Monday, December 8, 2014

Gift Items For IOS Gears

'Tis the season for gift giving. Christmas is almost here! Soon, the Christmas rush shopping will be all around in every corner. And who wants to mob with the crowd when you want to buy your gifts the earliest time possible, right?

How about surprising your loved ones with Gifts for iOS & Recording, particularly musicians who deserved a special present this Christmas? For sure, it would be one happy moment they will experience receiving this holiday season.

Check those IOS gear items. There are tons and huge selections to choose from depending on what they need. Grab the free shipping offer while the deals are still on.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4's Inability to Connect to Wi-Fi!

Okay, so few days ago, my Galaxy S4 was acting strangely and I noticed it wasn't connecting to my wi-fi at home. I thought it was only a minor issue, so I turned it off, removed the battery, then put it back the wi-fi came on.
Until the problem came often to the point of turning it off and removing the battery no longer works! It sucks! :(

So, I tried searching Android forums for an answer. There were lots of suggestions including those who talked about complicated technical terms, - "root your phone", - "save zip file, and download it to your phone...yabba, dabba! etc...whatever.

There were suggestions luring me to buy different names of softwares as well. Those things who want to make business, it was a great opportunity, don't you think?
There was also a video that showed downloading a wi-fi manager on my phone from the play store, so on and forth! I found it useless and unsensible at can I download the stuff, if in the first place, the phone couldn't connect to a wi-fi? Forget that!

There were more complicated suggestions like upgrading my router, or changing the channels. I don't have any single clue of what are those techy terms as they become deeper as I continue reading the steps. So, I gave up. Besides, I don't think my router was the problem because all my IOS devices have strong wi-fi signals and were all working in excellent conditions.

The last thing came up in my mind when somebody mentioned about resetting the phone. So, I did. I just had to back up m contacts to my SIM card prior to resetting. There were no important photos in my gallery, so I let them go!

Hah! That did the trick! The phone went back to its default factory settings. And the wi-fi came back as strong as ever! :). The interface looked even cleaner after the reset, which is much better looking to me! This is one thing I didn't like with Android phones about their cluttered interface. Lots of menus to go through and keys to press, etc.
It was all about its camera features that I can't put down this phone. ;).

I use two Iphones, and 3 ipads and they never had problems such as this kind of glitch!
Well, there are no perfect smart phones, that I know. IOS devices such as iphones/ipads have their downs too, but having both an android phone and IOS smart phones perfectly fill up each other's downside features!

So far, I've solved the problem, and that's what matters most. :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Peavey Bandit 112 Black Friday Sale

Does your guitar need an amplifier? It's time to grab the chance of getting these amazing price deals online. You can definitely get it at the lowest available price yet you can be rest assured you still get that high quality features you've been looking for.

Check peavey bandit 112 and its outstanding features at a glance, then see it for yourself. You'll go a long way well satisfied with your music, and that's what matters most! ;)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bullied At Work?

Part of protecting your job and yourself is to stand up for your rights when you are being bullied at work. Nobody deserves to go through an abusive treatment at work, no matter how tough the economic environment is.

If you feel you are one of those victims at work, get to know the best strategies for halting bullying on the job.

>Bullying (subtle forms). - If you experience the following; - be aware and face them to protect your rights.

  • reprimanding staff in public
  • inputs are being ignored
  • being excluded in meetings
  • being given unjustified feedback/reviews regarding one's performance
  • using intimidating or threatening looks.
> How to respond. - Avoid being defensive and stay cool. Let the bully knows you disagree with him/her and try to respond more fully later. Let your supervisor or HR know the complete details of what happened through email, letter or any other means, stating your concerns, the date and the circumstances as based to the applicable policies covered in the employee manual.

> How to protect your position. - Know what your employee's handbook manual is, then consult a lawyer if needed, to understand further about your rights. If you're unable to get a lawyer due to financial constraints, try calling your local bar association for information on lawyers offering pro bono assistance.

>The best tactics to fight back. - Always document everything. Keep a personal log complete with date, time, locations, names, and details for each bullying incident that happened to you.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Rainsong Guitars

Here's one good site worth recommending if you are searching for a good and high quality made guitars online. If you are specifically looking for Rainsong guitars, whether acoustic, classical or nylon, you can avail Free Shipping if you buy online.

This offer won't last long, so why the wait, right? Most of the products are protected with warranties. You might also want to check the top-rated items.
Better yet visit the site today. More deals are available!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Wi-Fi Router Upgrade!

