Saturday, December 7, 2013

For A Good Cause!

Every year, I give away stuff that I no longer need....clothes, small items, old and slightly used clothings, etc. This would be my 2nd year giving away electronic stuff like this old but still reliable printer/scanner by Lexmark.

It still works good, except for the scanner. I scan a lot of documents and photos, but I can't go on with my work unless I needed to figure out and fix it, or rather buy a new one. It still won't work no matter I got the CD back up with it when it was newly bought. Repairing for the scanner is a hassle for me as well. Since it served me for at least 5 years or more, I decided to get a new one and had to let this go.

After all, I believe this still can be of great help for those who need yet couldn't afford to get it. This printer has still a lot of good potential. Printing and photo copying. 

It's nice giving it away for a good cause!