Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Treat and Trick ;)

So, it was our second to the last night dinner on our 10-day Caribbean cruise via RCCL. It has been fun the whole time dining with people that ultimately became friends.
The best thing was that we were very well taken cared of by our friendly waiters (who are Filipinos, by the way) and they happily obliged to fulfill my special requests of serving us Filipino dishes!

Anyway, we all got the best treats in dining, and most of all, one of the best tricks I saw, performed by one of our waiters. Of course, I was wondering and tried asking how did he do that, but he told me to try it, lol!
The first one (photo above) was that he was able to balance a standing toothpick on a cork bottle of wine with another toothpick (tip to tip) using 2 forks. Then, he added another toothpick on the other side (2nd photo) so that there were 3 toothpick tips touching with each other. Take note: - the forks are not touching the bottle. The two toothpicks were attached to the 2 forks though. It made me kept wondering...lol!

If you know this trick, can you explain to me the scientific behind it? I think it weren't the 4 forks balancing each other, right? That was a nice trick there! Wow!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Experiencing Samsung Galaxy Cam - (EK-GC110)

Few months ago, I started seeing a lot of advertisements about this camera. Then, there was somebody I saw on facebook posting about hers when she got one. Then, curiosity struck me again...(oh no!)

The fact is that I bought this camera first before I decided to buy my Samsung S4 thinking that this one had the front and rear camera feature. I also tried to ask about this feature from Best Buy where I bought it but the sales assistant wasn't aware of the features it has. So, I bought it anyway, only to find out later it didn't have the dual camera mode!

But on a positive note, I thought my money was still worth the buy because most of the features are what I needed for my frequent trips. Most of its features are the same with my S4 except for the dual cam mode.
This camera has 23mm wide zoom lens; - a powerful zoom, optical 21x and 16MP.
Equipped with a super HD clear LCD of quality photo, it proved its way out. I got the high quality clear photos I was aiming for.

I like its wi-fi enabled capability as well, which can be used as a little PC when you are connected to the internet. This makes it better and much more easier to share my photos direct from the cam to my favorite social media sites with family and friends.

Feature wise, I can't really complain...it serves more than its purpose.
I do love the different shooting modes. There are 15 types of modes to choose from depending on the type of environment the photo would be taken.
Whether you prefer to use the expert mode or just the simple (auto) mode..you choose! Just by selecting the auto mode, the camera automatically adjusts everything by detecting the surroundings of the environment where you are taking the photo.

But believe it or not, I haven't tried every feature of it yet. I still have to figure out how to use the proper appertures, shutter speed, etc...

Someday, somehow, I have to spend more time on photo taking sessions just to get the right technique ;).

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fireplace Mantels

It's just feels exciting when you are starting to move into a new home and you are into the process of designing its interior aspects. Have been there. ;)

If you are looking into enhancing your fireplace as well, you might want to try considering to find a fireplace mantel online and get the chance to browse all the designs. You can either choose to customize your design or just simply choose from the designs available from the store.

You won't regret paying your money's worth for a better home, don't you think?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

For A Good Cause!

Every year, I give away stuff that I no longer need....clothes, small items, old and slightly used clothings, etc. This would be my 2nd year giving away electronic stuff like this old but still reliable printer/scanner by Lexmark.

It still works good, except for the scanner. I scan a lot of documents and photos, but I can't go on with my work unless I needed to figure out and fix it, or rather buy a new one. It still won't work no matter I got the CD back up with it when it was newly bought. Repairing for the scanner is a hassle for me as well. Since it served me for at least 5 years or more, I decided to get a new one and had to let this go.

After all, I believe this still can be of great help for those who need yet couldn't afford to get it. This printer has still a lot of good potential. Printing and photo copying. 

It's nice giving it away for a good cause! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Having Rough Days at Sea?

If you happened to be having motion sickness while at sea, the following tips can help.
I've experienced having rough days at sea during one of our cruises, but thank goodness, I didn't have any vomiting which is usually the major cause of motion sickness. Although I get dizzy, it's just that's it...usually a normal body reaction when the ship gets really rocky!

Some advice includes:

If you're cruising, get out of your stateroom and seek for fresh air. (there is less movement at the middle part of the ship). Watching the horizon might also help.

Take small amounts of full sugar soda can ease the feeling such as Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc...and if you have vomiting, take some dry crackers, and avoid drinking alcohol.

Try to stay preoccupied or get busy.

If you're in bed, turn your AC to cold then cover yourself with blanket. Be sure that the air circulating around you should be cool.

Take Bonine (Meclizine) with caution especially if you are taking tranquilizers and/or narcotics. It's because Bonine can cause additional drowsiness. Take 1 tablet every 12-24 hours.

If the above fails, get an injection  for excessive vomiting which is usually a symptom of motion sickness.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rabbit TV!

Have you tried this one? 
While I and my husband was shopping in a department store, there was a small shelf in a corner which says "As seen on TV products", so out of curiosity, we didn't mind taking a look around. So, I saw this one on the shelf, so I thought I want to try it. It was worth 10 bucks, so not bad, since the features seem to be good.

I installed the RabbitTV into my laptop's USB port and installation was a breeze. Just follow the simple instructions and you're good to go thereafter :).

You can then watch a lot of TV channels and movies direct from your computer. But do take note that this only works with a high speed internet access. So, be sure you have your own internet access at home or wherever you may want it to play. 
I only tried this once, when I tried searching one of my TV regular show that I missed one time, and indeed I saw it there. Episodes are there as well, so you can never miss any show if ever you haven't watched one of  the episodes in a certain day.

On the package it says there are 5,000 free TV internet channels you can watch, but I haven't counted them...lol! So, I guess, what you see is what you get when you read its features.

The only thing you have to take note though; - the package only comes with a free 1 year subscription service. So, if you love the service, and you want to continue it for another year, you have to pay $10. They have 5 years subscription service as well for $9/year.

I think this deal will be worth it for those who are movie and TV fanatics, as well as for those who are music lovers! Yes, it can also pick up radio stations, so expect to hear tons of music as well. Quite an awesome deal if you are on a tight budget I guess. You only pay as long as you want, that simple!

