Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DO's & DON'T's of Being a Great Friend

There are essential rules for common conflict zones in friendship.

You DO have to meet for an "emergency" drink; but DON'T have to keep up with her through two more rounds ;).

You can DO have to go and give her baby shower; but you DON'T have to watch her birth video.

You DO have to let her cry on your shoulder after a breakup; DON'T have to let her cry on your shoulder after a 5th breakup-with the same guy.

You DO have to listen to her music sometimes; You DON'T have to endure a 4-hour road trip with nothing but Kenny Chesney ;).

DO tell the truth when she asks you if those god-awful jeans are unflattering, but DON'T say a word if she never asks.

DO play "wing woman" when she spots a hottie; You DON'T have to feign interest all night in his not-hot-friend.

DO listen to her talk about her problems; but DON'T fill in when her shrink is out of town.

DO wear that taffeta bridesmaid dress and DO put that baby's breath in your hair. Sorry! It's her day, so there's just no avoiding it :).