Thursday, May 28, 2015

Musical Education For Better Music Quality Performance

Music is a window of the soul. For many musicians and music lovers, it is more than a fulfillment to create their own music not only for them to enjoy but for their audience as well. Many famous band and orchestra players came up with a good training in music education

Music teachers and trainers can be considered as unsung heroes! What is music without them? How can a music lover be inspired without their encouragement, right?

It is always nice to enjoy the music you make through a mentor. Your skills will take you up to the next level while at the same time enjoying your own kind of music.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Cam (EK-GC110) In Coma Mode!

I bought this camera in 2013, and honestly it didn't disappoint me. It was pricey, but it was worth it due to its extra photo mode functions and photo quality. The only thing I wished for was that it should have been lighter and smaller.

It was the hard drop that its zooming lens hit a stone...then it ended everything! :(

The can no longer take a photo and every time I press the camera, the "zooming lens error" kept popping up on the screen.
The only good thing is that I can still turn it on, and can still view all the photo files in the gallery, and can edit or delete them. It still worked when I connected it to my PC, so just to be sure, I copied all my photos in here and moved it to my notebook storage as back up.

A bad lesson learned; - I didn't get any warranty when I bought it. I went back to Best Buy where I bought it and they said they can't do anything about it considering the fact that I didn't have any warranty, but they suggested me to take it to the Geek Squad. Obviously, this means I have to shell out some more bucks for the repair if they can possibly do it.

Oh well, I still haven't brought it for repair yet. This camera needs a lot of extra care. Just even a slight drop on a hard surface can ruin everything. Handling it requires extra caution! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Hot Deals Event!

Are you excited for the Memorial Day? Me too! ;) And by the way, as the weather starts to become better and better so we could spend most of the days outdoors, Memorial Day also means great savings due to shopping deals in many stores. ;)

If you are a shopper, then grab this chance. Online shopping would probably give you more opportunity to save because of tons of special deals and coupons. How about shopping for your musical stuff? Have you tried checking guitarcenter? They are currently now having a Memorial Day Weekend Savings Event where prices are guaranteed at their lowest.

Check the products and see it yourself how much you can save. Price markdowns are up to 45% off for the Memorial Day deals! You can even get extra coupons for other discount.
Go, go go! It's shopping time at its best!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How To Find Remarkable Employees

Having reliable and productive great employees in your work setting makes the boss happy, but keeping the remarkable employees even makes the boss happier! ;) Why? They go beyond what is expected of them. They go beyond the great employer.
So, can you spot them? Here are 3 tips to help you see them, - and keep them too!:

  1. While great employees follow work processes, remarkable ones find ways to make those processes even better! Remarkable employees continue to tweak every workflow, rework a timeline or adjusting work processes.
  2. Remarkable employees don't mind doing things about what is good for a project. in jeopardy, and they do it without being told that there is an existing problem, and jump in to help without being asked,-even if it's not their job.
  3. They have high self-motivation which makes them desire to prove their doubters wrong. Remarkable employees are constantly driven by something deeper and more personal than just the desire to do a good job.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Coated 5-String Bass Strings

You should check this handmade strings that are proudly Made in the USA! The DR Strings black beauties are considered to be the latest in coated technology making them truly impressive with your bass.
These wires are precoated in black, before they are being winded for longer protection and life, and the reason why they are called "black beauties" ;). Cool, right? Be sure to check out the features as well. You will be assured it will give you fast and smooth functions.

Best thing is that, they are offered for sale in large discounts. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Warnings ( & Cures) Regarding That Harmful Habits of Yours

Do you nail bite? - This maybe a sign of an underlying mental health condition like an impulsive control disorder or anxiety. Constant nail biting doesn't likely to cause a long-term damage with your fingernails but it can lead to an infection.
Now, here's a tip that sounds funny, but research proved it really works.
Go find a bitter-tasting clear polishes which are designed to discourage nail biters from biting. You can usually find them in any pharmacy.
If you got "pinworm" out of nail biting, you'll end up in the pharmacy looking for deworming solutions, too, right?

Do you love to listen to loud music? - A one tune-fueled cardio session could have the ability to damage your eardrums! Based on a Ghent University researchers in Belgium, they found out that after an hour of listening to music via headphones or earbuds with a 50-100% of an ipod's max. volume shows that subjects suffered a significant short-term hearing deterioration. Repeated exposure over a period of time can lead to permanent hearing damage.
The most practical way of avoiding this is to turn down the volume of your music less than the maximum percentage volume needed. Use sound-insulating headphones if you are in a noisy setting.

Using high heels daily. - Wearing them everyday can hurt more than just your feet. Common studies have proven that high-heeled shoes can disrupt blood flow in your legs which can lead to venous hypertension and varicose veins. They can also alter your gait or posture as they put a strain on your leg muscles and tendons.
Choose a shorter, low-wedged heels as much as you can. They can distribute your weight better and can even lessen the pressure off the balls of your feet.

Are you a soda lover? - Artificial sweeteners (aspartame & sucralose) are found in your favorite soft drinks. Consuming large amount of them can lead to weight gain. Evidences suggest that fake sugars such as artificial sweeteners activate the brain's reward pathways differently than what natural sugars do. As a result, you don't feel satisfied, so your appetite continously increases.
As a solution, try switching your drinks to juice, or better yet develop the habit of drinking water.

Do you have a sedentary work/lifestyle? - A sedentary lifestyle increases your risk to pulmonary embolisms, cancer, diabetes and more complicated illnesses.
Always keep in mind that active movements no matter how small they are, will always be ideal. Study shows that by simply standing or walking around for at least 2 hours or more each day can reduce your risk of diabetes by 12%