Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Treat and Trick ;)

So, it was our second to the last night dinner on our 10-day Caribbean cruise via RCCL. It has been fun the whole time dining with people that ultimately became friends.
The best thing was that we were very well taken cared of by our friendly waiters (who are Filipinos, by the way) and they happily obliged to fulfill my special requests of serving us Filipino dishes!

Anyway, we all got the best treats in dining, and most of all, one of the best tricks I saw, performed by one of our waiters. Of course, I was wondering and tried asking how did he do that, but he told me to try it, lol!
The first one (photo above) was that he was able to balance a standing toothpick on a cork bottle of wine with another toothpick (tip to tip) using 2 forks. Then, he added another toothpick on the other side (2nd photo) so that there were 3 toothpick tips touching with each other. Take note: - the forks are not touching the bottle. The two toothpicks were attached to the 2 forks though. It made me kept wondering...lol!

If you know this trick, can you explain to me the scientific behind it? I think it weren't the 4 forks balancing each other, right? That was a nice trick there! Wow!