Friday, November 18, 2016

Marshall Condenser Microphone

When it comes to condenser microphones, you might wanna try checking Marshall mxl v67. It has a great stage appeal due to its distinctive, vintage body shape and round-gold plated grille. It is enriched with multi-functional features which is also cleverly designed yet it is still budget-friendly!

You can appreciate that golden voice better for a more open, smooth and pure sound. Getting and maintaining your vocals better is always a fulfilling job, don't you think?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Painting Your Nails Dark?

Courtesy photo from Pinterest
While dark manicure colors can sometimes be unforgiving for many, they can also be fun, but be sure to exercise a little extra care making sure your nails stay flawless-looking!

Most dark colors can work with any skin tone, so basing on your kind of mood, you can choose your color as a guide. As much as possible, choose an opaque formula that can be saturated with one coat which can make it less likely to chip for a longer time.

Maintain nails square and short, with slightly rounded know, long, dark nails look creepy! :)) Take care of them with soft buffing pad to smoothen them. Always apply an anti-yellowing basecoat and let dry for at least 20 seconds to avoid staining.

Dark manicured nails can be easily noticed for ragged cuticles, so use moisturizers with a cuticle cream or oil. 
Also, reapply topcoat every 4 days to help protect your manicure.

To remove polish, use a cotton ball with nonacetone remover by pressing on your cuticle for at least 3 seconds, then wipe toward the end of the nail. Use a straight up and down motion technique for a lesser mess.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hearing Test Screenings

Hearing is a critical part of the emotional, social and cognitive development at every stage of a child's life. Mild or partial hear loss can have a tremendous effect on their ability to develop language and speaking skills properly.Therefore, routine testing can and should occur at any age, from infancy to school age. The methods a conducting a hearing test Houston TX 
will vary based on the developmental age of the child.Types of Tests for Children's HearingDuring the hearing evaluation, your child's pediatrician will perform a complete physical exam and medical history. This may include information about you and your spouse's family history as well. The different types of tests to check your child's hearing is typically based on your child's age and her level of understanding. There are some tests that are used for all ages.Newborn ScreeningsTwo primary screening methods are used for newborns: Evoked otoacoustic emissions and auditory brainstem response. These tests might be given separately or together.Evoked otoacoustic emissions involves inserting a tiny flexible plug into the newborn's ear. Sounds are sent through the plug while a microphone records the baby's responses. Nothing emits when the baby has hearing loss.The auditory brainstem response attaches wires to the baby's scalp. Clicking sounds are made into the baby's ear while she sleeps. The brain's activity in response to sounds is measured.Infant ScreeningsHearing evaluation for an infant may include the EOAE and ABR tests for infants. In addition, your pediatrician may also conduct a behavioral audiometry. This screening looks for how an infant responds to different sounds.Toddler ScreeningsIn addition to the above mentioned tests, toddlers may also undergo a play audiometry screening. This test uses an electrical machine that sends sounds to your child's ear. Different volumes and pitches are used while your child wears earphones. The pediatrician asks your child to do something whenever the sound is heard.Screenings for Older ChildrenChildren above four years old may receive a pure tone audiometry test and a tympanometry test that determines how the middle ear functions. Instead of determining whether your child hears, this test checks for pressure changes in the middle ear.With the multitude of tests available, hearing problems can be reversed if caught early enough. Ideally, screenings begin when your baby is three months old. Make sure testing your baby's ears early become a priority. Continue with screenings at each age level so you and your pediatrician can find any possible issues before the condition worsens.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Rules On How To Combine Work & Play!

People with good working habits can ensure one's productivity, but what if they cause family discord?
The key is balance. How? Mix work and play! ;)

Here are 3 rules that might work:

  1. If you have a scheduled business call while on a vacation with your loved ones, don't give reasons to go away to get your glasses, or leaving the pool, or use a bathroom etc... Honesty is the key.
  2. The more engaging the fun for your family, the lesser your absence will be noticed. So, be sure to give them one sure fun filled with engaging activities and focus.
  3. Let your family know a vested interest in your success such as by saying; - "If I get this chance, I'll take everybody out to a vacation. Take note, the office is just close to a theme park!" :)
Obviously, family occasions such as kids' birthdays, religious holidays, etc... should be left work-free.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Top Picks For Monster Speaker Cables

Have you ever heard about a top brand called Monster? When you talk about audio cables, Monster has maintained its image as the world's first premium pro audio cable since it was founded in the late 70's.

