Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Know If That Baby is Yours?...

Here's how you can avoid finding yourself in a nightmare of paternity fraud battle:
First, if you're not certain the new baby is yours, don't sign anything saying it is. The longer you've had a relationship with the child, the harder it's going to be to open up a case of fraud. Even the accuracy of DNA testing doesn't count as an airtight defense. And don't rely solely on birth control to keep you safe. Condoms are only 86% effective, the pill, only 98% assuming the woman is careful about taking it. So you may have to get a bit more drastic!
Have a vasectomy and freeze your sperm in case you want to have kids later on. Then, get a follow up test to make sure it worked.
If it's impossible for you to have a child, you can't be named the father. This might sound ridiculous, but thanks to shrill lobbyists, idiotic bureaucrats, and opportunistic politicians. The only way to protect your reproductive rights may be to eliminate your ability to reproduce.