Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Environmentalist

This guest post from Lewis Beck

It’s really important to me to be a good citizen of the earth. I believe we were all put here for a limited amount of time and that we should leave the planet in better shape than we found it but there are times when society makes that really hard to do. Here in Texas, for example, we have no shortage of gas and natural gas power but I don’t believe it’s a resource we should squander on our McMansions and whatnot. I don’t think it’s smart to drive a Hummer just because you can afford one so I do what I can to use solar power at home and I’ve even installed a small wind turbine in the backyard to try and harness the power of wind. My vegetable garden loves the compost I keep and that’s just another simple way I think about giving back to mother earth. I hate wasting anything and I hate making trash – I used to go through at least two or three trash bags a week – so now I try to buy organic and only throw away things that absolutely cannot be reused. My friends all think I take it a little too far but I think recycling is the first step in giving back and I want to eliminate the carbon footprintI’m leaving if at all possible. Who would have thought after all this time I’d adjust to a life with little possessions and a healthy respect for the environment? I used to be a hairspray shooting, Styrofoam using person and now some of my friends describe me as “earthy.” Me, earthy! I feel good about how I’m giving back and I know that someday all these good deeds are going to come back to me twofold. My future children will than me for being so considerate of the planet we all have to share and leaving the world better than I found it.