So, I played somewhat a geek one time at home...changing my old linksys wi-fi router to a new one!

Old Router
My old router had been acting strange lately. It could either stop and mess up all my wireless gadgets when I am at work online. I don't see anything wrong with my internet provider because we called the customer service and they said they couldn't find any problem on our area, and that the signal is working good. The representative over the phone was kind enough to teach us the technique to get the (old) router work back to normal by taking the cable wire off, then put it back after 12 seconds!
Well, it worked actually, but the router has been going on and off frequently than normal and I don't want to waste my time taking that wire off and on several times a day while I would be busy working.

I told the problem about this to my husband, and so we just bought a new one.

New router
We bought a dual-band smart wi-fi router with the same brand (linksys), and with a faster speed and wider range. What I like about it is that I can create a separate password-protected guest network, plus it can have the capability of turning on/off wi-fi access to devices I want to.
I thought I could be having a hard time installing it, but it was all a breeze...phew! That easy! happy and contented. It's working very well!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Health Insurance in NC

Choosing a good health insurance seems to be one tough of a challenge nowadays. With the healthcare getting a chaotic change nowadays, we are not even sure if we can ever get a security for our health the best way we want it to be.

How many of our insurance providers nowadays are credible enough to protect us, our health and our family? If we ever get one, will we be paying our money's worth?

What is it like to get a health insurance at Burlington, NC? Is it worth it? Of course, nowadays, we need to be cautious and alert. That is why one of the most important steps to do is to know the existing health insurance rates before getting one.

You can get your quote right away online, - hassle free! Check it out today!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Easy Job Hunting The Smart Way!

Finding a job is one tough challenge, especially if you want to work in a setting you love to be with.

Some ideas you might one to consider:

  • Try logging on to levoleaguedotcom for professional advice from experienced industry leaders. Try joining a 30-minute video chats called "Office Hours", then don't hesitate to ask questions.
  • Meet up in person and find the right fit through the help of aggregated groups sorted based on location and featuring titles. Check meetupdotcom for more details.
  • Apply for a job with your resume' at careerbuilderdotcom. If you use a tablet (ipad, etc..) go to tabletdotcareerbuilderdotcom for more details.
Happy job hunting...goodluck! ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A DJ Service For Your Wedding Celebration

A wedding day is a couple's special day for many memories to cherish in their lives! So when it comes to celebrating it, it should always be one where everybody will have a blast of fun, right? Think about a bride's "dance with her father moment" with the best choice of music surrounding the air. Or probably a wacky dance number of a mother and the groom too! And then a dance for all, or a song number the couple would never forget.

If you are planning for your special wedding day, why not start from here and take it from there? Remember, the celebration is one of those highlights many are looking forward too! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Search for an Ipad Air's (longer) Lightning Cable!

So, two months ago, I thought of putting my Ipad Air within my reach close to my bed so that I could read before sleeping. Sometimes, I do my work searches online while on bed too, so I wouldn't miss my favorite TV program. The only thing annoying is that the cable is too short for it to reach the bed from the charging outlet. The longest lightning cable from Apple store is 2 meters.

Then, I thought of buying one online for 8 meters long. Price wasn't bad, so I was happy when I saw one.

I also bought one for my Iphone 4S with the regular cable with the same length. After 3 weeks of use, the lightning cable no longer works! I discovered after I upgraded my Ipad Air's IOS, that was the time I discovered it no longer works! It was upsetting.
So, just a word of advice for Apple couldn't just rely using non-Apple product accessories with your gadgets because it would only be a waste of money. 

I went to the Apple store and told them my experience about it, and they told me the only recommended product they have is Belkin for accessories...cable, casings, etc. I asked them if they have longer than 2 meters, but they don't have one. Ugh!

So, I didn't have any choice but to buy the cable. Why couldn't they make a longer one, if they wouldn't even recommend other non Apple products in the market? They just so overly cautious with their products, but they are always slow in making some more accessories for their products for longer charging cables, or probably longer battery life! These are just accessories, but it could be a big deal for many customers who need one.
Just my opinion!...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Reviews On Studio Headphones

One way of getting a product before you buy them either online or at the store is to be always vigilant when it comes to listening or reading customer feedbacks and reviews, right? I am a regular shopper, and I get a lot of positive experiences just by reading customer reviews for an item I would like to buy, particularly when I do online shopping.

