Monday, May 20, 2013

Google Glass - Really?

I was watching a TV news one day, and I saw a feature about Google glass. At a first glance, or knowing the features, I said...that's cool! (Click google glass link above to see how it works!)

I am not a techy person, but basing on how it works, it can be needy. It's like...nowadays, people are busy, and as much as possible they wouldn't want to carry something bulky with camera, tripods, etc. particularly if you travel a lot as well. So, I can say, this is for people who are into cameras most of the time, and using it "hands free" is a convenient way to do it.

But, it seems this one got its idea from Siri of Apple. It's like you talk and it does all the work for you. Only that Google glass has features that expands beyond what the Siri does, like tell the glass to take a video and photo and automatically it does take a video!
You can tell Siri to take a video for example, and it takes you to the camera settings, and yet you still have to manually operate your iphone camera to the video settings and turn it on yourself to start a video. I am not sure if Siri for Iphone 5 does the automatic video though.

Google glass as of this post is still not available on the market. Applications for those who want to try it are already closed. 

It seems it would be nice to try it anyway, don't you think? I wonder if this would be worth the money. But I wanna have it. Of course, you wouldn't know if it's really worth it without buying one and trying it. So, you know what I mean? :))