Monday, March 15, 2010

Flower Power!

According to a psychological study, fresh flower blooms can cheer up people seeing them and making them kinder as well :).
In the study, a group of people were sent a mixed bouquet or a candle in a glass. Those who received the flowers said they felt more compassion toward other people as well as they became more enthusiastic at work too, than those who got the candles.

Blooms are ideal to place in the kitchen or bedroom so you'll be able to see them in the morning :). it's there when moods tend to be lower and flower blooms provide the biggest boost!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ways To Give Your Abs Some Turbo

  1. The position - Get a kettlebell hand weight and have your feet shoulder wide apart as you hold the weight in one hand over your shoulder, your elbow bent and your arm pressed against your side.
  2. The transfer - Carefully move the weight to your other hand. Make sure you keep your abs and glutes tensed (if you're doing it correctly, your abs will feel it).
  3. The toss - with the handle pointing down and the kettlebell in your palm, flip it over to your other hand. Continue to toss until you can no longer maintain the proper form (or you develop a hernia).

Friday, March 5, 2010

Does 911 Dispatch Emergency Help Right Away?

According to a valuable source, usually, they do not. Once the call has been answered, the decision is up at the end of the line if the call is a real emergency and figure out where you are (phone tracing) to pinpoint your location.
Funny, and may work and can save you on time ; - someone said tell them upfront you're bleeding to death inside a phone booth at the Stop-N-Go off route 1, then answer the rest of their questions knowing that the cavalry's coming.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Menswear 101 at the Wedding

Watch out grooms! Your wardrobe no longer has to be a "one-style-fits all" garb. Just make it sure your outfit should adapt with the time and setting of your wedding, whether it's formal or funky.

If it's an informal wedding, like beach wedding, a khaki suit paired with cotton poplin or linen is great. If weather is hot or your wedding is ultracasual, you can skip the tie.

For semiformal or cocktail wedding, lighter-colored suits are less dressy and ideal for daytime events; darker suits are more formal.

If the wedding is to be held after 6pm (formal) and the dress is black-tie, choose tuxedo. Some guys would opt for a regular tie also known as four-in-hand tie.