Not bad! I still have more than halfway of a year to enjoy it. So, I am taking the chance right now ;).

Monday, November 18, 2013

Guide To Mums - For Beginners

As you know, mums are one of fall's favorite flower ;).

Follow these steps;

Check plant tags and cross-reference with already opened blooms so you can maximize bloom time. Start buying plants as they start to break bud, usually when night temps drop, (around mid-September).

You can actually save more by choosing darker shades like bronze and burgundy. They also look better longer. Same is true for mums with double, as opposed to single, daisy-like blooms.

Buy the bigger plant...what you see is what you get! They thrive perfectly in the sun, but if you're planning to compost them once show is over, it's okay to bend the rule ;).
Choose soil that is moist but never wet. When it's cooler, check it at least every other day, and do check it daily when weather is warm.

Fertilizers are not necessary. Remove the faded blooms to give way for more buds to open and you'll have that perfect color you always love. :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Is Your Backyard Tick-Free?

Did you know that most ticks lurk in the woods and woods line? So, make sure you make a 3-ft. wide barrier of wood chips, gravel or mulch between woods and lawn, - this helps isolate them, especially if you have a huge backyard.

Leave at least 9 feet of unused lawn inside the perimeter barrier. Most ticks tend to stay in this area.
Ticks love to stay in the shade, so free your lawn from leaf piles and keep your grass short.

Be sure firewood piles are away from your yard, because mice (they carry ticks) mostly like to build their homes in firewood piles. Set your bird feeder away from the center of your yard which can lessen your risk. Birds can also carry ticks as well as mice and deer which eat on fallen seeds.

Play equipments should be placed within the 9-ft. zone and put wood chips under it.

If you hae vegetable garden in your yard, put a deer-proof fence on your entire yard. Be sure you have flowers that are deer-resistant. Ask your nursery plant assistant if you need help getting one.

A deck or patio can help you avoid ticks on the lawn.

So, don't get bitten! Tick-proof your backyard.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Real Estate in Louisville, KY

Whether you are thinking of finding a new home or relocating in Louisville, KY or just wanting to sell your home and moving to find a home in the same place, louisville ky real estate is worth checking out.

It's so amazing that nowadays, with the power of online searches through the internet, we can conveniently search the perfect homes we are dreaming home even in the comfort of our own homes with helps from our own laptops and smart phones! ;) Louisville KY real estate home listings are equipped with maps, photos, and virtual tours of each home you will be viewing, so you don't actually need to urgently do actual visits to the searches you do.

Happy home hunting! :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

My Samsung Galaxy S4

So, finally I was able to get the S4 from Samsung. Right after pulling it out fresh from the box on the day it arrived from the mail, I took photos on its various angles including the box...( I love the color design of the box, by the way).
This is a delayed post...am guilty as charged! LOL! As you can see the date marked on the photos, that was the date I actually received the phone. So, it was 5 months ago. So sorry that I am a bit way backlog about this, but better late than never at all ;).

I actually didn't buy this phone because I badly need it...it was out of curiosity that led me to get one, due to feedbacks I frequently hear and read from the news, telling that it is now the top phone used by many, some says it's now the no. 1 phone, surpassing the iphone,....blah, blah! I couldn't say anything about those without actually having one, so here it is.
Of course, with those features that the iphone didn't (and couldn't) have were the strong points that S4 became increasingly more popular, with a cheaper price.

So now being an S4 user (officially), - I love the dual camera mode in taking photos with its front and rear cameras while taking photos two scenes at once. 

There are more camera features it has comparing it to the iphone such as the drama shot, the sound and shot mode, and the phone's ability to create a media and story album, right directly from the phone. Honestly, I haven't tried using all of these features yet, particularly the air gesture command features. I tried the smart scroll feature one time, but it made me dizzy reading online stuff, so that didn't impress me much.

One purpose that I got S4 was because I can play and edit photos the way I want it since the device is equipped with many photo settings. (although the most recent IOS update for iphones has now been added with more photo setting choices as well.)
Second, I can extend more storage space with its built-in microSD slot. While iphones would depend from icloud for extra storage space, it is still limited unless you are willing to pay a subscription service to get more storage from icloud.
But still I would be always at a high risk of malwares using the S4 once I am online. Luckily, I was able to purchase and downloaded Kaspersky anti-virus software for mobile security (Android).

I don't find the group play convenient for me as well. I do download games sometimes, but I don't like share plays at all. I do play solitary games for past times only.

It would be nice sharing the complete features of S4, but that would be a long post. Another thing is,- there are more of its features that I haven't tried using yet.

Until now, I still find the S4's interface more cluttered too. S4 can have tons of amazing features in a cheaper price but with lots of buttons and icons to push, touch and swipe, it sometimes lead to confusion that I would end up going back and forth, making the task much time wasting and search longer. Iphone's interface is much more clean and organized. Easier to find what you are looking for, and thus much faster to finish whatever you want to do.

So, and still. the reason why I am currently using my iphone as my primary contact device. 
But since I travel a lot, S4 is definitely one good back-up to use when I travel out of the country because I bought an unlocked one.

There is no bad phone so long as it does its purpose! ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dancing Classes in Houston

If you are an exercise enthusiast or one who loves to dance and currently Houston-based, you might want to consider doing Pole Dancing Aerobics class...how's that? ;)
It's actually considered to be a more complete exercise for the body to help build and increase your body endurance, flexibility and build your body core strength as well.

It should be fun and it's not that difficult to find dance lessons Houston-based fitness studios in the area. Inner Me Fitness can probably be a good place for you to learn your steps as you take your lessons that could totally benefit you and fulfill your passion with it.

Pole Dance Classes seem to be interesting. You can join classes as beginner and learn the various styles of pole moves. Each class has limited number of students allowed, but private lessons are also available if you prefer.

Try them out!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fireplaces By The Fireplace Element

If you leave in the Bay area, it is reasonable enough to have your own fireplace at home. Don't you think? I've been there several times during my previous trips, and being a tropical person, I know how I would bundle up whenever I would hang out somewhere ;). Most of the time, it's cool if not too cold particularly during the late evenings.

