Friday, December 31, 2010

Reap The Benefits of the Healthy Stuff You Do

Our body has its own way of keeping us happy, safe and healthy all with zero effort on our part. So, just kick back, relax and enjoy the benefits of;

"The rub-an-owie instinct"
If you happened to hit your knee on a coffee table, the initial reaction is to massage it. It's usually called the "rub the boo-boo medicine ;)". Touch sensations travel faster than pain, and the nervous system can register only one at a time, so the massage prevents the full-on "Ouch!" message from getting through.

"Yawn". Opening your mouth wide may help you cool your brain. Our brain burns up a third of the calories we take in, which generates a lot of heat. A yawn fills our lungs with air and cools the blood going to our head, which helps us concentrate.

"Winter Carb Cravings." Eating carbs temporarily increases levels of serotonin - a brain chemical that can lift up mood.

"Morning Stretch." Stretching wakes up the nervous system, which boosts circulation and sharpen reflexes. It also helps loosen back and shoulder muscles which can get tight overnight.