Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hit "Unfriend" - And You'll Get Happier!

According to a recent study from Spain, it found out that people with a very large number of friends in Facebook felt they are less satisfied with their lives after reading their friends' status updates. Based on the study, these subjects applied to those who have more than 354 friends on their list. Well, it doesn't mean this applies to everybody else. But majority does.

According to the study author Dilney Goncalves, PhD, "Facebook gives an unrealistically positive view of others' lives." It points out that the more friends you have on your list, the more braggy posts you see, increasing your sense of view that other people are better off than you.
If you seem to be feeling like this, perhaps it's time to use your judgement to unsubscribe or "unfriend" from contacts who do not make you happy.

Just say "farewell show-offs"...simple as that.
Problem solved! :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Accessories For Cabinet/Closet Organizers At Home

I consider myself a very organized person. I hate seeing clutters and they are not of great help for me when I work. Clutters make my mind cluttery as well ;). One thing I like best in choosing a home is lots of drawer and cabinet organizers. I am very particular of them as "must have" in my kitchen and bedroom. But choosing a cabinet or drawer organizers is the same as choosing a high quality and durable accessories, such as choosing 36" Drawer Slides that goes in it, don't you think?

Any drawer slides, as long as they are heavy duty are more than enough for me to trust in them as good quality brands that last. Would you rather want to shop online? Smart idea! It's because you get all the chance to see all kinds of models and designs that you are looking for at the convenience of your own home without driving around like crazy hopping from store to store to find them.
If you are currently doing your DIY renovations for your home, visit the link provided above my post. That would surely help you out! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Air Travel Problems & Their Quick Solutions

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Dealing With Swollen Legs:
Some people usually experience leg swelling when travelling by plane. I had an experience with this, but thank God, I was able to find out the real reason why.
The reason for this is that the inside of your legs expand due to low air pressure which is usually present inside a plane. Lack of inactivity like sitting for a long time in a long flight causes fluids to pool especially at the lower half of your legs. Another reason would be that, you take in less oxygen, which slows down circulation.

If you experience this every time you fly, avoid wearing tight shoes. If it's a very long flight, get up and walk around every 2 hours to encourage active circulation.
Also, avoid food that are salty and bloat-inducing such as peanuts and pretzels.

Dealing With Jet Lag:
If your flight is an overnight, try to fall asleep as soon as possible. It will help to wear a sleep mask to block light, and place something soft on your lap like a pillow to relax your muscles.
Upon landing, wear a pair of sunglasses and do it for 2-3 hours if possible. This allows blocking out light, allowing you to adjust gradually to the new time zone.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Amati Instruments Family of Products

Looking for a much cheaper and convenient way to buy your amati instruments online? The site given is worth checking, particularly if you are looking for any Amati brass or woodwinds instruments.
These open box gears had been slightly used but still as good as new.  Plus, they are of great deals when it comes to the price. Buying things that are slightly lower price than the brand new products doesn't mean they are of bad quality. Many Amati products are made for good quality purposes. 
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