Tuesday, December 30, 2008

25,000 Quality Gifts Under $25

It's not yet too late to get your gifts this holiday season. You can still catch your last minute gifts from Kmart. It might sound unbelievable but there are more than 25,000 gift items you can find that are available at Kmart for as low as $25 or less. Don't let the New Year spoil your day but instead get to start the New Year right by getting special discounts and big savings at Kmart.
Glad to have Kmart close to us! :). I can honestly say that I am a regular customer of Kmart and I actually buy my things in there. I am a living witness for their amazing deals this season, really! There's still much longer left for winter, but you can already get as high as 50% off discounts for outerwear and cold weather accessories for your entire family.
I am thinking of getting a pajama set for my husband. For just 25 bucks is more than enough to buy even 2 sets! Couldn't just afford to miss that deal! Fleece pants for men are only $3.99 each while long sleeve crew neck boxer tops are between $3.99-$4.99 each. Good deals, right?
It's kinda cute giving a surprise gift to your loved one on New Year's Eve, don't you think? ;).
By the way, don't forget to check more great holiday gifts at Kmart online page. Kmart has been of great help to customers who are tight on their budget through their extensive savings offers such as their layaway program. They offer quality products at affordable prices. No wonder, Kmart is still there standing strong and serving its customers for more than 100 years.

Vertigo: Benign Positional Vertigo

I still have this sensation at times, until now since my doctor diagnosed me to have one. I was freakingly worried that I might have something serious inside my brain! Anyway, my doctor gave me a little information about this, so I thought of sharing it. Perhaps, many has or had it too in the past. Just be sure it is BPV. Don't forget to seek medical help from your doctor.

What is benign positional vertigo (BPV)?
BPV is a spinning sensation of the head (vertigo) brought on by a certain position of the head, usually sudden changes of position. The word "benign" means that it is not a serious condition and is likely to eventually get better.

What is the cause?:
In most peopl, the cause is unknown, but it can follow accidents causing neck or head injuries in some people. There are 2 theories to explain BPV:
  1. A problem exists in the neck, usually a 'kink' in some of the swivel joints of the neck. The neck is connected to the balance centre by special nervous pathways.
  2. There are tiny pieces of floating debris in the balance centre of the inner ear (labyrinth). These little bits of sediment somehow upset the balance centre when disturbed.
What are the sympptoms?:
  • a brief attack of severe dizziness (vertigo), usually for about 10-30- seconds, that comes on a few seconds after a certain head movement.
  • quickly subsiding dizziness.
The changing head positions that provoke an attack can be:
  • tilting the head backwards
  • changing from a lying to a sitting position
  • lying on one ear or the other
  • turning the head to the side with the neck injury
Who gets BPV?
Although it can occur at all ages, the elderly are affected most. It is the most common cause of vertigo in the elderly. Women are twice likely as men to get it. BPV is a surprisingly common problem.

How long does the bouts of BPV last?
Each attack usually lasts less than 30 seconds but can last 60 seconds or so. The attacks tend to come in bursts but usually settle within a few weeks and most people are able to return to work within a week. The bouts tend to come back after months or years, but some people only ever have one attack.

What are the effects of BPV?
There are usually no ill effects in the long run. Unlike some other causes of severe dizziness, there is usually no vomiting, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or deafness. One has to be careful with driving.

What is the treatment?
There is no special treatment. Drugs are not effective at preventing the attacks. It is basically a matter of allowing the bouts to run their course, but there are some things that may help:
  • Avoid head positions that provoke the attack.
  • Do special neck exercises.
  • Obtain mobilisation treatment to the neck by a qualified therapist.
Sometimes it may be necessary to be referred to a specialist to make sure it is just BPV and not a problem with the circulation to the brain.

Heroes at Home Wish Registry from Sears

The spirit of Christmas is not over yet at Sears. After all, Christmas spirit is not only good for a day but supposedly everyday for people who have kind and generous hearts. I am talking about the Sears Heroes at Home program which has been launched to provide support to our military service members, veterans and their families with the joint efforts of various non-profit organizations.
Through this program, Americans are given the chance to fulfill the wishes of the military heroes including their families for all the sacrifices they have done. The program encourages those who have kind heart to make donations or contributions to help fulfill their wishes this holiday season. You can give your donations to the wish registry and these will be used to purchase sears gift cards that will be distributed equally to all the families that are registered in the program. Please take note that your donations are not tax deductible. You can also donate online at Sears homepage at your own convenience. Kindly check Sears website main page for more details about this. You can as well post a message of thanks for our heroes, or help spread the word by getting your Heroes at Home Badge :). Your message of support is a great help even if you haven't contributed financially. After all, moral support is priceless and the greatest! :).
Isn't it a great feeling of fulfillment when you have helped somebody who is in need? Our help is what our military heroes need not only during the holiday season. They need our prayers...daily!
Thanks to the Sears Heroes at Home program. It's one more step ahead to share our blessings and see a wish go far.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Know If That Baby is Yours?...