So, if you are in need of a monster speaker wire, choose the top-of-the-line speaker cables by Monster. Check the best sellers, and more items of other great speaker cable options available for you depending on what you need.

Any type of Monster speaker cables you end up buying means you are really assured you are getting the best quality.
No wonder why most audio professionals even trust them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Helpful Tips For Cruise Enthusiasts!

If you love to cruise, there are some things that could help you maximize a smooth, hassle-free cruise vacation. After all, all that we want is pure enjoyment, isn't it?

So, before you board your ship, here are tips that could help you get a smooth-sailing vacation and at the same time your money's worth.

  • Consider buying a travel insurance. Choose a policy that covers costs related to travel delays, emergencies and cancellations.

  • Search and compare excursions mostly offered by the cruise line, and explore them on your own. You can also set up a private tour with an outside company if you prefer it better.

  • Prepare all your paper works in advance such as your boarding documents for a faster checking in and embarkation.

  • Make early dinner reservations at the ship's alternative restaurants Otherwise, you won't be able to get a table. The cruise line website usually allows you to do it online before the trip.

  • Check their package offerings regarding excursions, beverages or wine, as some are only available online before you sail.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Popular Plugins By Waves

No wonder why Waves' audio plugin products retains their popularity to many avid users. It is because users are highly satisfied with the quality and the state-of-the-art effects in the field of recording and other audio functions.

Check these wide variety of waves plugins and discover why many famous groups and even well known producers highly recommend them. You can even check other products from equalizers and compressors to noise reduction tools.

So, go get your choice now! ;)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Many Benefits of Renovations for Homeowners

Homeowners today are constantly looking for ways to make their own space a little better. In addition to wanting their place to be more comfortable, they're looking for unique ways to add value to their homes. Some homeowners have figured out that it makes good sense to pay up front for a renovation. Renovating a home is a no-brainer for a few critical reasons. It's why more contractors are having success today than almost ever before. 

Renovating a home can allow that home to have more functionality. Homes built in the early part of the century were designed for the lives that people led during that particular period. They were designed with smaller people in mind. Lives have changed since that time, and today, families need much more out of their home space. Renovations can allow homeowners to have a home that fits in with the modern needs of a modern family. 

In addition to just providing homeowners with a better space to live their lives, renovations help to bring value to the property. You must think of the home selling process through the eyes and experience of the buyer. A home buyer will see many different homes, and most of those homes will be updated. They will be able to imagine their lives in those competing homes. If they come to your home and find that it's not updated, they have an easy metric by which they can eliminate your home from contention. The competition between homes to purchase is so tight that many home shoppers are looking for easy ways to eliminate items on their list. Don't be foolish by giving them an easy way to eliminate yours. 

Renovations also provide homeowners with a room that truly pops. Whether it's the kitchen of their dreams, a bathroom with a great tub, or a man room with a huge television, they can enjoy a room that truly stands out. Today's renovation experts know exactly how to create something special. Your home is your castle. You spend more time there than anywhere else. It should be a refuge and getaway from the rest of the stressful world. More people than ever are figuring this out, and contractors are encouraging them to learn more about the process to fully unlock the benefits of a home renovation.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Science of Scents

Some essential infos we should know about scents/perfumes.

Where to apply scents or perfume on our body:

  • Spray it on your pulse areas. Body heat accentuates the scent.
  • Spray it behind your ears, at the base of your throat and at the temples.
  • Spray it inside the wrist and in the crook of the elbow.
  • Spray it behind the knees and on the inside of the ankles.
Take note that certain perfumes smell differently on one person to another. It's because a fragrance's scent can influence the skin chemistry, stress levels, diet, medication and most importantly, the body temperature of an individual.
It is more recommended to test a perfume on a skin rather than on a blotter. Just apply a light spray to the inner wrist, giving a few minutes before smelling it.

Try no more than 3 fragrances at any one time! Otherwise, your nose gets confused. Try one on each of your wrist and the 3rd one on your inner elbow.

