Thursday, May 22, 2014

You Must Love The Cloud Technology!

The "cloud" technology might still be a big question mark for many, but hey, c'mon, everything else is turning into digital technology nowadays. It is now making working routine styles much easier, right?

So, what's about the "cloud"? The idea is simple. Your files that you used to be storing it into your hard drive or flash drives can already be stored online as well. Cloud is the most ideal back up for you in case your hard drive crashes, or you happened to lose your flash drives. And of course, many cloud offer free services too.

I can strongly recommend as I use it a lot for some files I need when I work online. It offers 2GB online storage space for free. It also offers bigger storage spaces with subscription fees. The best thing I like about its features is that it can be synced to all my devices (iphone, ipads and my PC.)

You can also consider using from Microsoft for free. You can upload your files to their website with password portected feature. It gives you 25GB free online storage.

If you are a music fanatic and love collecting music files, you can store all your music from any computer online like Amazon's Cloud drive. This one works like Skydrive but it can automatically upload your music files. You have 5GB free storage and if you want an unlimited music storage, you can have it for a fee of $20 a year. offers unlimited access to millions of songs online for a minimal fee of $10 a month. You can access them either from your PC and smartphones.

For photo sharing cloud sites, you might wanna consider Picasa Google's photo software where you can share your photo albums with your friends. It gives you 5GB of free storage. is also another photo-sharing site but with a subscription fee. For $25 a year can get you an unlimited storage.
 There might still be a lot out there but it takes patience to find them online. Whatever gives you the ideal features you need would be worth finding it in the end ;)