Monday, December 16, 2013

Experiencing Samsung Galaxy Cam - (EK-GC110)

Few months ago, I started seeing a lot of advertisements about this camera. Then, there was somebody I saw on facebook posting about hers when she got one. Then, curiosity struck me again...(oh no!)

The fact is that I bought this camera first before I decided to buy my Samsung S4 thinking that this one had the front and rear camera feature. I also tried to ask about this feature from Best Buy where I bought it but the sales assistant wasn't aware of the features it has. So, I bought it anyway, only to find out later it didn't have the dual camera mode!

But on a positive note, I thought my money was still worth the buy because most of the features are what I needed for my frequent trips. Most of its features are the same with my S4 except for the dual cam mode.
This camera has 23mm wide zoom lens; - a powerful zoom, optical 21x and 16MP.
Equipped with a super HD clear LCD of quality photo, it proved its way out. I got the high quality clear photos I was aiming for.

I like its wi-fi enabled capability as well, which can be used as a little PC when you are connected to the internet. This makes it better and much more easier to share my photos direct from the cam to my favorite social media sites with family and friends.

Feature wise, I can't really serves more than its purpose.
I do love the different shooting modes. There are 15 types of modes to choose from depending on the type of environment the photo would be taken.
Whether you prefer to use the expert mode or just the simple (auto) choose! Just by selecting the auto mode, the camera automatically adjusts everything by detecting the surroundings of the environment where you are taking the photo.

But believe it or not, I haven't tried every feature of it yet. I still have to figure out how to use the proper appertures, shutter speed, etc...

Someday, somehow, I have to spend more time on photo taking sessions just to get the right technique ;).