No wonder it is not that hard looking for a Fireplace Design in Bay Area. The more choices, the better it is to find the ideal style for your home. Whether you would prefer an electric fireplace, a gas or a wood fireplace, each category has its own various styles.

It is also interesting to consider putting fireplace inserts in your home if you wish. It's one of those modern ways of installing a fireplace nowadays. And it all depends on the style you want as well.

But if you still prefer choosing a gas fireplace, no problem. You can either choose to have the classic type, or the modern type with various choices of subcategories to choose from. You should start browsing the photos and see them yourself ;).

Sunday, October 13, 2013

How To Handle Your Mail Pile - Fast!

Before tossing your junk mails, be sure you're not exposing all high risk documents that would end up on you, - being a victim of ID theft.

Get the habit of having a shredder or a recycle bin nearby while sorting your mails and choose what to toss and shred.

If you need to clean up old documents and need to let them go, such as old credit cards and receipts, bank statements, or any documents containing your social security number,...any legal stuff, shred them!

Instead of opting to receive bank statements from the mail, you might just try to go paperless such as setting up your online accounts with your banks and  sign up for electronic statements instead.

If you receive a lot of junk mails, request for a removal of your name from the mailing list such as those from marketing materials, catalogs, credit card and bank saving offers and applications, etc...

One site that can probably help will be dmachoice.org or you can search for more online.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Comfortable Shoes For Women By Schuler Shoes

Our feet deserve the best treat. They are one of the most important part of our body, so why not give them the best care daily? Are we buying the proper protection for our feet?...like shoes, sandals, flip flops, etc...sometimes, we just ignore the fact that we are buying the most dangerous foot wear for our feet without even noticing it.

Why not consider buying comfort shoes for women by Schuler Shoes? A shoe brand for more than 120 years, Schuler shoes has proven its excellent track record of creating amazing selections of comfortable foot wear not only for women but also for men and kids. They are high quality designs that are mostly made to relieve foot stress, and even for ankle and knee stress supports. 
The good thing is they have various designs for the shoes that you want from casual to sporty designs. All you have to do is choose! ;)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brookstone's iConvert Scanner V2

Few weeks ago, I happened to go into Brookstone store at Columbia Mall just to window shop...well, I ended up buying this scanner for my iPad or iPhone. This exclusively works for Ipod touch (4th gen. only), Iphone 4 & 4S, and for ipad1 and ipad 2, and 3 only.

I thought of getting it because of its portable size and is lightweight. It can be carried all along even when you're traveling. It can be carried into your backpack which only has 12 inches in length and 4 inches width. It also comes with a power cord, a manual and some accessories like calibration sheet, lens cleaner, roller cleaner and a protective sleeve. You will know all the uses of each of those accessories included once you read the manual which also comes with it :).

In order for this to work on your apple devices (for those only mentioned previously), you have to create an account with iTunes and download the free scan app by Brookstone at the Appstore. Once done, it will give you the step-by-step prompts scan and has options to save or delete your scanned documents.

For iPhone 5 + users, you can request for a pin connector for compatibility on the pin connector slot (this is where you connect your device while standing upright.

iConvert is very ideal to use for scanning documents, photos, expenses reports, receipts, etc... I have tons of documents that keep piling up and I want to get rid of them. Once I can get to scan them and save it on my files, I can just dispose them to give more space for some other stuff on my cabinets and tables :).
Just take note though, that your document should only have a limited size width of at least 2" to 8.5". More than that wouldn't work.

Scanned documents are automatically converted as JPEG files and can be saved directly to your photo library (if you wish to) on your device, and has a scan of high-resolution 300dpi for clear, crisp images.

So far, so good. I've already scanned my documents that I usually use for my writing. (blogs) such as those brochures or information that I need to take note on my travel blog. Cool stuff! ;)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Conventional Foam Pet Beds

Our pets are part of our family, so they deserve the best. I am a dog lover, and have been wanting to get one. But the fact that we travel a lot would not be the perfect time to have one. :(

But for those who have pets at home, here is some good news worth considering in giving your pets a treat they truly deserve. How about getting them a bed for pets here? There are a lot of various styles so you can choose the best that they would enjoy sleeping into it.

Isn't it so heartwarming to see your pet tucked in to his favorite bed and seeing him sleeping so soundly? Time to upgrade doggy's bed. What do you think?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reading A Sunscreen Label Correctly

Trying to get a sunscreen lotion thinking it's the best brand can be quite confusing at times. If you're trying to stock up for your kids, there are some few important information you should consider before you reach that sunscreen bottle as well.

Here are some smart points on how to read a sunscreen label:

The expiration date on the bottle is not actually the "real" expiration date once the sunscreen bottle is opened. An opened bottle is good for 2-3 years regardless of the expiration date! If you're unsure when did you buy it, toss it and get a new one.
Take a note though; - that if one bottle of sunscreen lasts you the entire summer, you're not using enough.

Be sure to read the active ingredients of the label as well. Here, you can find the type of sunscreen used. For chemical formulas, the active ingredient is mostly avobenzone (considered most effective), octocrylene, octisalate and homosatte.

For a mineral sunscreen, active ingredients can be titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or both.
If you have smaller kids, a mineral sunscreen is an ideal one for them. It's chemical-free, s even if the kids licks it off from you or from their bodies, there's no absolute risk of illness ;).

Take note about the SPF number as well. UVB rays SPF no. tell about how well you are protected from a sunburn; while UVA rays SPF no. tell you about how well you are protected from skin cancer and wrinkles. So, watch out for the difference.

An SPF 30 or higher and is labeled "broad spectrum" protects both from UVA and UVB rays. Anything lower than that means you're basically have nothing at all.

How much should you have? 
If it's a cream, at least a shot-glass worth should be used on your body, and at least a teaspoon on your face every 2 hours.
If it's a spray, mist in zigzag motions, then rub it in. Re apply as needed.

There's no such thing as "water proof" sunscreen...a fact we should know.

FDA's recent labeling rules have clarified how long a sunscreen lasts while you're in the water. Formulas are now labeled "water-resistant" which can protect you for up to 40 minutes; or "very water resistant" which can protect for up to 80 minutes.