Store perfumes in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and heat. This is to avoid upsetting the balance of the oil which can change the scent. If you're switching scents with the seasons, store the off-duty bottle in the refrigerator's vegetable crisper.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A State-of-the-Art Compressor Pedal

Still searching for a bass compressor pedal for your studio outboard compressors, or one that you can use for your electric instruments, in either live or studio applications?

The Markbass Compressore Tube Bass Compressor Pedal is worth considering as it is considered to be a high-quality tube compressor pedal due to its state-of-the-art component quality. It has impressive features that do what it says.

The price is quite reasonable enough for the quality too! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Easy Way to Relax on Sunday Afternoons

It might just be short, but it will be all worth it! :)

Spend a few minutes on Sunday morning to make a to-do list for Monday. - "Do a mental dump and you won't be carrying anxiety around you."
You may now return to your previously scheduled weekend fun.

Read a good book. Reading for 6 minutes can help reduce stress levels by 68% as per a study done in 2009. It requires real concentration than watching a TV, and the distraction can help ease tension of muscles and heart.
Another option is listen to music which also proves to reduce stress by 61%.

Choose to have some home-alone time. You might ask your husband to take a daddy-kiddo bonding out, then take a walk, or an actual nap ;).

Monday, April 25, 2016

High Quality & Crystal Clear Sound Microphones

Musicians and singers are just but one of those who are purely focused and take care of their craft well. Successful ones are full of passion in delivering their music to the public. Singers for instance have to be very choosy in their instruments such as the quality of mics they use. The same thing is true when musicians perform. Performance is not complete without microphones, don't you think? ;)

Good quality microphone products are not difficult to find when you shop online as long as you are familiar with the features of what you are specifically looking for. Have you considered looking or buying audio technica microphones? Whether you are in need of a dynamic, a condenser or a windscreen type of microphone, you have some choices. Each item has specifications, descriptions and overviews including its features and customer reviews.
These will help you find the right one you need for your music.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eating With Benefits

We would always hear advices; - "eat healthy", eat veggies, go healthy diets."...etc! But what exactly are we gonna pick to get that nutritionally balanced diet while grocery shopping?

To Increase Energy: Pick beans, peas and peanuts which are good sources of magnesium. So, those who do work outs more often lose some magnesium through sweat. A deficiency may cause you to frizzle out more easily. Legumes give you RDA of 320mg; A cup of white beans has 134mg; and a cup of frozen peas gives 35mg.

  • Spinach - one of the best source of ironwhich helps gives energy-sustaining oxygen to your cells. Vitamin C-rich foods can be a good mix to your meal to improve absorption.
  • Quinoa - is a better substitute from white rice and breads that can cause blood sugar crashes which will leave you dragging. Quinoa is a complex carb that helps you give a steady stream of energy. It is one of the rare plant-based foods containing all 9 of the essential amino acids that our body can't produce for itself. Amino acids are important keys to building muscles.
To Fight Allergies/Asthma:
  • Tomatoes - it has lycopene that is proven to help reduce inflammation in the lungs and number of cells that secret mucus - both are responses to allergens. Eating highly concentrated sources of lycopene may help allergy sufferers breathe easier.
  • Vitamin D - Fortified Milk - People who have low levels of D are more prone to asthma and wheezing. Vit. D has evidences to prove basing on some studies that it has a protective effect against asthma symptoms and sensitivity to allergies. Salmon, tuna are also good sources.
  • Apples - they contain quercetin, a flavonoid that acts as a natural anti-histamine and block substances that cause allergy symptoms. The skin of apple contains majority of quercetin, so, you can eat the skin too!
To Boost Your Brainpower:
  • Berries - they have anthocyamins, (antioxidants that lend berries their hues). They help block enzymes that short-circuit normal communication between brain cells. You can go with a variety of berries since each type of berry has its own mix of phytochemicals.
  • Eggs - egg yolks are high in choline, an essential nutrient required to make acetylcholine - a neurotransmitter that helps with signaling between memory-supporting neurons. People who take in the recommended amount of choline levels were proven to be better in memory tests. Daily recommendation is 425mg. Two eggs have about 300mg.
  • Clams - give B12, essential for brain function. Good sources of B12 are also salmon, lobsters, tuna or beef.
To Improve Skin:
  • Oranges - are good for collagen production present in Vitamin C. Oranges are rich in Vit. C and can help against skin dryness.
To Brighten Your Mood:
  • Walnuts - they're one of the richest sources of serotonin, a chemical that helps create calmness and happiness.
  • Enriched Cereal - a breakfast cereal can give a 100% daily amount of folic acid; - a synthetic form of B vitamin folate. Folate can help reverse depressive symptoms for people who have low levels.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tips to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