If you are planning to buy a good headphone, it is so easy to see a lot of them everywhere. So many brand names, styles, models, prices, etc. It is a good way to give you a better chance of choosing what really works for you in the end. But how about the quality?

Being open to certain feedback and reviews will be a big help to get you that best headphone you are dreaming of. Just read full review of some of studio headphones on the link provided and start from there.

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to Conduct an Effective Business Lunch

A successful business personality knows how to get work done in any restaurant. As long as you have the right strategy and approach.

  • Begin and end the lunch with a firm handshake because you don't want to put out a limp hand.
  • Choose restaurants that are conducive to talking, so avoid trendy ones as they are often too dark and noisy.
  • Wise choice of foods is also a vital consideration. As much as possible, no drinking of alcohol at lunchtime, then choose something that can be eaten simply, NOT to the point when you all end up slurping oysters! :)
  • It's okay to have chit chats a bit then be always very direct to switch back the conversation business and say like " so, tell me what you're interested in doing" or "what is it we can do for you?"
  • If the lunch is getting tense, try injecting some humor.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Step-Solutions To Protect Your Memory Longer

Forgetting some things can happen at times for all of us. They say it's normal to be forgetful once in a while particularly if you 've got a lot happening on your brain.
But while you are still much away from being in your senior moments, did you know that memory loss can affect people as early as in their 20's? And if it doesn't stay corrected as early as it starts, it may continue as you age becoming it worst.

Thankfully, taking some few easy and helpful steps to help ward off that brain fog can ultimately help your memory improve.

1. Don't skip carbs especially at breakfast. Your brain cells need carbs so they can stay at their peak form. Try whole grains and other complex carbohydrates because they are digested more slowly, and so they can deliver a steadier stream of glucose. An ideal breakfast would be a slice of toast or a whole-wheat muffin with a scrambled egg and cup of berries to jump start your day.

2. Exercise can also help you increase your blood flow to your brain getting in much needed oxygen and glucose for fuel.

3. A certain research says that if you are using a one type of font on your memo such as a Times New Roman for instance, it's time to try a different one, like those that are slightly difficult to decipher font. It helps you improve your long term retention. Focusing on a new font can also make your brain processing center work a little harder upping your recall. A good example to use would be a Comic Sans ;).

4. Do you always forget where you parked your car everytime you are in a mall or in a grocery store? This exercise might help and try it; - get out of your car and try to notice where you parked, then try moving your eyes side-to-side every half second for 30 seconds while standing in your place. As you practice this simple eye movement, it helps you increase your long-term memory by up to 10% according to some researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University in England.

5. A new study also found out that drinking in moderation may actually lower your risk for memory problems. Researchers believe that alcohol's anti-inflammatory properties maybe the cause.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preparing For The Allergy Season!

 Spring is fast approaching. And pollen can be out there anytime soon. Here are some tips that might help to soothe any irritations on your skin. I do get some allergies a lot. :(

If you have itchiness and redness;
Try using a daily serum with linoleic acid. It might help to search this product online to know where you could buy them. This product strengthens your skin's top layer keeping allergens from penetrating your skin.
Include the habit of washing your face as soon as you get home so allergens won't sit on your skin.

If you have red nose;
Sneezing and stuffiness is caused by inflamed nasal passages so frequent nose wiping irritates your skin.
The redness you're having is also probably due to dryness. If you blow your nose, do it gently and use soft, high-quality tissues. A good recommendation is to use an anti-redness moisturizer that contains niacinamide to help boost hydration and reduce inflammation.

If you have dark circles on your eyes;
Eyes can be itchy due to allergies making you rub them more often. Frequent rubbing can darken skin over time. Under eye puffiness is also caused by fluid retention.
Ask your doctor about eyedrops that may help alleviate the symptoms so you would less likely to rub. Try avoiding a lot of salt intake, drink a lot of water and sleep on your back more often to prevent eye bags. Use an eye cream with chamomille which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

You Must Love The Cloud Technology!

The "cloud" technology might still be a big question mark for many, but hey, c'mon, everything else is turning into digital technology nowadays. It is now making working routine styles much easier, right?

So, what's about the "cloud"? The idea is simple. Your files that you used to be storing it into your hard drive or flash drives can already be stored online as well. Cloud is the most ideal back up for you in case your hard drive crashes, or you happened to lose your flash drives. And of course, many cloud offer free services too.

