman" when she spots a hottie; You DON'T have to feign interest all night in his not-hot-friend.

DO listen to her talk about her problems; but DON'T fill in when her shrink is out of town.

DO wear that taffeta bridesmaid dress and DO put that baby's breath in your hair. Sorry! It's her day, so there's just no avoiding it :).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Go With EzGoo!

If you are in need of a resource web site and are interested in having a good resource of wholesalers, retailers, or suppliers, you might just want to check the valuable resources in ezGoo!

This site is a good wholesalers directory and has wholesale products which includes wholesale companies and their detailed products.
For those who are interested in selling products, don't forget to check the wholesale suppliers for each corresponding products you need.

Make ezGoo your homepage or book mark it for easier accessibility.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guide To Getting ALong With Any Boss

It's a crazy thing to think that a manager-employee relationship can get dysfunctional, but it really happens. Is it happening to you? The following guide might help you normalize yours;

"My boss is a screamer."
Mentally list your boss's failings. Seeing a bully's weaknesses makes him seem less intimidating.

"I'm not my boss's favorite."
Schedule a meeting with your boss, and ask; "Is there something you think I can do better? I'd really like to know because I want to succeed here. Then take your pen out.

"I think I threaten my boss."
If your boss sees you as rival, she may not promote you. So, reassure her by making it your job to help her look good. She's more likely to reward your loyalty and hard work.

"My boss is like a mom to me."
It's not considered healthy to become emotionally dependent on a manager. You may find it hard to take criticism from her, and stop growing at work as a result.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Low Cost Insurance Rates

I am sure many like to pay cheap car insurance, particularly that today, almost many prices are going up. But who says you can't get an affordable insurance rate for your car?

Start the first step by getting your free quotes online in just a minute or less where you can shop, compare and save at least 50% or more!
By just looking around you can get a lot of information as well like how you can lower your current auto insurance rates, etc...

Ways To Make Your Identity Safer

Better be secure by cleaning out your purse. The bigger your purse is, the more sensitive material you'll be tempted to carry, so tote only the bare essentials.

Protect and watch out for your mail. A thief can steal and activate those letters that come into your mail like "no APR for six months" cards. Call the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry (888-567-8688) to opt out of credit offers.

Do your banking online and try signing up an internet bill payment. You can check your accounts more quickly for evidence of fraud.

Freeze your credit. It's a drastic step, but can prevent potential thieves from opening an account in your name, even if they have other personal information.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Perfect Acne Solution

Have you heard about therapores? It is a skin anti-acne cleanser that can help clean then protect your skin from acne.

Of course, if you heard about this for the first time, it is just normal to think twice before deciding to get one and use it, right? And perhaps, if it's your first time to hear about it, the tendency is we get curious to learn more about it and read in-depth reviews directly from users and the experts themselves.

Try checking and take a closer look about how Therapores work. After all, it will still be your decision that should be followed ;).

Easy-Organize Your Photos

If you are overwhelmed by your gazillion digital photos that you have, you can sort them with simple strategies that work.

Streamline your files and try organizing by event or by people. Then create subfolders where you can drop photos into it.
Take for example, if you sort by event, you can name it "Holidays" then you can make subfolders under the "Holidays" file.

You can presort albums by putting your picks in a separate folder on your desktop so you'll save time dragging each photo onto the site like Shutterfly for example, if you want to print some photos.

Create a photo book online and create your albums, collages, calendars, etc., so you can avoid hard bound albums or boxes of photos gathering dust. Example where you can do it is with the site

Upgrading Your Mailbox

Have you considered upgrading your mailbox at home? A wall mount mailbox would be cool to look at just in case you're thinking of getting a new mailbox.
Today, wall mounted mailboxes seem to be getting popularly used these days, although mostly they can be seen in many commercial establishments or public institutions, many residential houses are having them as well.

Visit Mailboxixchange, - a marketplace online for wall mount mailboxes and curbside decors as well as all kinds of house mailboxes. Where else can you find a 110% price protection as well, but only at Mailboxixchange.

Their huge inventory can help you choose better with various models, sizes and colors too!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Say Bye To Backache!

I recommend seeing your doctor first before proceeding on to this step, just to be sure you don't have any serious injury relating to your backache. If all is well, and you need immediate relief from that annoying backache, try YOGIC SQUAT. It helps relieve tightness in the back while also stretching the muscles in your hips and butt.

To do the Yogic Squat;
  • stand with feet a little wider than hip-distance apart and toes turned out to the sides at 45-degree angles.
  • bend your knees and push butt back, squatting until your sitting bones are just above the floor and knees are directly over your middle toes.
  • bring palms together at your heart and place outer arms against your inner thighs; push outward with your arms against your knees.
Too Challenging?
  • try doing the pose with your back against a wall while holding either side of the doorknob of an open door.
  • lift chest to lengthen spine as you draw your shoulders down. Hold for 1-3 minutes, then release and return to standing.
  • repeat up to 3x, as often as necessary.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Protect Your Mails

One thing you should consider in getting a good mailbox or dvault mail boxes is the quality and durability and yet affordable to protect your personal documents real good.