If you have sensitive skin, choose labels with hypoallergenic and fragrance (and PABA)-free which can be located on the front or back label of the sunscreen bottle. If you're prone to break outs, choose oil-free and non-comedogenic.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Keep Your Cool Man!

Basing on a certain study, switching your hands in doing some of your daily tasks can be a nice trick for keeping your cool.

For instance, if you are right handed, use your left hand or vice versa like brushing teeth, opening doors, in using your computer mouse, holding and drinking from a glass, etc...

The study found out that exerting your physical control that you need in performing daily tasks with your non-dominant hand can actually strengthens your emotional control.

This is cool. It should be fun trying it. :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Bad Habits - Get Away From It!

At times, there are those things easier to say than doing it...True!..this always goes when it comes on how to break up from bad habits, tell me you're not guilty! :)

But did you know that the key to breaking a bad habit is to fully understand it?

There are at least 3 essential step processes that might help. Of course, it might not be a complete 100% helpful for some perhaps, but these steps are the basic important steps that would help you keep moving on to the right direction.

First, start making a list of the things that trigger your impulse to indulge into the habit. Include the date and time of the day, what you were thinking about, your feelings, where you are and who are those around you. This is important to help you start seeing pattern in the cues.

Second step, - reroute your routine once you have identified the triggers and train your brain to follow with a new smarter habit. It wouldn't be as easy as it is because it takes lots of conscious efforts as you do it at first, but later on, your brain will get used to accepting the new pattern.

The third step is to get indulged moderately. You don't have to go cold turkey!

Yes, you can do it!!! :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Creative Web Help Desk From Zoho

A business company, in order to be successful has to be very efficient in delivering excellent customer service. Take note that customers are considered to be the essential aspect of the company's growth as well, financially and credibility wise.

With proper customer support function you would always be gaining your customer's loyalty. That is where a lasting relationship is built between you, your company and your customers.

Creating a help desk to solve your customers' problems or just mainly giving them helpful answers to their questions is an important aspect that shouldn't be ignored.

If you think your company needs one, or perhaps it needs an upgrade before it's too late, why not check Zoho Web Help Desk? There are some interesting and amazing features you will get to know once you have read more information about this help desk software. You will be able to analyze later that the features are all of great help in organizing and prioritizing your incoming and outgoing responses on support requests that you will be having.

Gone are the days where you continue to do repetitive tasks, the traditional way. You will be able to save your valuable time, and avoid overloads as you deliver customer support to customers who are in need.

As a start, you can sign up for a free plan and see how it works for your company.
Zoho has tons of applications to consider as well, from collaborative apps, to business and productivity apps. Check them out!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Palm-Size Speaker!

I was able to get a speaker as big as this size!...it's a size smaller than the palm of my hand ;). I needed it due to the fact that I travel a lot, so just this size is quite handy. I can easily place it in my pockets or even in a smaller purse.
The brand is "Go Groove" - Blue Sync Ex. You can easily find it online and price is very budget-friendly too. It comes with a user-manual and a USB cable for charging. (battery is built-in and rechargeable).

It easily synces through a Bluetooth technology and is designed with an expanding resonance chamber with an optional 3.5mm connection. The user-guide is easy to follow. You need to pair your device with it in order for it to work.
This is really a cool stuff. I use it with my Samsung Galaxy tab whenever I watch movies in there and it does its purpose very well. Volume-wise, it can be as loud as a full-volume stereo! :)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photive Powerbank Emergency Charger

As a frequent traveler, I carry most of my gadgets with me...phone, ipod, laptop, ipad, camera, etc...I have been into that experience when my phone got run out of battery and I couldn't even find an outlet at the airport because there isn't any single free one that is not in use. So, I thought, I am not alone in having dead phone or laptop because most people in the airport are too!

Anyway, I am glad there are options. I purchased an emergency charger that I can use with my phone just in case it will turn dead again! 

Photive powerbank is compatible with most mobile phones including iphone, mp3/mp4 and even gaming device like PSP/NDS, it has a capacity of 2600 mAh and only weighs 80 grams. This is one of the important features I love with this charger because of its size and you can even put it inside your pocket, and just the size of a lipstick cover.
I already tried it with my ipod classic that hasn't been charged for a while, and charged it for an hour, and it had 90% full battery up again. I was able to play for like 30-40 minutes more and still battery was still almost full after that.

It comes with a USB cord cable. Attach your USB cord to your PC or ac adapter to charge it. You notice that there are 2 different holes on it. The smaller one at the bottom is where to connect your USB cable cord to your ac adapter  in order to charge it. The bigger hole opening is where you where you attach your USB cord to your gadget to charge your device. The round shape button-like in between these holes is a LED indicator which shows the remaining battery power of the charger. 

It also comes with an instruction manual and instructions and it is simple to understand...as easy as 1,2,3 :).

I haven't tried it with ipad or notebook. (I have ipad and Samsung galaxy tablet, but it seems it would only work best with phones and smaller devices. It also wasn't mentioned in the instructions if tablets are allowed. I don't wanna risk it. 

I no longer have to join the mob with people who are scampering around desperately to find an outlet anywhere I go. Before I go for a trip, I had to be sure my emergency charger is fully charged, enough to call people in case of emergency without worrying my phone going dead at the middle of our conversation.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Samsung Chromebook

So, finally I decided to get another net book that I could carry with me for travel. I got two laptops that I left in the Philippines since my last vacation, and I decided to leave it there for something to use when I go back.

I was eyeing to buy one that should be lightweight and doesn't occupy a lot of space in my carry on bag.

Went to Best Buy and I got Samsung Chrome, the fact that it is ultra thin and light and the price was perfectly right for my pocket ;). I got it for $216.99, not bad.

But keep in mind that this laptop does not have much of the many features that you see on a full-featured and more pricey laptop that many sell today at the computer store.
So if you want a laptop that is thin and light, ad want to use it mainly for a simple internet browsing and simple writing online, then this might be one ideal to get.