I can strongly recommend as I use it a lot for some files I need when I work online. It offers 2GB online storage space for free. It also offers bigger storage spaces with subscription fees. The best thing I like about its features is that it can be synced to all my devices (iphone, ipads and my PC.)

You can also consider using from Microsoft for free. You can upload your files to their website with password portected feature. It gives you 25GB free online storage.

If you are a music fanatic and love collecting music files, you can store all your music from any computer online like Amazon's Cloud drive. This one works like Skydrive but it can automatically upload your music files. You have 5GB free storage and if you want an unlimited music storage, you can have it for a fee of $20 a year. offers unlimited access to millions of songs online for a minimal fee of $10 a month. You can access them either from your PC and smartphones.

For photo sharing cloud sites, you might wanna consider Picasa Google's photo software where you can share your photo albums with your friends. It gives you 5GB of free storage. is also another photo-sharing site but with a subscription fee. For $25 a year can get you an unlimited storage.
 There might still be a lot out there but it takes patience to find them online. Whatever gives you the ideal features you need would be worth finding it in the end ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Having A Cocktail Party?

Some valuable tips on what to serve when you are planning for a cocktail party.

Just don't overdo but keep everything in balance.

You can limit the options by making 3-4 hors d'oeuvres and serve them with conviction. Don't try preparing too much and then exhaust yourself serving them, and can make your guests feel perplexed every time another tray is served one after the other.

Consider bite-size foods which need contrast. For instance, if you're considering serving pigs in a blanket, pair it with a cooling sour-cream and mustard dips since they can be quite salty. Some spiced meat patties can go well with pieces of mild, crunchy lettuce.

For guests trying to be virtuous, try offering fresh veggies.  You can also try baking some store-bought fresh gnocchi in a 400-degree oven for 10 minutes on each sides. Organize them into a bowl and scatter with coarse salt.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel Smart by Conair (A Review)

With all the tough struggle searching for a roll-on carry on, I finally found one which I thought I can use for my trips to carry my tote bags.

I was looking for one that is foldable and can be carried inside my tote bag when not in use.

I ordered this online, and so when I received it, I discovered the size was too big to be placed inside my tote bag even when folded. :(

It can carry up to 75 lbs of weight, so this is quite great since I'll only be using it to carry a tote bag. It has 3 inches smooth rolling diameter wheels and can be stretched up to 16.5 inches to 35.5 inches in height for convenience. It includes a bungee cord but I don't like. It's kinda useless when you all have to carry is a single tote bag that would make the cord too loose and only is ideal to use bigger travel bags and when you are carrying 2-3 bags on top of each other.
Another thing is that the cord is only equipped with 2 hooks on both ends and I find it quite risky to use as it has a high possibility of snapping off out from the hook and can harm you or other people around. But just in case, I am still keeping the bungee cord as a reserve if ever I need to use it.

I have several travel tote bags that I want to use because of their multiple pockets for organizing my stuff. But the fact that they become heavy carrying them on my shoulders particularly when I have long trips is really a burden on my shoulders. I always love to travel light with the help of my tote bags, but the thing is that how I wish they can be convertible, - like from shoulder bags to roller carry-ons.
I saw some bags like this but they are too bulky to carry on my shoulders, and some don't have straps ideal for carrying on the shoulders.

I'm still not giving up on this cart though. It has a lot of potentials. I haven't actually use it yet for my trips but I had some tests trying it on with my tote bags and how it feels dragging it. Wheels are good, handles are great and seems sturdy.

Let's see, I might as well use it for bulkier travelling bags for domestic travel.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Ipad Air's Bluetooth Keyboard From Zagg!

*My Ipad Air's Bluetooth Keyboard From Zagg!
For more than a couple of years, I've been buying Zagg products for my Apple gadgets...mostly accessories.
I first bought a Zagg sticker cover for my Iphone 4S and screen protector covers for both my Iphone and Ipad 2, and I have proven their products to be durable and tough.

I also bought Ipad keyboard covers for my Ipads 1 and 2 and use them for long trips. Until now, they are still  strong and doing good!

So recently, I bought this keyboard cover with backlit display for my Ipad Air. The price is worth it. ($99.) It's a  bluetooth-enabled KB and is easy to pair and connect.

I can say, this is much better than the Zaggkeys Folio because it is not bulky. I always want my gadgets protected with something lighter and convenient to carry and place in my purse without eating a lot of space, particularly if I go for long trips.

It comes with a 1 year warranty but it's not a main concern for me because I believe on the product's endurance and durability ;).