Do you think it is time to upgrade your mail box at home? Well, then, why not check these dvault mailboxes, and find the one that suits your needs.
Don't take risks of your mails to an old, junky mailbox because identity theft is now common these days.

Can you just imagine if you can buy a dvault mailbox at a discounted price, and at the same time gives you sense of peace thinking your mails are secured whenever they reach your doorstep.
And hey, you get free shipping too, and with quick delivery ;).

Avoiding Flu This Year

The real must-have is to get the shot for regular or seasonal flu. It may even offer a little protection against swine flu, according to the experts, so get vaccinated!

Your flu survival kit includes:
  • consistent hand washing which reduces your flu risks significantly.
  • ease nasal congestion with chicken soup.
  • Take vitamin C, which helps you get better a little faster.
  • ask your doctor about an antiviral if you're pregnant or have chronic disease.
  • stay well hydrated which can fuel your immune system.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Managing Your Ideal Weight

Taking some extra care for our weight is always a big deal to me. I think it is one of the best way to avoid being overweight.
But many people of today tend to overeat, thus, it is also one of the main reasons why many of them become overweight. And so the challenge of choosing the right weight loss pills begins.

Battling weight loss is not always easy for many, although some had it successfully. It's just a matter of choosing the best weight loss pills that really work best for your body, plus exercise and descipline ;).

Take care of your weight, eat healthy and eat right.

Bundle Up!

As early as the beginning of fall season, I usually get to shop for cardigan sweaters either online or at the actual mall stores :). But honestly, I prefer shopping online, and also I receive a shopping catalog many times from many shopping online stores. Experience wise, I tend to get and choose more styles that I really want, plus they have my size as well.

Last fall I bought one from a store online. I feel much more convenient doing it without having to go out, and without paying some gas and drive around and spend timeless hours stuck in traffic, etc...

Super SImple Tricks To Lose Weight

There should be only 47% of carbs present in your diet if you really want to stick to your plan and reach your ideal body weight.
Good carbohydrates, like fruits and whole grains give lots of appetite-busting fiber and less saturated fat, which is better for your heart.

You tend to eat many fewer calories if you dine with a man instead of having it with a group of female friends. Women eating together can eat 800 calories each, while a woman eating with man can have about 550.

If you feel like eating when you get bored, try sniffing coffee beans instead, - a sneaky way to slow down your urge to snack.

Drink at least 16 ounces of water before each meal to lose an additional 4 1/2 pounds every 3 months when you're on a diet.
Many researchers say you eat less because the water makes you feel full.

A 45-minutes of fall hiking will burn off the 300 calories in your morning bagel.

Get a lot of Omega-3 intakes. They can help your body burn more calories and trigger hormones in your stomach that will help you feel full longer.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Affordable Health Supplies

Thirteen years ago, I still remember when I had to undergo surgery due to cysts. Of course, I was having "butterflies in my stomach", and I still can recall my doctor giving me relaxant because I was starting to get nervous, lol!
When I started to get sleepy, they put a finger pulse oximeter in one of my fingers and I could hear the beeping even while I was being operated. I felt like my body was only sleeping but my mind and senses were really loud and clear.
For sure, every hospital has this kind of device for monitoring.
And when it comes to buying them online, you can get them at a reasonable price from Concord Health Supply, Inc.
And hey, you can get a free UPS ground shipping on any orders, so check them out!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Is Organic Food Really Better?

The answer is yes!, because organics contain far fewer pesticides and additives.
According to a recent study, it reported that organic foods don't contain more vitamins and minerals than conventional foods, but on the other hand, the study didn't look at the potential risks of the fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics that are found more often in many conventional foods.

Either way, your best bet would be to wash any products you buy really well to remove chemicals like scrub the product under clean running water with your hands or a brush.

Online Tutoring Can Help

Who says tutoring can only be done by hiring real actual teachers to assist students in schools? I think online tutoring saves you from hassles and it is much more convenient, with even some which offers 24-hours unlimited tutoring.

Better yet check reviews for tutorvista, and see why it's considered to be the best online tutoring you can have over the internet.

Reviews for tutorvista can also be checked online and there might be some "pros" and "cons" of them, but you can learn and help you give an idea on what are the things worth considering.

One of the reviews for tutorvista can also be read at wikipedia, where you can find the features on how it will work when you're gonna use it.
If you do an online search for a tutorvista review, you'll get to know the real "pros" and "cons", as well as it's also vital to read their analysis and sources.