Here are some of the things you have to be aware of when buying Samsung Chrome:

  • It doesn't run with other operating system such as Windows or Mac. It is also exclusively run by Google Chrome.
  • You can't install software elements such as MS Office or Adobe Photoshop, etc...
  • There is no CD or DVD port player, but there is one USB port to connect your camera or other USB port-enabled devices. There is also an SD card slot provided just in case your camera uses SD card.

     - OS: Google Chrome
     - CPU: Exynos 5250
     - LCD: 11.6" LED HD (200nit)
     - VRAM: Shared
     - Memory: 2GB (DDR3L 800MHz)/ON BD
     - HDD: e.MMC 16GB (On Board)

It comes with a power cord, and a basic start instructions manual.

The only thing that is not good for me on this is, it doesn't have the capability to read publisher files. It can read a word doc file, but I haven't tried using it with Excel or powerpoint, so I can't tell if it works or not. I don't use power point and Excel too in my work.

Also bought a protector cover, ideal to use for protection when putting it in a bag while traveling.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Easing Your Heartburn Quick!

If you start feeling a heartburn, drinking 4 ounces of water will help dilute the stomach acid and will flush it back down into your gut.
If it doesn't work, try chewing a piece of gum or sucking a hard candy. They can both increase the production of saliva that can help neutralize acid and relieve the pain. Just be sure to skip the mint candy as it can relax the stomach muscles making the acid easier to flow back up to the esophagus.

It may also help to take a 15-minute walk after eating which can also help your stomach empty faster and making its contents move in the right direction. :)

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bankruptcy Consultation For Free!

If you are on a financial stress that is no longer manageable, is facing foreclosure, too many bills that can't be paid, lost your job, etc... you have to seriously think about options and solutions. These may mean you need to file a bankruptcy.

But it is not as easy as saying it. Bankruptcy law is complicated so that there are certain steps you need to be aware of before filing. It is essential to know the facts and the effects that it can have on you or your family.

Are you not glad that there is such a free consultation bankruptcy? This is a good starting point for you where you can get to find and choose a bankruptcy lawyer representative in your area. You should also be aware that depending on what state you are currently at, bankruptcy laws can be different from the other, the reason why you need a legal representative to help you.

Friday, June 28, 2013


This is one of those apps I installed when it comes to organizing my photos as I take them. I had some few apps that I downloaded for free but it didn't give me the features that I really need. I was looking for a photo organizer where I can actually remember when the photo is taken and can attach them directly on which date were they taken. It works with both iphones and ipads but no syncing. And by the way, it costs $1.99 at the appstore :). But it's worth it!

Photo-365 is in a calendar format where every photo you take can be automatically filled in the current day on the calendar or you can choose to download photos you took previously from your camera roll and put them in the corresponding date when the photo was taken. 

There is an option on the settings to choose whether you want to download one photo a day or unlimited photos. Of course, I chose to download more than 1 for a day. Each photo can be captionized. So, more or less, this app can be used as a photo blog too! It is mostly ideal for those who captures a lot of photos and then organize them in such a way that you remember when the photos were taken.

You can also choose to share it or make it private (with a password). Cool, isn't it?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rent, Buy & Sell Textbooks

You don't need to spend lots of money buying textbooks, whether for the purpose of your school needs or personal ones. Nowadays, it's always a smart idea to be always practical in life. Getting a better higher education can be practical too, just like when buying, selling or renting things, such as textbooks.

For instance, you can buy books online where you can save, or rent them to even make your financial budget much more manageable, or you get to have several options too, like if you need to sell them online if you got a lot of them and no longer need them. That's a practical idea worth doing!

It's either you save in having one or you get cash from having them ;).

Just check http://www.becksbooks.com and see it from there.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Giving Your Comfort The Proper Way

Surprisingly, the most common lines we usually hear people say when somebody is grieving or sad are not actually the right things to say. Like the following below for instance...

When a friend or a person is sad, we usually try to cheer him/her up. This actually feels irritating because it makes you feel dismissed! The proper way to do it is; - ask how he/she feels.

According to Val Walker, a grieve educator, avoid preachy lines like "God never gives us more than we can handle"...it can help, but not for many (at least for that time). It is better to speak from what is inside your heart.

Avoid words like "I know just what you're going through"...because you just don't! Instead, say like "I can only imagine what you're going through".

Offer other specific forms of help such as "I'd like to bring dinner over tonight", instead of telling "Call me if you need me." No one likes to ask for help in times of bad loss or grieving!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Motorcycle Protectors

It's seems Mr. Summer can't wait any longer. We are now on the last few days of Spring, and yet the heat is starting to take its peak. It also means lots of outdoor activities...in the beach, pools, road trips, and yes...lots of motorcycle drivers on the road as well ;).

And speaking about motorcycles, you have to bear in mind that summer can be very harmful for them from the scorching heat of the sun. If you don't have any shade or garage at home or you just simply run out of space as to where to put them, it's always good to have motorcycle covers as protection.

Worth recommending are those waterproof covers to protect your motorcycles all season.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Are You A Good Wedding Guest?

I am sure many have the experience of being a wedding guest. But it's because you are invited as a guest in a wedding doesn't mean there are no rules of etiquette you should consider. You are invited to witness, so be a good one ;).

If you received a invitation for instance, RSVP immediately. Don't wait until a week or two before the wedding because it is inconsiderate. Just say "no" if you can't rather than being silent for a while which is often more frustrating for the one inviting.

Don't bring a date or a companion unless it is indicated on your invitation you can bring one. Asking to bring one is not ethical!

Arrive at least 30 minutes early before the ceremony. But if you are late, make sure the bride has finished her procession to the altar before you come in.

Respect the couple's chance to share their professional photos first before you decide to upload your photos to any social networking sites. 