There are plenty of ways to give your home an updated look. If you have grown tired of your home’s appearance, then it may be time to consider making some changes. Several changes can be made easily, and updates may not take as long as you would think. 

Plan Your Changes 
It is usually best to plan the changes you want to make before you begin your updates. For example, consider getting samples of several paint colors before deciding on a color. This will help you be confident of your choice before you make a final decision. If you are going for a dramatic change, then you may want to choose colors that are bold or bright. Neutral shades can also be an ideal option because they match well with many furniture styles. You may want to use neutral tones in some rooms and bright bursts of color in other rooms. 

Take Risks 
It is normal to be a bit nervous about making changes, but taking risks can be incredibly rewarding. If you have had the same decorations for several years, then you may feel hesitant to change them. Consider asking friends for their opinions. Friends who visit your home may be able to offer guidance. Sometimes making changes is easier with the help of others. 

If changing furniture and painting walls does not give your home enough of an update, then home renovation may be an exciting option. You may be able to update floors, counters and other areas. These updates can give your home a more modern appearance. You may be able to receive free renovation quotes to begin your updated look. 

Avoid Stress 
Make sure that you do not become overwhelmed during home improvement projects. When you are discussing your plans with others, try to be open to their ideas. Keep communication open with others who are trying to help you make decisions. Home improvement projects are worth the effort, and you will be delighted when you see the pictures of your final results.

Planning your changes before you make final choices can help your home updates move smoothly. You will be glad that you made changes when you are showing your newly updated home to your family and friends.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stop That Winter Static Woe!

Have you ever noticed (if not always), sometimes, as you take off your hat, your hair strands stand on end? You can actually avoid those hair-raising episode with these simple tweaks!:

  • Upgrade your shampoo - Choose ones that have more moisturizers. The more the hair is coated with moisturizers, the more it is protected from an electric charge building up. Look for those that have glycerin and oils.
  • Condition roots - it's always a good idea to condition your hair all over especially during the cold-weather months. This is to reduce friction between your strands.
  • Don't overdry - While blow drying your hair, don't go over a section of your hair multiple times. Hair that becomes too dry from blow drying will become more static-y!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Your Own Music Begins Here

Whether you are a beginner, or a professional, when it comes to music, learning is still continously on the go. If you are a guitar player for instance, you would always want your music to be more polished in order to improve, right? All music enthusiasts work on the same make their music become better.

As a beginner, you want to learn more about how to read or write chords, if you play certain musical instruments. A guitar player starts searching on how to choose the best instrument, and even would search on the best deals, sticks on the best guides, etc.

It pays to be persevering when it comes to reaching up your dreams so to speak. No wonder why many famous musical players nowadays are enjoying their fame because of their diligence in improving their own craft.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Best Way Not To Catch Illness While Flying!

Be highly aware of germs transmitted through shared surfaces, or those places that are constantly touched by many.
If you couldn't avoid touching those surfaces, be sure to wash your hands frequently, use a sanitizer and/or clean any surfaces with a disinfectant wipe. Also, be sure you drink plenty of water and be well-rested.

If you're in a plane, don't think it is the air quality or cabin air because it is mostly well circulated and filtered.

So, just keep enjoying your air travel ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Home Improvement Techniques That Can Optimize Your Residential Living Space

Although getting one's private living space is a dream that many homeowners have, the vision is often left unrealized. Whether you find that you're too busy to get started or simply don't know where to begin, you may have set aside your goals and objectives for home improvement. But now's the time to pick them back up. By utilizing some or all of the simple home improvement strategies outlined below, you'll likely be able to optimize your residential living space: 

1. Get All Your Home Improvement Products Together. 

The key to a successful home improvement project is making the whole process as organized as possible. To do so, be sure that you make a list of all the products you'll need to complete the project before you get started. If you're in need of PVD coating products, turn to Vergason Technology, Inc. This company offers excellent product solutions and exceptional customer service. 