A tutorvista review is also a good source to get some idea from students' experiences. The more ideas you get, the more you would get to know more about how it works best for you.

Tutorvista Review is worth reading as one of the best recommendation to know them further.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finding The Right Balance Between Being "Old" & "Young"

Always go natural, which means natural, fresh make up. Heavy make up and matronly hair send a message that you're just playing grown up.

Avoid extremes. Dressing too old or out of style can make you outdated or dowdy. There's always for sure a stylish happy medium.

Have fun and give yourself chance to enjoy what's happening right now.

Be yourself. It's a key to figure out what you feel comfortable in. Inspirations are vital but it's your interpretation of trends that gives you style persona.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Avoid Bad Credit Problems

There are many people today who are facing credit problems and many even have declared bankruptcy. Nobody wants that to happen. So, if you feel you are into that situation, stop and assess your financial stability and credit situations, then you might wanna consider debt consolidation for all your credit troubles.

Seeking the help of a non-profit credit counseling is a great help in taking the first step to a smooth financial future. Don't you want a peaceful mind just by being debt-free?

Don't wait until it's too late and financial crisis will just ruin your life like your worst nightmare. Start the first step by getting your free debt consolidation quote today.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things You Didn't Know About Viruses

Viruses don't have lives, don't have cells and without a host. They are just inert packet of chemicals. But viruses aren't exactly dead, either, because they have genes, they reproduce and evolve through natural selection.

Demitry Ivanovsky, a Russian microbiologist reported that an infection in tobacco plants spreads through something smaller than a bacterium called tobacco mosaic virus.

Wendell Stanley, an American biochemist purified tobacco mosaic virus into needle like crystals of protein, winning him a Nobel Prize in 1946 awarded in chemistry, NOT medicine.

Some viruses sneak DNA into a bacterium through a long tube known as a pilus; - considered as its sex appendage :).

Virus comes from a Latin word for "poison" or "slimy liquid", an apt descriptor for bugs that cause flu and the common cold.

Scientists tracking a pneumonia outbreak in 1992 in England found a massive new kind of virus lurking within an amoeba inside a cooling tower, which was so large and complex and they initially assumed it was a bacterium.

The virus is now called "Mimivirus" because it mimics bacteria and it was also partly because Didier Raoult, a French biologist, who helped sequence its genome, fondly recalled his father telling the story of "Mimi" the Amoeba".

Mimivirus has more than 900 genes, which encode proteins that all other viruses manage to do without. Its genome is twice as big as that of any other known virus and bigger than that of many bacteria.

Mamavirus, a close relative of Mimivirus is even bigger also turned up inside an amoeba in a Paris cooling tower. It has its own dependent, a satellite virus named Sputnik.

Amoebas are great places to seek out new viruses as they like to swallow big things and so serve as a kind of mixing bowl where viruses and bacteria can swap genes.

Viruses are already known to infect animals, plants, fungi, protozoa, archaea and bacteria, while Sputnik and Mamavirus can infect other viruses.

Half of all human DNA originally came from viruses, which infected and embedded themselves in our ancestor's eggs and sperm cells.

The virus, dubbed Phoenix, was a dud.

Other viral relics in our genomes may play a role in autoimmune diseases and certain cancers.

Some viral proteins do good, as they may have kept your mother's immune system from attacking you in utero, for instance.

A virus called HTLV, which coevolved with humans for thousands of year, is being used to uncover prehistoric migration patterns. Its modern distribution suggests that Japanese sailors were the first people to reach the Americas, millenia before Siberians wandered across the Bering Strait.

Scientists suspect that a large DNA-based virus took up residence inside a bacterial cell more than a billion years ago to create the first cell nucleus. If so, then we are all descended from viruses!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Reliable Hosting Provider

It's gonna be a tough job when it comes to choosing a reliable, credible and efficient managed hosting provider, but if you are considering getting one, you might wanna try checking INETU that provides dedicated managed hosting services mostly to businesses around the world. It promises its customers a managed web hosting service when it comes to reliability, security and performance.

I know it's not an easy task to trust a certain company right away if you never have tried it, but through their consultative approach, you'll tend to know the company prior to starting business with them, isn't it?

How To Be An Effective Leader

First, keep your wits. Be in the moment, but be guided by the bigger picture.

Think outside yourself. Although you maybe the leader, you're still part of the team. You have to listen & ultimately align yourself towards the direction of the team.

Be honest and direct. It can be tough when you don't really know how things will turn out, but you have to get grounded and move everyone forward.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Healthy Pregnancy

A good mother should always be concern about both her health and her baby's health. Many pregnant women of today are relying on the help of vitamin supplements as a support for stronger health.
But on the other hand, you have to be sure you are using the best prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, and it's always safe to check it with your doctor if you are using some, or to be on the safe side, follow what your doctor recommends.
Don't forget to check the link as well, for vital information about prenatal supplements.