If you want to leave, do it politely. Be sure to thank the hosts or let anybody close to the couple know you're leaving if the couple is busy enough for you to approach them.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Environmentalist

This guest post from Lewis Beck

It’s really important to me to be a good citizen of the earth. I believe we were all put here for a limited amount of time and that we should leave the planet in better shape than we found it but there are times when society makes that really hard to do. Here in Texas, for example, we have no shortage of gas and natural gas power but I don’t believe it’s a resource we should squander on our McMansions and whatnot. I don’t think it’s smart to drive a Hummer just because you can afford one so I do what I can to use solar power at home and I’ve even installed a small wind turbine in the backyard to try and harness the power of wind. My vegetable garden loves the compost I keep and that’s just another simple way I think about giving back to mother earth. I hate wasting anything and I hate making trash – I used to go through at least two or three trash bags a week – so now I try to buy organic and only throw away things that absolutely cannot be reused. My friends all think I take it a little too far but I think recycling is the first step in giving back and I want to eliminate the carbon footprintI’m leaving if at all possible. Who would have thought after all this time I’d adjust to a life with little possessions and a healthy respect for the environment? I used to be a hairspray shooting, Styrofoam using person and now some of my friends describe me as “earthy.” Me, earthy! I feel good about how I’m giving back and I know that someday all these good deeds are going to come back to me twofold. My future children will than me for being so considerate of the planet we all have to share and leaving the world better than I found it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Google Glass - Really?

I was watching a TV news one day, and I saw a feature about Google glass. At a first glance, or knowing the features, I said...that's cool! (Click google glass link above to see how it works!)

I am not a techy person, but basing on how it works, it can be needy. It's like...nowadays, people are busy, and as much as possible they wouldn't want to carry something bulky with them..like camera, tripods, etc. particularly if you travel a lot as well. So, I can say, this is for people who are into cameras most of the time, and using it "hands free" is a convenient way to do it.

But, it seems this one got its idea from Siri of Apple. It's like you talk and it does all the work for you. Only that Google glass has features that expands beyond what the Siri does, like tell the glass to take a video and photo and automatically it does take a video!
You can tell Siri to take a video for example, and it takes you to the camera settings, and yet you still have to manually operate your iphone camera to the video settings and turn it on yourself to start a video. I am not sure if Siri for Iphone 5 does the automatic video though.

Google glass as of this post is still not available on the market. Applications for those who want to try it are already closed. 

It seems it would be nice to try it anyway, don't you think? I wonder if this would be worth the money. But I wanna have it. Of course, you wouldn't know if it's really worth it without buying one and trying it. So, you know what I mean? :))

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"They've Got You Covered!"

Promoting a business needs serious planning and design. For instance, one effective way to do it is through trade shows. But product displays need some techniques in a way by which customers can easily spot your company. In business promotions, you don't need to think complicated designing or planning, or decorating. A simple but customized printed table cloth for example can attract customer's attention.

Common sights we can see nowadays are hotel conferences and conventions where customized printed table cloths are being used. It's even easy to find tradeshow printed table cloths nowadays. You can get the best design or quality of cloth you need without compromising your budget. As easy as 1-2-3 when you order!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kaspersky Tablet Security For Samsung Galaxy

Last week, PC downstairs showed that KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) is expiring in a few days! I trust KIS so much, and all my laptops and PC's are KIS-protected.
So, it was time to renew, and ultimately upgraded the PC to Kaspersky Pure for a better...amazing features! {wink}.

Another option on the upgrade was an additional CD or electronic download  for Kaspersky Tablet Security, and I was like...wait a minute, I definitely need this for my Samsung Galaxy 2.0. I didn't even know that this exists for tablets. 

I was a bit apprehensive downloading it on my tablet since in the first attempt, it hanged up. I used an electronic download for this one, and the back up CD came later from the mail. It was like...what if this won't work on the tablet, and it was quite a bit pricey.  But with the second attempt, it finally went through. Whew! My money was worth spending afterall!

Now, it relieves me thinking about my tablet's security while I surf online. Really, it picks up bad links most of the times. Good thing there are only few annoying spywares that came, and no virus! KIS of course screened those bad links and threw it all away ;).

Now, tablet is squeakingly clean! ;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Happy Feet!

I usually get my shoes online. It is not only convenient but I can be a lazy bum most of the time ;)....and, I can easily find my right size that easy online. But there are few instances wherein I had to give 2 pairs of shoes to the goodwill last year because they are hurting my feet. The other pair gave me blisters...ouch!

I saved one pair because it is one of my favorite. The fitting is perfect but the only downside of it is that I get backache wearing this one. My husband suggested I might be needing cushioned insoles which can be bought in the store. It actually works after getting a pair on my shoes.

Now, I know where I can depend on to when I need one. You get the best deals online...look spenco shoe inserts and you can see all choices depending on what type of comfort you need for your shoes.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

One Stop Shop For Hotel Supplies

Managing hotels, resorts, restaurants or other business establishments that require lots of supplies can be tough and challenging. But if you have one partner supplier that you can count on, business will be well controlled and gets smooth as usual, don't you think?

Hotel Supply Online is not that difficult to find nowadays. Rather than buying your supplies actually in a store which can be big time hassles, online stores help customers make business transactions far way more convenient. Oh, and most hotels nowadays don't manually shop. :)

I have been in Atlanta twice and stayed in big hotels twice as well :). I have seen their gorgeous equipments, from wide-size pools and work out gyms to sets of toiletries and supplies at mini bars! I won't wonder why.
Atlanta Hotel Supply must deliver tons of supplies to numerous huge hotels in the neighborhood. And I agree that being a hotel supplier means owning tons of various supplies from floor cleaning equipments to bathroom tissues! Actually, all supplies involving all aspects that are inside the hotel. It's unimaginable, but it's such amazing that hotel suppliers can be able to provide all those supply services.

Hotel Bar Supplies are one of those aspects that need focus as well. Most hotel customers love to hang out with some drinks most of the time...some sort of relaxation after a day's stressful work. I am one of those living witnesses how a hotel bar can be so crowded at night. I don't drink, but since I am a frequent traveler, I get to experience walking through it at times.

So, don't forget to always check your supplies often. If you ever run low, you know where to go :).

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Facebook - Who Else Is Checking Your Status?

When you go into your Facebook account, what are the stuff that you share? Are you all out in the open?...like sharing everything? Photos on your lavish vacay with friends, status, etc...?

It was after I read an article that I stopped wondering why many job applicants deactivate their facebook accounts during their job searches.