Here's how you can avoid finding yourself in a nightmare of paternity fraud battle:
First, if you're not certain the new baby is yours, don't sign anything saying it is. The longer you've had a relationship with the child, the harder it's going to be to open up a case of fraud. Even the accuracy of DNA testing doesn't count as an airtight defense. And don't rely solely on birth control to keep you safe. Condoms are only 86% effective, the pill, only 98% assuming the woman is careful about taking it. So you may have to get a bit more drastic!
Have a vasectomy and freeze your sperm in case you want to have kids later on. Then, get a follow up test to make sure it worked.
If it's impossible for you to have a child, you can't be named the father. This might sound ridiculous, but thanks to shrill lobbyists, idiotic bureaucrats, and opportunistic politicians. The only way to protect your reproductive rights may be to eliminate your ability to reproduce.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

After Christmas Dragon Discount

I'm sure this is absolutely one piece of good news for busy people who have been wanting to get the Dragon Naturally Speaking software. This software has been known to help many people who simply want faster, more accurate and time-saving work output especially for advanced PC users by just the use of their voice. You can get various key benefits in having Dragon Naturally Speaking software. First and foremost, it gives you up to 99% accuracy and is three times faster than typing. It is actually considered a "smart buddy" to some because it never makes errors in spellings. Second, Dragon Naturally Speaking is easy to install with no special script reading requirements. Don't worry about how to use it because on-screen help and tutorials are available.
Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

Third, you can now create and edit reports, documents and emails as well as you can do your surfing online by voice or dictate and edit in many window program applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, AOL, and many more. This is also bluetooth-enabled with Nuance-approved Bluetooth headsets.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

Now, here's the good news: You can now get the Dragon Naturally Speaking discount codes for 10-25% off. This will only be good until the New Year's Eve, so better grab one now! $50 Coupon Code- DNSMSBG -Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred
By the way, if you are buying the software for your business use, you can still write it off for your 2008 taxes if you purchase by December 31, 2008.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Twister Tips

If you seem to be running away from a twister and got stuck, there is no way you can avoid it. Here are some helpful tips to make it out alive from a twister.
  • Duck and Cover. Your neck is the most vulnerable part of your body after the nads. Protect it from airborne missiles any way possible.
  • Lie Low. If you're stuck outside, lie in a ditch so the wind passes over you. See a sewer? Scurry down...and say hi to Corey Feldman! LOL!
  • Avoid Bridges. Wind increases in speed as it squeezes through an underpass, sucking you out. So try avoiding the Midwest.
Did You Know...

695 people were killed by the infamous Tri-State Tornado on March 18, 1925? This swirling V-cloud of death traveled 219 miles in 3 hours!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cydcor emphasizes philanthropy despite the economy

A healthy body and a sound mind produces good excellent output in human interactions, lifestyles and good responsibility as citizens and leaders, locally or globally. In order to achieve this goal, a credible and effective method is to be implemented and done. One method is to help people achieve their full potential. How can anyone do that? You might ask. Well, as a famous quote says; "it takes two to tango." By putting it in a clearer perspective, it involves team work, right? A single effort might work for some, but a group effort is way much more better, don't you think? A group effort to incline the well-being of human kind is much more excellent to consider when want the best output of products.
An ideal example is the Cydcor, Inc. Cydcor is a leading company that provides outsourced, face-to-face sales teams to various company clients in a range of industries such as telecommunications, financial services, and others. Despite the ailing world economy, Cydcor corporate culture still puts high emphasis on helping people achieve their full potentials. Isn't that great? With Cydcor, their capabilities and scale is incomparable and unmatched when it comes to outsourced sales and creating opportunities for generations. Its culture is indeed patterned in community involvement with team members extending supports to various charitable institutions and events worldwide. Cydcor cares. That's what it is :). Visit them today!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watch Out For Tornadoes!

