Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Environmentalist

This guest post from Lewis Beck

It’s really important to me to be a good citizen of the earth. I believe we were all put here for a limited amount of time and that we should leave the planet in better shape than we found it but there are times when society makes that really hard to do. Here in Texas, for example, we have no shortage of gas and natural gas power but I don’t believe it’s a resource we should squander on our McMansions and whatnot. I don’t think it’s smart to drive a Hummer just because you can afford one so I do what I can to use solar power at home and I’ve even installed a small wind turbine in the backyard to try and harness the power of wind. My vegetable garden loves the compost I keep and that’s just another simple way I think about giving back to mother earth. I hate wasting anything and I hate making trash – I used to go through at least two or three trash bags a week – so now I try to buy organic and only throw away things that absolutely cannot be reused. My friends all think I take it a little too far but I think recycling is the first step in giving back and I want to eliminate the carbon footprintI’m leaving if at all possible. Who would have thought after all this time I’d adjust to a life with little possessions and a healthy respect for the environment? I used to be a hairspray shooting, Styrofoam using person and now some of my friends describe me as “earthy.” Me, earthy! I feel good about how I’m giving back and I know that someday all these good deeds are going to come back to me twofold. My future children will than me for being so considerate of the planet we all have to share and leaving the world better than I found it.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Google Glass - Really?

I was watching a TV news one day, and I saw a feature about Google glass. At a first glance, or knowing the features, I said...that's cool! (Click google glass link above to see how it works!)

I am not a techy person, but basing on how it works, it can be needy. It's like...nowadays, people are busy, and as much as possible they wouldn't want to carry something bulky with camera, tripods, etc. particularly if you travel a lot as well. So, I can say, this is for people who are into cameras most of the time, and using it "hands free" is a convenient way to do it.

But, it seems this one got its idea from Siri of Apple. It's like you talk and it does all the work for you. Only that Google glass has features that expands beyond what the Siri does, like tell the glass to take a video and photo and automatically it does take a video!
You can tell Siri to take a video for example, and it takes you to the camera settings, and yet you still have to manually operate your iphone camera to the video settings and turn it on yourself to start a video. I am not sure if Siri for Iphone 5 does the automatic video though.

Google glass as of this post is still not available on the market. Applications for those who want to try it are already closed. 

It seems it would be nice to try it anyway, don't you think? I wonder if this would be worth the money. But I wanna have it. Of course, you wouldn't know if it's really worth it without buying one and trying it. So, you know what I mean? :))

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"They've Got You Covered!"

Promoting a business needs serious planning and design. For instance, one effective way to do it is through trade shows. But product displays need some techniques in a way by which customers can easily spot your company. In business promotions, you don't need to think complicated designing or planning, or decorating. A simple but customized printed table cloth for example can attract customer's attention.

Common sights we can see nowadays are hotel conferences and conventions where customized printed table cloths are being used. It's even easy to find tradeshow printed table cloths nowadays. You can get the best design or quality of cloth you need without compromising your budget. As easy as 1-2-3 when you order!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kaspersky Tablet Security For Samsung Galaxy

Last week, PC downstairs showed that KIS (Kaspersky Internet Security) is expiring in a few days! I trust KIS so much, and all my laptops and PC's are KIS-protected.
So, it was time to renew, and ultimately upgraded the PC to Kaspersky Pure for a better...amazing features! {wink}.

Another option on the upgrade was an additional CD or electronic download  for Kaspersky Tablet Security, and I was like...wait a minute, I definitely need this for my Samsung Galaxy 2.0. I didn't even know that this exists for tablets. 

I was a bit apprehensive downloading it on my tablet since in the first attempt, it hanged up. I used an electronic download for this one, and the back up CD came later from the mail. It was like...what if this won't work on the tablet, and it was quite a bit pricey.  But with the second attempt, it finally went through. Whew! My money was worth spending afterall!

Now, it relieves me thinking about my tablet's security while I surf online. Really, it picks up bad links most of the times. Good thing there are only few annoying spywares that came, and no virus! KIS of course screened those bad links and threw it all away ;).

Now, tablet is squeakingly clean! ;)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Happy Feet!

I usually get my shoes online. It is not only convenient but I can be a lazy bum most of the time ;)....and, I can easily find my right size that easy online. But there are few instances wherein I had to give 2 pairs of shoes to the goodwill last year because they are hurting my feet. The other pair gave me blisters...ouch!

I saved one pair because it is one of my favorite. The fitting is perfect but the only downside of it is that I get backache wearing this one. My husband suggested I might be needing cushioned insoles which can be bought in the store. It actually works after getting a pair on my shoes.

Now, I know where I can depend on to when I need one. You get the best deals online...look spenco shoe inserts and you can see all choices depending on what type of comfort you need for your shoes.