Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Cam (EK-GC110) In Coma Mode!

I bought this camera in 2013, and honestly it didn't disappoint me. It was pricey, but it was worth it due to its extra photo mode functions and photo quality. The only thing I wished for was that it should have been lighter and smaller.

It was the hard drop that its zooming lens hit a stone...then it ended everything! :(

The result...it can no longer take a photo and every time I press the camera, the "zooming lens error" kept popping up on the screen.
The only good thing is that I can still turn it on, and can still view all the photo files in the gallery, and can edit or delete them. It still worked when I connected it to my PC, so just to be sure, I copied all my photos in here and moved it to my notebook storage as back up.

A bad lesson learned; - I didn't get any warranty when I bought it. I went back to Best Buy where I bought it and they said they can't do anything about it considering the fact that I didn't have any warranty, but they suggested me to take it to the Geek Squad. Obviously, this means I have to shell out some more bucks for the repair if they can possibly do it.

Oh well, I still haven't brought it for repair yet. This camera needs a lot of extra care. Just even a slight drop on a hard surface can ruin everything. Handling it requires extra caution!