By the way, it also came with optional rubber feet soles that you can place at the back of the KB in each corner. I used it as it prevents the cover from slipping easily when placed on an uneven surface.

What I love most with this KB is the backlit keys in interchangeable colors that can make me type a lot more conveniently in darker settings. Serving as a cover protector, it is thinner with 14% smaller than other KB brand competitors.

It has a micro USB charging cable and the good thing is that the KB has a long lasting battery power that can last as long as 3 months between charges.

I already am using the KB right after I bought it without even charging it and until now, battery is still strong!

The pivoting hinge is great at any angle which makes it a great help using my Ipad as a laptop ;).

Just take note though that when you use your backlit display more often than normal can use battery power more, so be sure to use the backlit keys wisely.

So far, so good for this amazing KB. I am happy and contented, no questions asked! :)

Sent from my iPad

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ipad Air! - A Birthday Wish ;)

*Ipad Air! - A Birthday Wish ;)

When hubby asked me what would I want for my birthday, I didn't get any idea what to have. It took me at least 3 days thinking about it, lol!

And knowing myself, I love gadgets, so my mind went on to focus on thinking about gadgets :). So on the 4th day, I finally made up my mind...Ipad Air! {P}

There's not much of a big difference comparing my Ipad2 to that of Ipad Air except for the size, weight, display and resolution. But the fact that it's now lighter and more compact in size, I chose to  have one. I still prefer the screen size compared to that of Ipad Mini because I am not really that comfortable writing online in a mini sized screen. My husband has the Ipad mini which is really very convenient to carry it along for long or short trips because of the size and weight, but doing a lot of writings, website updating, etc...for me, it isn't practical using the mini.

Ipad Air has all the features that I need rather than the want, and it is serving me well!

I also like the clear HD and retian display when viewing my photos and reading my e-books. I thought I would prefer playing games in it as well with the HD quality...

I couldn't complain, it's great and with faster surfing and downloads., HAPPY! ;)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Should You Be Sharing Your Personal Life At Work?

It's not bad to open up with your co workers sometimes, particularly if you already trust them. But some controlled discretion on your part should still be considered at times, especially if you're sharing your private life with friends within your workplace.

Before becoming personal, know what's safe to share and what is not. You can start by assessing your workplace's culture background, then consider the following scenarios;

If you're struggling with health issues:
If your condition needs your time off from work to seek medical care, it's always best to tell your employer about your diagnosis or write a letter to your HR department if you prefer to avoid emotional conversation. It's also okay to open up with your close co workers, but skip discussing specific details.

If you're not happy at work:
Take note just to disclose those selected details if you're not sure your friend can be truly trusted.

On the other hand, a new perspective might be just the one you need.

If you had a hangover:
If you had it the night after, it is better to keep mouth shut! :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Caring For Your Vintage Furniture

Your old wood furniture at home deserves a tender loving care as well, whatever its finish. You can restore its luster by cleaning it with a damp cloth, put a thin layer of paste wax and rub it in a circular motion, following the wood grain.

Buff it after 15 minutes.

The fresh coating will then help your furniture become protected against scratches and water.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hot Deals From Reid Supply!

Better yet check these lid support products online offered by Reid Supply. These various types of cover stays are made with heavy duty materials of steel, zinc plated.

You can either choose to get lid supports that are suited to perform a medium to heavy duty lifting depending on your needs. It would also be so much easier to narrow your search results by using the product details provided on the site online, to get the exact requirements you are looking for. Easy isn't it?

Besides, prices are super budget friendly...this is the best chance for you to get them particularly if you are buying by bulk.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tips on Creating a Beautiful Landscape For Your Tough Terrain

Having to manage a tough terrain can be challenging, but despite that, did you know that you can create a beautifully sculpted, usable oasis for your home?

Consider constructing some retaining walls to impossible-to-mow hillsides. Usually, to those spots that stand more than 1 ft. for every 3 ft. of a distance (terracing).

You can create ground covers such as putting plants clumped together with deep root systems to make your terrain slope-friendly. They will hold the soil in place. It's also a good idea to put drought-tolerant species of plants at the top, and water-loving plants close to the base.

You may want to flatten those jagged rises and fill the dips in between by using a multi-purpose compact tractor with a box scraper attachment. This is the easiest way to do it.

If your lawn is sloped with large rocks and trees, you may want to use a zero-turn rider. It has an easy to maneuver steering wheel control making it more stable and secure on a hilly terrain.