The weather bureau gauges the strength of a coming tornado through an F-scale rating. The following are F-scale rating guidelines of a tornado by the havoc they wreak. So, watch out when the weather bureau tells you how strong the tornado through MPH.
  • F0: - Winds under 73MPH snap branches, push over shallow-rooted trees, knock down signs, and muss your meticulously feathered mullet! :).
  • F1: - Gusts from 73 to 112MPH peel the surface off roofs, blow moving autos off roads, and push double-wides from their "foundations."
  • F2: - Gales reaches 113 to 157MPH, lifting roofs, destroying mobile homes, and creating light-object missiles - like, say, flying pigs!
  • F3: - Blowing 158 to 206MPH, winds tear walls off houses, uproot forests, and flip autos and trains. They call this "severe damage."
  • F4: - Blasts of 207 to 260MPH can crush well-built homes, lift weak-structured homes and possibly get your fat mom off her ass.
  • F5: - 261 to 318MPH Satan storms can yank well-built houses off their foundations and launch cars like the Hulk in smash mode!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Discounted Eyeglasses Online

I have just discovered a good site to buy your high quality prescription eyeglasses online for only $15.00. You don't need to buy expensive ones just to think they are of good quality. Optical4Less.com offers tinted eyeglasses, photochromic sunglasses, bifocal and progressive reading glasses which are not only with discounted prices, but also includes various frames and styles of trendy eyeglasses.
Optical4Less is considered to be the world's leading discounted prescription eyeglasses store online. Come and visit their huge collection of new frames that comes every week, so you never run out of choices. All product eyeglasses come with free anti-reflective and UV protection coating, anti-scratch hard coating, a hard case for your colorful, stylish eyeglasses, quality glasses cleaning cloth, free lens customizing of rimless eyeglasses and a pretty used HongKong stamps. Of course, included with those is a nice and professional customer service and an international free shipping as well if you order more than one pair of glasses. Come to think of it, with the current situation of our economy, it's time to get smart.
You can also check free gifts that you can avail on their site (at least $50.00 value).
When it comes to quality eyeglasses, there's nothing even more pretigious than Optical4Less!
Visit them today and choose from their huge collection of overstocked discount eyeglasses. They never run out of styles!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Learn A Perfect Throw in Bowling

Most people love to bowl as a past time, or some for purely sport competitions! But who doesn't want a perfect strike? Here are some short tips to learn on how to do the perfect throw ;).
  1. Get Some Ball. For a sweet curve that mathematically increases your chances of blasting all 10 pins, ditch the hard-plastic junker and head to a pro shop. As your floor-grabbing urethane ball is being drilled, keep in mind that power-pawed pros grip with only the tips of their fingers.
  2. Stand at Attention. With your left foot slightly forward, cradle the ball between your belt buckle and man-boobs with your nonswinging hand. This open posture nudges your roll just wide enough to arc in from the outside of the lane (where less oil equals more traction).
  3. Connect the Dots. With bowling, as with breaking up, the first step is the toughest. Start on your right foot and shift the ball's mass into your step. As you approach and swing, use the lane's arrows to visualize an arcing trajectory right into the sweet spot, just right of the headpin.
  4. Spin It Good. To send the projectile spiraling, turn your wrist counter clockwise to a handshake position at the last second-the combination of spin and momentum should induce a hook, lending your ball a better angle, or what Duke calls a "wider pocket"!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Take Your Wish!

Last night, while browsing some opportunities, I got curious on this link, - Got a Wish Sweeepstakes, so I tried clicking it. The santa's video on the site said I have to upload a photo which I did to give it a try. It's one of my photos where I was wearing my reading eyeglasses, then I tried sharing it with my husband ;). Hubby asked me - "how did you do that?..and added he loved my photo which he said I looked so professional! Lol!
We have a bunch of photos and keeps adding almost every month because of our travels. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to share all our photos online with our family and friends...someday, somehow :).
The Ceiva digital photo frame is indeed unique as a perfect gift for the holidays.
And oh, by the way, don't forget to join the sweepstakes by submitting your favorite photo. Take note, you should be at least eighteen years and older and a US resident to be qualified. And of course, you don't need to purchase anything to join, because joining is free. There will be 29 chosen winners and one winner each day will be chosen. Those randomly selected will win $500. So, don't wait any longer guys. Remember, tell your wish to Santa and you win $500! Who knows? You'll be the next lucky one! Good luck! :).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Have You Got Tummy Troubles?

If you are often bothered by tummy troubles, one possibility mmight be irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This doesn't cause lasting harm or lead to other diseases, but symptoms can cause problems for women. In severe cases, IBS can interfere with a woman's life.

  • stomach cramps
  • painful constipation
  • gas
  • bloating
The symptoms tend to come and go and often follow a meal. They can also occur during stressful times. Women who also have weight loss, bleeding and fever should see their doctor.

Experts still don't know exactly what causes IBS. One theory is that women with IBS have an extra sensitive colon. It could also be emotional and stress tend to worsen it.

Controlling Symptoms:
You can control the following symptoms with the following steps:
  • avoid large, high fat meals
  • drink plenty of water
  • fill up on fiber to help prevent both diarrhea and constipation.
  • don't smoke.
  • try stress-management techniques
  • exercise regularly
  • stick to regular eating and bathroom schedules.
Hope this helps.