Exterior Stain Trouble Shootings

Dilute a quart of laundry bleach in a galloon of water mixed with a cup of TSP substitute. Use full strength, bleach can chemically burn the wood. Brush it onto the deck surface, and rinse before the solution has a chance to dry.

Penetrating stains don't peel. This only occurs on finishes that form a film like solid-color stains. Causes of peeling are wood decay from rot or sun, poor prep work, water vapor getting underneath the film and lifting it, and UV damage to the finish itself. The only cure is to remove the peeling stain and start over on a sound, clean surface.

This one is a good indicator that it's time for a new coat of penetrating stain or waterproofer. Fading is the inevitable effect of the sun and foot traffic.
To test your deck for fading, test the wood by pouring some water on a shady spot of your deck and see how long it takes to soak in. If the water disappears in 5 minutes or less, the wood is ready for a new coat. If a finish is fading too quickly, use a stain with more pigment.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Medical Uniforms From Blue Sky Scrubs

There may be a lot of stores offering affordable medical uniforms, but are you comfortable enough to wear them?
Blue Sky Scrubs offers a good quality of medical uniforms that include nursing scrubs for women. Their scrubs are made the way you want them to be and that's one main reason why all the medical uniforms are considered to be unique.
Where else could you go and where to buy cheap scrubs, and yet still stylish, customizable and even made of high quality fabric?
Blue Sky Scrubs would be the ideal place to buy them :).

Friday, December 3, 2010

DO's & DON'Ts For Creating a Professional Image

  • waer a jacket which creates confidence, command and authority.
  • get your hair cut and styled professionally.
  • dress up in a way that reflects your job. If you're in marketing, be creative with your accessories. If you work as a doctor, portray reliability and intellect.

  • choose cheap accessories. There should be no plastic jewelry, acrylic scarves or low-end shoes.
  • wear too much jewelry which will distract and dowplay your professionalism.
  • wear strappy sandals or chunky platforms, although pumps and sling backs are great options.
  • wear anything that you wear to the gym, a party or an outdoor event.
  • wear wrinkled, tight or baggy clothings.

Global Sports Store

If there is one site online worth recommending for all your sporting needs, it would be Global Sports Store.
You can also find some reliable GPS devices such as Garmin, one of the most popular brands used by travelers. There are lots of models to choose from depending on your needs, including accessories.
This would also be a good site to shop for all kinds of team sports materials for baseball, volleyball, basketball, rugby, netball, tennis and accessories, soccer, etc...
Don't forget to check more on the various categories to access their huge inventory database.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Managing Your Diabetes

If your lifestyle changes aren't in place, your medication is going to be limited in effect. This needs to be used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.
Eating well means looking for healthy foods with low glycemic indexes which means they don't contain a lot of carbohydrates or sugars that will spike your blood sugar.
Physical activity can reduce your glucose levels and blood pressure and aid in your body's ability to use insulin.

Note down all your glucose readings and make comments about the reasons why they may be hogh or low, and record the times you take your medicine.
Share notes with your doctor, who in turn can offer advice for regulating your blood sugar levels. Always get a copy of your lab results so you'll know your usual numbers for your blood sugar and A1C test.

Diabetics who are over 40 should take an 81mg. low-dose aspirin daily. But check with your doctor as well. If you have allergies to aspirin or bleeding problems, it might not be the right course for you.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Which Supplement Fits You Best?

It's sometimes really interesting to note that while people want to lose weight and struggle to find and try all kinds of diet pills, there are those who also want to gain weight and try to find all sorts of weight gain supplement even just to pack on the pounds of muscle particularly for men ;).
But anyway, as long as we are doing it the healthy way, there should be no question about that, right? The only vital thing we need to be aware and be careful of is choosing the best one that would really work for us, and choosing one that is highly recommended by the experts and users alike.

Beat Stress Eating!

If the sight of your boss tenses you up and a few chocolate cookies would surely help you feel less stressed, it's NOT!
Instead, grab a tennis ball, place it between the wall and your back, move up and down or side to side, allowing the pressure to release tautness in your back and body.

Tackle cleaning that small drawer in your kitchen, or organizing your bookshelf, can help you dominate the clutter, and you'll also get a fat-free emotional boost.

Play with your pup which can melt away stress. This releases mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin in your brain. Plus, when you play with a dog, you're burning calories instead of consuming them.
If you don't have a dog, offer to walk a friend's pooch or volunteer at a shelter.

Don't let frustration lead you to fat. Instead, get your hands moving doing something. Creating something stimulates your brain in new ways. Try hitting the local arts and crafts store for jewelry-making supplies or grab a how-to-book and learn to knit.

If something is bothering you, put it into words which can help you get the root of it. Post your food fixation on Facebook or Twitter and you'll have the bonus of emotional support from friends.