Monday, June 26, 2017

What's Happening At Guitar Center

For many who love music and musical instruments, don't lose hope in finding your musical instruments which you could buy cheaper than at other actual stores in your neighborhood. Guitar Center is an online store where you can just surf online and can comfortably find one that you are looking for when it comes to your favorite musical instrument. Good news is that you can now find their store at guitar center arlington tx. Quite an advantage if you live in Arlington area in Texas ;).

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Smarter Ways To Save

Did you know that at least 60% of Americans don't have emergency savings? Be sure you are not one of those...and there are no dumb ways to save!

  1. This might work for your kids if they would ask for a candy in the checkout line. Say "how about you guys wait 15 minutes until we get home for a snack and that $$$ will go in your Disney savings jar?" :)
  2. Just imagine your laundry room is coin-operated and keep a can by the washer, then try charging yourself  2 bucks every single load. It can soon fill up, then bank it. If it happens that an appliance breaks unexpectedly, you can use it as an emergency fund to help you cover the cost.
  3. When doing your grocery, try the technique of organizing your bought items on the conveyor belt at the register arranging them with the most expensive items at the back. You can track the total easily and can pluck the items off at the back if you're almost up to your budget.
  4. Research shows that it is harder to spend 20-50 $bills from our wallet than when you have 5's and 1's. So, when you withdraw cash, choose to get them in higher denominations...the bigger the bills, the less likely you want to spend them.
  5. Usually most people receiving text messages reminding them to save can work effectively. Check your bank if it has a free text message service that can ping you updates on your account balance.
  6. Whenever possible, if you are with a group of friends having meals or concerts, offer to pay the total cost using your card, then ask them to pay you back in cash. That would be like a secret savings account!
  7. Practice DIY in dying your hair and having mani-pedi yourself. You could then put the tip money you would have given to your hair stylist or manicurist in your savings instead.
  8. Bring back the piggybank savings model...except that instead of filling it with coins, use dollar bills clogging up your wallet. If you do this all year, you can save enough for your holiday shopping.