Did you know that even that health status you post on your profile can be used against you? And health insurance companies nowadays are really scrutinizing their beneficiaries through social networking sites, (not only facebook) and unknowingly on your part, they can be that "fly on your wall"!
Yes, it's a shocking practice, but many of them do it. There are cases when they misinterpret what you share and you can end up being the "bad" person, causing them to deny you of any insurance benefit.

Just be careful about revealing any thing related to your health woes online.

Behind the hard truth is that many employers and insurance companies feel that doing this is one responsibility they have to do as a protection of themselves financially, which they believe that by using social media with their research is doing their due diligence.

Surely, you think your profile is safe but social media (like Facebook) are always changing their privacy setting defaults that can sometimes risk your hidden photos being easily become searchable online. So, be sure to check them from time to time and privacy protection works well enough so long as you use it carefully and correctly.

It's nice having a lot of friends but sharing things about yourself comes with a responsibility of knowing which ones should be shared and which ones are not.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Debt Settlement Lawyers in Canada

Too much debt can lead to disasters, and can ultimately destroy not only your future but your family's future. If you have trouble paying your monthly expenses, or your credits are way too much to bear, it's time to take action!

It's time to find a credible debt settlement lawyers such as the Law Office of Cockburn & Associate LLP. They have an office in the US as well, so both Canadian and US residents can take advantage of their services.

The firm is under the leadership of Shelia Cockburn, and has led her staff in helping their clients in many recent settlement cases. She and her team had settled millions of debts and has been garnering positive experience reviews from their clients who were able to get out from debts and bad credits.

Nobody wants bad credits, right? If you have one, it is NOT a thing to ignore. It needs a serious solution and should be done the soonest.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking For New Homes in NC?

I have heard a lot about people loving to stay in NC. Some of our friends that have been retired have nice awesome views of their homes facing the beaches. I have been wanting to visit NC someday and enjoy the summer along the coast. I really consider that a much needed restful vacation if ever I get the chance. Well, it is close to the impossible that I'll be able to move to NC anytime soon...lol!

But for those that are trying to start a family there, or moving into the state with a new home, perhaps you would want to consider checking into Jacksonville area. You can check http://www.jacksonville-nchomesearch.com to start searching, and for sure, their representatives will be more than willing to help you once you get in touch with them.
It's a quicker search, the sooner, the better that you can get that dream home of yours! :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Momo Note From Appstore - My Review!

Photo copyright by Itunes

Photo copyright by Itunes

Another notebook/journal apps that I installed both on my ipad and iphone is called Momo Note. It costed me $4.99 thru Appstore, thinking that the features would surpass Memory Hive. But there are some downsides of this app comparing it against Memory Hive. 

First, the price of this is way too expensive in relation to what it gives, feature-wise. I got Memory Hive for .99cents, and the features of it are far much better than this. 

Next, it has a 500MB storage capacity and there seems to be no additional storage being offered (not unless til the next update). 

Next, you can only attached photos, while memory hive can attach both photos and videos.

Momo Note can only synced your posts from your iphone and ipad to its online site, (momonote.com) but posts you made from your iphone can't be synced with your ipad, and vice versa. (not unless til their next update, if there will be.)

The feature I like with this app is that you can post your memos/posts even when you're offline, and can automatically be synced when you are connected to the internet. This is the only feature that is of great advantage when you compare it to memory hive, because memory hive needs internet when you post your memories.

Another minor advantage that it has is the tag feature. The tags can help you search your older posts when you want to find them, while memory hive doesn't have that feature. But this feature isn't a big deal for me, because memory hive has still a search feature with corresponding dates if you want to find your posts.

By the way, I am using memory hive as my basis of comparison because both of them have almost the same features, except for those I enumerated as comparisons.

This post is bases on its current updates, and better and additional features can add up anytime. They seem to be constantly updating the app, (which is good). Hoping someday, somehow, my money would become worth it as I wait for more updates! ;)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Memory Hive - A Review! ;)

When it comes to productivity apps, you can see me using tons of those from the Appstore. ;) I am really big on trying apps such as journal apps or online diary apps that I can use ideally to store my multimedia and at the same time can use them to store my journal posts. Of course, I am also big on the privacy and security issues, so consider me kinda choosy, but I have probably a lot on my ipad and iphone several apps now because you know the fact that you can't give any feedback unless you try them, right?

Okay, so I got memory hive, and so far my favorite. The first time I downloaded this app, there was some kind of storage issues I sent to the developer. It was surprising that my concern was responded promptly and willingly fixed the issue. (Thanks Kent.)
As a token of appreciation for letting them know about the storage issue not posted on the appstore, I was given a free 500MB to use in addition to the free storage that is already provided, so now, I have 1Gb ;)...sweet!

I got it for .99cents, and with the price, it is more than worth it for the outstanding features that I have been looking.
With it, you can already store your photos and videos. You can post multiple photos (or videos) in each memory or post you are making.

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive 
Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

Photo courtesy from Appstore/Memoryhive

One big feature I like most is the privacy issues, so this one is set to 100% privacy by default, but you can choose to share yours in public if you want. It also gives you the ease of sharing all your memories without any pressure of  adding friends or connecting to other people, but it is easy sharing it through facebook! 

Another outstanding feature...if you accidentally deleted your app on your phone, you won't lose your data because they are automatically synced or backed up instantly to its website online, (memoryhive.com), whenever you post your memories  Once you have this app, you will automatically be obliged to create an account to login. So that you can even use it online on your regular PC if you need to. 

Download it with ease on your iphone, ipad, ipod 2nd-4th generations. Not sure if this app is available for android users, but I tried searching it on the Google Play and Samsung Apps...not there! Let me know if it's there, I probably need it for my Galaxy tab :).

Want to add storage space? It's gonna be $9.99 for another 500MB  remote storage for one year, expensive...yes!!! But I still love the features. :))

Anyway, just sharing! It would help others who need a journal app for storage of memories they don't want to forget.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Free Movie Downloader For Android?

As usual, I am still having a hard time working on my S Galaxy Tab 2, this time finding some good apps to watch free downloaded movies which I can use to watch even when I am off line. With hundreds and even thousands of apps out on the Google play store, I haven't even found any good ones yet.