2. Consider Hiring A Professional. 

Although DIY projects are not always a bad idea, it's still a good idea to consider hiring a professional when you're ready to start your home improvement process. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that home decorators typically have extensive education and experience in the field. As such, they can generally optimize and expedite the project in a manner that leaves your living space looking amazing with lightning speed. As you start your search for the ideal interior design firm, make sure that the company's professionals possess the following attributes:

-a great Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating
-stellar customer service
-excellent prices 
-high quality online reviews 

3. Invest In HVAC Services.

One of the reasons that an individual's living space fails to look good and function well results from aging, outdated HVAC equipment. However, you can keep all of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in great condition by investing in HVAC services. Doing so ensures that you will have a professional come out to your property and exact all of the repair and maintenance work necessary to keep your equipment working well. There are a variety of negative consequences you can experience if you don't invest in these services. For example, air filters become dirty over time and begin blowing impure air throughout your private living space. If this happens, you and your loved ones could become susceptible to a plethora of unwanted health conditions. 


If you're ready to take your living space from ok to amazing, this article is for you. Use the information and advice found here as your quick reference guide as you make positive changes to your property. Good luck!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Your Health Is Your Wealth

The famous line "health is wealth" is definitely true. Many health enthusiasts would surely agree because it is a fact! :) Come to think about it. Our health can be fragile if we take it for granted. We have to think and consider that our body has limits, particularly if we tend to overwork.

On the other hand, our body needs exercise as well. But no matter how we try to practice the habit of eating healthy, our bodies still need supplements for extra boosts. Most food intakes we usually get are not enough to help sustain our body against any illnesses and diseases. Proper exercise, healthy-eating habits and proper supplementary nutrition are the most ideal and best way to live a good, healthy lifestyle!

How about considering some nutritional supplements? If you are searching for the best supplements that are budget-friendly, try checking this link; - This site is prefect mostly for those who are working out like those who are body building or just into casual weight lifting, as well as a site to get some healthy food-sports nutrition, vitamins and minerals, and other health nutrition enhancers.

You can also check new discounted items every week, as well as new items in the store, so keep browsing!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Your Guide To A Perfect Denim-Fit

Because of our various sizes and shapes, choosing a pair of jeans may sometimes be tough for many. But if you learn the tricks on how to choose what's perfect for you, it would be easy to find your perfect fit.

If you are tall with long legs, try jeans with at least 36-inch inseam to get the best fit. Choose skinny, boot cut or cigarette styles to accentuate your gorgeous legs.

If you are tall and boy-shaped, try high-waisted jeans which can create curves in the waist and hips while emphasizing your long and lean silhouette. Also, try a style with back pockets that slant inward. They lift and enhance your backside.

If you have small waist and big butt, avoid jeans with too much embellished back pockets. Add a pair without pockets to your wardrobe too. Opt for jeans with stretch (like 4-5% spandex) They contour to every curve.

If you're petite and boy-shaped, go for ankle-length cuts. Avoid cuffing as it will make your legs look shorter. Choose also a low rise that gives the illusion of a longer torso and adds curves to your frame.

If you have full thighs and butt, choose ones with an outseam close to the front of the thigh, so it will help your thighs look thinner. Also choose a high rise with a fitted waistline.

If you have full hips, choose jeans that are boot-cut or slightly flared. Avoid baggy jeans as it will only exaggerate your size and conceal your beautiful figure. A hugging jeans shows your curves.

If you're short and pear-shaped, choose a trouser-cut style. The pleats streamline and elongate your figure.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Convenient Musical Kits

Musicians who always travel need some time to find a bell kit that would fit for their musical instruments for easy transport. I actually see many at the airport carrying bulky instruments, but with a proper protection, you don't need to worry about its safety and protection.

Why not consider checking some of these ones (click the link given above) and check them out? You can even browse some discounted ones including the holiday clearance items. Holidays are almost over, but there are still items that you can find online with good deals! Keep browsing!