Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Travel Smart by Conair (A Review)

With all the tough struggle searching for a roll-on carry on, I finally found one which I thought I can use for my trips to carry my tote bags.

I was looking for one that is foldable and can be carried inside my tote bag when not in use.

I ordered this online, and so when I received it, I discovered the size was too big to be placed inside my tote bag even when folded. :(

It can carry up to 75 lbs of weight, so this is quite great since I'll only be using it to carry a tote bag. It has 3 inches smooth rolling diameter wheels and can be stretched up to 16.5 inches to 35.5 inches in height for convenience. It includes a bungee cord but I don't like. It's kinda useless when you all have to carry is a single tote bag that would make the cord too loose and only is ideal to use bigger travel bags and when you are carrying 2-3 bags on top of each other.
Another thing is that the cord is only equipped with 2 hooks on both ends and I find it quite risky to use as it has a high possibility of snapping off out from the hook and can harm you or other people around. But just in case, I am still keeping the bungee cord as a reserve if ever I need to use it.

I have several travel tote bags that I want to use because of their multiple pockets for organizing my stuff. But the fact that they become heavy carrying them on my shoulders particularly when I have long trips is really a burden on my shoulders. I always love to travel light with the help of my tote bags, but the thing is that how I wish they can be convertible, - like from shoulder bags to roller carry-ons.
I saw some bags like this but they are too bulky to carry on my shoulders, and some don't have straps ideal for carrying on the shoulders.

I'm still not giving up on this cart though. It has a lot of potentials. I haven't actually use it yet for my trips but I had some tests trying it on with my tote bags and how it feels dragging it. Wheels are good, handles are great and seems sturdy.

Let's see, I might as well use it for bulkier travelling bags for domestic travel.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Ipad Air's Bluetooth Keyboard From Zagg!

*My Ipad Air's Bluetooth Keyboard From Zagg!
For more than a couple of years, I've been buying Zagg products for my Apple gadgets...mostly accessories.
I first bought a Zagg sticker cover for my Iphone 4S and screen protector covers for both my Iphone and Ipad 2, and I have proven their products to be durable and tough.

I also bought Ipad keyboard covers for my Ipads 1 and 2 and use them for long trips. Until now, they are still  strong and doing good!

So recently, I bought this keyboard cover with backlit display for my Ipad Air. The price is worth it. ($99.) It's a  bluetooth-enabled KB and is easy to pair and connect.

I can say, this is much better than the Zaggkeys Folio because it is not bulky. I always want my gadgets protected with something lighter and convenient to carry and place in my purse without eating a lot of space, particularly if I go for long trips.

It comes with a 1 year warranty but it's not a main concern for me because I believe on the product's endurance and durability ;).

By the way, it also came with optional rubber feet soles that you can place at the back of the KB in each corner. I used it as it prevents the cover from slipping easily when placed on an uneven surface.

What I love most with this KB is the backlit keys in interchangeable colors that can make me type a lot more conveniently in darker settings. Serving as a cover protector, it is thinner with 14% smaller than other KB brand competitors.

It has a micro USB charging cable and the good thing is that the KB has a long lasting battery power that can last as long as 3 months between charges.

I already am using the KB right after I bought it without even charging it and until now, battery is still strong!

The pivoting hinge is great at any angle which makes it a great help using my Ipad as a laptop ;).

Just take note though that when you use your backlit display more often than normal can use battery power more, so be sure to use the backlit keys wisely.

So far, so good for this amazing KB. I am happy and contented, no questions asked! :)

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