Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beat Stress Eating!

If the sight of your boss tenses you up and a few chocolate cookies would surely help you feel less stressed, it's NOT!
Instead, grab a tennis ball, place it between the wall and your back, move up and down or side to side, allowing the pressure to release tautness in your back and body.

Tackle cleaning that small drawer in your kitchen, or organizing your bookshelf, can help you dominate the clutter, and you'll also get a fat-free emotional boost.

Play with your pup which can melt away stress. This releases mood enhancing chemicals like serotonin in your brain. Plus, when you play with a dog, you're burning calories instead of consuming them.
If you don't have a dog, offer to walk a friend's pooch or volunteer at a shelter.

Don't let frustration lead you to fat. Instead, get your hands moving doing something. Creating something stimulates your brain in new ways. Try hitting the local arts and crafts store for jewelry-making supplies or grab a how-to-book and learn to knit.

If something is bothering you, put it into words which can help you get the root of it. Post your food fixation on Facebook or Twitter and you'll have the bonus of emotional support from friends.