Recently, I was able to get one from the play store called BitTorrent app. I usually read reviews as well as check on the download frequencies before I install certain apps on my tablets. It had a lot of positive reviews on it, and has more than 5 million downloads, so I thought of giving it a try.

After the installation, I followed all the instructions for the movie downloads, and luckily it was working. There are some things I noticed during the downloads though. First, the downloads are not that smooth, and get stuck at the middle...like it just stops. It is slow. I have to wait overnight or some hours before download is done. So, while waiting for the download, I shifted on to my PC to work online. It was weird, but my wireless internet on my PC keeps stopping and slows down. I checked my router and it was okay. I checked my ipads and my iphone, they were reacting like my PC. (they are all wireless).

Then, I have learned that the BitTorrent app was actually messing up my wireless signals. So, I said this is not good. I already was able to download 5 movies before I was able to figure out about the messing up issues. So, I immediately uninstalled the application! My wireless signals went back to normal.

I checked the downloaded movies, and 1-2 of the movies were like pirated movies. It was just like recorded on the movie theater. It was then that I have also learned that the application doesn't filter the movie links that you can get. So that when you attempt to install BitTorrent on your Android tablet, you have to make sure you have an antivirus software installed on it. This application is highly at risk of putting a malware on your tablet if you are not careful about the movie links.

So to make the long story short(er), I didn't find any movie downloader that comes out clean and secure for my S Galaxy. As of now, I have decided to keep apps that are for movie mainstreaming purposes. The good side is that they have the apps called "Crackle" and "Viewster" where I can watch free movie anytime. Both Android and Apple got these apps so I installed them on both of my tablets (Android and Apple). The only downside for these apps is that I can't watch movies while off line. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Amazing Professional Photographers

I always strive to be a good photographer at times, but of course, obviously I could never be as good as a professional photographer. Some friends of mine are really good at it, even though they haven't had any formal schooling. It makes me think that you don't need to go for a formal photography school in order to be considered professional. There are some people who are gifted with that special eye of an art when it comes to photography,I believe.

If you are based in North Carolina, and you're looking for professional photographers for your future special occasions, it would just be a breeze looking for photographers in raleigh nc. By the way, they do good when it comes to wedding photo shoots! I saw their works, and they are so cool. The uniqueness is extremely obvious, so you might just want to check them out.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Be Boastful!...(Without Bragging)

Who doesn't want praises? Many of us love to receive praises from others. When it comes to business etiquette   you would probably wonder why there are only a few who stands apart from other job seekers. It's probably because they know where do they put themselves in an ethical manner while at the same time, they can be aggressively keeping a boast of themselves to their employers without appearing to be bragging.

For instance, if you are on a job hunting mode, always find out what your prospective employer is interested at before you start handling your resume' out.

Instead of talking all your way about the litany of your accomplishments, just simply say; "I'm quite happy; I got my dream job!". It can serve as a positive buzz fro many without boring everyone.

No one has the time to read lengthy lists of your accomplishments. so be sure to have emails and letters that are brief and concise. One important thing to consider when it comes to posting your status or comments on a social networking sites like Facebook!; - Never announce a raise or survival of layoffs, etc...as your status update! Also, don't try to one-up people with your comments or links.

Speaking up in meetings or spending a regular business time with your superior to give your achievement updates or accomplishments is a good way to remain visible.
Cc'ing through emails about your progress will also get you noticed. Just be sure you won't be overdoing it such as avoiding cc's on every little things. In this case, don't include the boss of your boss :).

Never do name-dropping no matter how tempting. It's a serious misdemeanor!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Better Check Your Doors...and Knobs Too! ;)

It is funny, and you won't probably believe this, but it's true. One of my bathroom doors in our house in the Philippines was installed slightly crooked! How I wish I had taken some photos of it while I was there. It was also an ordinary door knob that are of lower quality. I hate to say this, but this is what you get when you choose to get a house in a mass housing community in the Philippines. The fact is, we ended up buying and replacing house parts that have better qualities. We paid up more on them, but they are all worth it.

Next project would be buying door knobs for that bathroom door upstairs! It would be another thing worth looking up to for our next vacation. I see many designs and styles. It's another challenge playing "mix and match". ;)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ipad Mini vs. Galaxy Tab. 2 - Review (Part 2)

This would be my second batch of review regarding the mentioned gadgets that I both have of course! ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a blue tooth wireless keyboard  and a 32GB SanDisk flash memory card for the Galaxy 2  from Amazon. The keyboard costed to 31 bucks (way much cheaper than my Ipad's blue tooth keyboard) and the memory card costed $20.49.

This is how the keyboard looks.

The keyboard has a leather protective stand case bag cover, and the window-shaped styro is the sleeve pocket where you put the tablet. I can't complain on the casing because it's a real leather, but it obviously bulky when you want to carry it with you in a tiny purse.

Now the keyboard....
It is made of rubber that whenever you press the keys feel like you are pressing a rubber filled with air! The keys are way too small as well, that a single fingertip can press 3 keys which takes me a while to type some short paragraphs because I end up re typing errors.

Photo Comparison of Galaxy 2 and iPad 2:

Galaxy 2 wireless blue tooth keyboard
iPad 2 wireless blue tooth keyboard

The ipad keyboard costed like double the price of Galaxy. But quality wise, ipad 2 KB is way much better. The ipad keyboard acts as a cover case as well, and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for enhanced protection and is sleek and slim. By the way, the iPad 2 is bigger in size than Galaxy Tab 2 of course, and the size is more or less the same with iPad mini. But the wireless keyboards of both the ipad 2 and mini are made of the same materials and quality. ;)
iPad 2 cover case and wireless blue tooth keyboard in 1.

I also bought a protective case cover for the Galaxy Tab in the Philippines, and I wouldn't quite be surprised that it was exactly copied from that of an ipad mini cover case!

Protective case for Galaxy Tab 2 (it's bulky).
I have one for my ipad mini which is colored red and exactly the same with that above. But I haven't taken a photo on that for the mini because my husband liked the iPad mini a lot, and so he decided to adopt it and made it as his own..lol!

(part 3 will be continued on the next post!)